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Remote Sensing of the Environment: The 17th China Conference on Remote Sensing
Editor(s): Qingxi Tong; Xingfa Gu; Boqin Zhu
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Volume Number: 8203
Date Published: 16 August 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8203
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Field investigation system and its application in forest pest survey
Author(s): Yanyou Qiao; Yuanfei Chang; Ying Zhang; Weigou Li; Jun Jian
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A method of relative radiometric correction for linear push-broom CCD Image without calibration device onboard
Author(s): Ming Yan; Zhiyong Wang; Shaoshuai He; Fei Wu; Bingyang Yu
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Lunar and Mars orbital stereo image mapping
Author(s): Man Peng; Zongyu Yue; Yiliang Liu; Kaichang Di
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Rover localization from long stereo image sequences using visual odometry based on bundle adjustment
Author(s): Wenhui Wan; Zhaoqin Liu; Kaichang Di
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Removing the stripe noise in HJ-1A HSI images
Author(s): Hailiang Gao; Xingfa Gu; Tao Yu; Xiaoying Li; Jinging Zhi; Yujuan Xie; Xiaohong Ma
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The analysis on parameters of the payload on hyperspectral satellite
Author(s): Daming Wang; Fang Hou; Zhizhong Li; Fuxing Dang; Rihong Yang; Zhenghao Xiao
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Joint rectification of image series classification results based on trajectory analysis
Author(s): Dongchuan Wang; Jianhua Gong; Lihui Zhang
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The application of precise point positioning in the IMU/GPS-supported photogrammetry
Author(s): Ming Liao; Yingcheng Li; Lina Zhang; Xi Chen
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Modeling the bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) of water based on Monte Carlo simulation
Author(s): Zaiying Ling; Bin Zhou; Jingang Jiang; Wenjie Dou; Fangfang Zhou
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Signal to noise ratio simulation of lake water color monitoring oriented satellite remote sensing system
Author(s): Jia Tian; Bin Peng; Jing Wang; Xiang Li
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Effect of instrument tilts on in-water radiometric profile measurements and data analysis
Author(s): Bangyi Tao; Zhihua Mao; Bai Yan; Baogang Jin
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Methods to locate and eliminate the solar specular reflection point in the meteorological satellite images
Author(s): Wei Li; Bing Huang; Jie Bai; Xiaoting Wang
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Status monitoring and exception handling mechanism for geospatial information services
Author(s): Dengrong Zhang; Bin Xie; Yanli Ma
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Intercalibration of SVISSR/FY-2 thermal infrared channels with AIRS/Aqua channels
Author(s): Gengming Jiang; Yaqiu Jin
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A 3-dimensional polynomial model for geometric corrections of airborne SAR images
Author(s): Jingjing Song; Jingjuan Liao
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Orthoimage seamline searching based on minimizing local maximum algorithm
Author(s): Can Zhong; Yiliu Yang
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Delay/Doppler radar altimeter simulation echoes from different sea states
Author(s): Lingwei Shi; Heguang Liu; Ke Xu; Shuangbao Yang; Xiyu Xu
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Rice identification using TerraSAR-X data
Author(s): Lin Guo; Zhiyuan Pei; Songling Zhang; Qingfa Wang; Heather McNairn; Jiali Shang; Xianfeng Jiao
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Comparison of Landsat-7 ETM+ and ASTER NDVI measurements
Author(s): Hanqiu Xu; Tiejun Zhang
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Aerosol optical depth retrieval over land using FY-3A data and its application in dust monitoring
Author(s): Linlu Mei; Yong Xue; Jie Guang; Yingjie Li; Ying Wang; Hui Xu; Xingwei He; Shuzhen Jiang; Xijuan Jiao; Ziqiang Chen; Jianwen Ai
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The inversion of average vegetation height using ICESat GLAS and MODIS data: a case study of three provinces in Northeastern China
Author(s): Feng Cheng; Cheng Wang; Xiaoguang Jiang
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Space-borne hyperspectral remote sensing imagery noise eliminating based on CFFT self-adapted by optimal SNR
Author(s): Qingjie Liu; Qizhong Lin; Liming Wang; Qinjun Wang; Fengxian Miao
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Monitor the microwave thermal emission anomaly around the Yushu earthquake fault zone by using AMSR-E data
Author(s): Hao Chen; Yaqiu Jin
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Mapping land cover of the Yellow River source using multi-temporal Landsat images
Author(s): Yong Hu; Liangyun Liu; Lingling Liu; Quanjun Jiao; Jianhua Jia
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Spectral matching based on hidden Markov model
Author(s): Jing Fu; Ning Shu; Xiangbin Kong
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Synthesis of multi-scale segmentation results based on land cover categories
Author(s): Lina Yi; Zhaocong Wu; Guifeng Zhang; Yiming Zhang
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The extraction of mangrove within intertidal zone based on multi-temporal HJ CCD images
Author(s): Shanshan Li; Qingjiu Tian; Tao Yu; Xingfa Gu
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Wetland extraction of Yancheng coastal area based on ALOS data
Author(s): Yongling Weng; Xingwang Fan; Jinmei Tao
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The application and research of anomaly extraction process by remote sensing in the vegetation-covered area: an example in Chengmenshan of JiuJiang district
Author(s): Yan Chen; Peng Tao Zhang; Ping Xu
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Object and rule based approach for classification of high spatial resolution data over urban areas
Author(s): Li Ni
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Land-cover change of the wuda coal fire area
Author(s): Chunyan Zhang; Yanning Guan; Shan Guo; Jiahong Li; Jianjun Wu; Yuerong Jia; Danlu Cai; Hongwei Duan; Xin Zhang; Tiejun Zhao; Xudong An; Lihua Kang
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The influence of urban reconstruction in urban heat island effect: Cangxia area of Fuzhou City, China
Author(s): Fei Tang; Hanqiu Xu
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Changes of forest in northeast China over the past 25 years: an analysis based on remote sensing technique
Author(s): Lei Shi
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Analysis of acid rain effects on vegetation in eco-regions in China based on AVHRR/NDVI
Author(s): Jiaxin Jin; Hong Jiang; Xiuying Zhang; Xiaobin Xu
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Damage assessment of Haiti earthquake emergency using high resolution remote sensing imagery
Author(s): Long Wang; Aixia Dou; Xiaoqing Wang; Yanfang Dong; Xiang Ding; Zhi Li; Xiaoxiang Yuan; Yurong Qiu
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Technology and application of emergency spatial data management
Author(s): Hongyue Du; Huili Gong; Zunfeng Jiang; Jiankun Jia; Zhongsheng Quan
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Drought monitoring in Yunnan province with AMSR-E-based data
Author(s): Shu Wang; Ruofei Zhong; Qin Li; Mengli Qin
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Analysis of the ancient river system in Loulan period in Lop Nur region
Author(s): Jianfeng Zhu; Peng Jia; Yueping Nie
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Spatial scale of chlorophyll-a concentration in Lake Taihu by using remote sensing images
Author(s): Ying Bao; Qingjiu Tian
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The investigation of special information distilling method of land use in karst area based on CBERS-02B and analysis on application: a case study of Duyun, Guizhou
Author(s): Juan Hu; Miao Luo; Yulun An
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Typical disaster damage target extraction method based on object oriented classification
Author(s): Gang Wang; Fenfei Wang; Jiansheng Chen; Shirong Chen
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Design of highway landslide warning and emergency response systems based on UAV
Author(s): Yujie Huang; Shen Yi; Zongyu Li; Shegang Shao; Xiaochun Qin
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Wetland information extraction of remote sensing imagery based on Markov random field theory
Author(s): Dengrong Zhang; Yang Wu
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Applications of RADARSAT-2 in remote sensing dynamic monitoring of land use
Author(s): Bo Cheng; Yuan Chai; Lianqun Kou; Guojin He; Li Wen; Ying Zhan
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Assessment on aerosol direct radiative forcing over China land areas based on satellite data
Author(s): Lin Chen; Guangyu Shi; Biao Wang; Peng Zhang
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Risk evaluation of available phosphorus loss in agricultural land based on remote sensing and GIS
Author(s): Xiaodong Ding; Bin Zhou; Junfeng Xu; Ting Liu; Bin Xie
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Association of influenza virus isolation with environmental factors in mainland China based on remote sensing and GIS
Author(s): Yuhuan Ren; Yalan Liu; Leiqiu Hu; Junchuan Fan; Xiaowen Li
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Optical absorption properties of water components in Xixi wetland of Hangzhou
Author(s): Fangfang Zhou; Bin Zhou; Weiping Zhu; Wenjie Dou; Zaiying Ling
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Aerosol direct radiative forcing at the top of atmosphere based on satellite remote sensing over China Seas: a preliminary study
Author(s): Zengzhou Hao; Delu Pan; Fang Gong
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The statistical prediction model for prospecting Nickel-Copper deposit based on aster remote sensing-geochemistry data in JinChuan and its peripheral
Author(s): Sanming Chen; Hong Wu; Jianping Chen
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Application of ATOVS radiance assimilation to numerical simulation of a mesoscale heavy rainfall
Author(s): Huang Bing; Bai Jie; Li Wei; Xiaoting Wang
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Residential mobility microsimulation models
Author(s): Yifei Wang; Lun Wu
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