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2011 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Optoelectronic Imaging and Processing Technology
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Volume Number: 8200
Date Published: 22 November 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8200
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High-performance adaptive optics system with long-term stability using liquid-crystal-on-silicon spatial light modulator for high-resolution retinal imaging
Author(s): Hongxin Huang; Takashi Inoue; Haruyoshi Toyoda; Tsutomu Hara
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Label-free imaging of intracellular motility by low-coherent quantitative phase microscope in reflection geometry
Author(s): Toyohiko Yamauchi; Hidenao Iwai; Yutaka Yamashita
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Real-time infrared imaging simulation in sea background based on field tests
Author(s): Zhijie Zhang; Chensheng Wang; Song Yue
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Adaptive homochromous disturbance elimination and feature selection based mean-shift vehicle tracking method
Author(s): Jie Ding; Bo Lei; Pu Hong; Chensheng Wang
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Vignetting correction for IRFPA-based train axle temperature measurement system
Author(s): Guangting Liu; Dayuan Yan; Xiaoming Hu; Hao Zhang; Lei Zhu
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Weak point target detection in the complicated infrared background
Author(s): Pu Hong; Chensheng Wang; Zhijie Zhang
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Reconstruction and processing of medical electronic endoscopic image based on white LED illumination
Author(s): Jing Chen; Liqiang Wang; Huilong Duan
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Restoring wavefront coded iris image through the optical parameter and regularization filter
Author(s): Yingjiao Li; Yuqing He; Guangqin Feng
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Spectral calibration of the real-time data gathering and spectrum rebuilding system based on FPGA
Author(s): Ning Zhang; Lijun Zhang; Xiaohua Liu; Weiliang Cao
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A handheld laser range-gated imaging instrument for underwater rescue and observation
Author(s): Qianghui Zhang; Weiqi Jin; Su Qiu; Li Li
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Optical design of wide waveband compact imaging spectrometer with fast speed
Author(s): Li Xu; Yiqun Ji; Weimin Shen; Minxue Tang
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New design method based on sagittal flat-field equipment of Offner type imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Yiqun Ji; Rudong Xue; Weimin Shen
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An automatic peak detection algorithm for Raman spectroscopy based on wavelet transform
Author(s): Zhijian Cai; Jianhong Wu
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Partially overlapped range images registration based on Fringe pattern profilometry
Author(s): Xiaochen He; Jiangtao Xi; Yanguang Yu
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3D face recognition based on a modified ICP method
Author(s): Kankan Zhao; Jiangtao Xi; Yanguang Yu; Joe F. Chicharo
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Absolute phase calculation from one composite RGB fringe pattern image by wavelet transform algorithm
Author(s): Zhaohui Wang; Zonghua Zhang; Tong Guo; Sixiang Zhang; Xiaotang Hu
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Fluctuation elimination of fringe pattern to improve the accuracy of phase calculation
Author(s): Shujun Huang; Zonghua Zhang; Tong Guo; Sixiang Zhang; Xiaotang Hu
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A specific measurement matrix in compressive imaging system
Author(s): Fen Wang; Ping Wei; Jun Ke
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Measurement and study on signal-to-noise ratio of a spaceborne camera
Author(s): Yuheng Chen; Jiankang Zhou; Xinhua Chen; Yiqun Ji; Weimin Shen
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Complete calibration of a phase-based 3D imaging system based on fringe projection technique
Author(s): Shasha Meng; Haiyan Ma; Zonghua Zhang; Tong Guo; Sixiang Zhang; Xiaotang Hu
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An approach of system calibration for UAV photogrammetry
Author(s): Ping Liu; Xi Chen; Liao Yang
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The decoding system of semi-active laser guidance based on FPGA
Author(s): Chang Qi; Longling Feng; Yimin Feng; Benguo Wang; Bo Chen; Xiong Luo
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A wireless video monitoring system based on 3G communication technology
Author(s): Zhen-Hua Xia; Xiao-Shuang Wang
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Pork grade evaluation using hyperspectral imaging techniques
Author(s): Rui Zhou; Huihua Ji; Huacai Chen
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Study of combined filter based on wavelet transform to denoise stripe images of electronic speckle shearography pattern interferometry
Author(s): Zhongling Liu; Chao Jing; Yimo Zhang
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Research on removing cloud from optical images
Author(s): Xifang Zhu; Feng Wu
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High dynamic range infrared image detail enhancement based on histogram statistical stretching and gradient filtering
Author(s): Bin Liu; Weiqi Jin; Xia Wang; Chao Xu
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A novel method of drift-scanning stars suppression based on the standardized linear filter
Author(s): Jianlin Lin; Xijian Ping; Debao Ma
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A novel contrast enhancement algorithm in IR imaging systems
Author(s): Xiaoming Chen; Shusheng Yu; Yujue Li; Chao Di; Yi Cao
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Target detection against strong light based on gate viewing
Author(s): Xinwei Wang; Yan Zhou; Songtao Fan; Yuliang Liu
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Analysis of vibration influence on synthetic aperture lidar imaging
Author(s): Xu-guang Lv; Shi-qi Hao; Jiao-feng Leng
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Lifetime computing algorithms based on exponential pattern retrieve and polynomial fitting in fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy
Author(s): Chao Liu; Yan Zhou; Xinwei Wang; Yuliang Liu
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Image segmentation algorithm for wheel set measuring based on region growing
Author(s): Qian Shi; Kaihua Wu
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Eye-safety analysis of infrared laser imaging for security surveillance
Author(s): Jiaqi Yang; Xinwei Wang; Xiaoguang Shi; Yan Zhou
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The study of real-time denoising algorithm based on parallel computing for the MEMS IR imager
Author(s): Cheng Gong; Mei Hui; Liquan Dong; Yuejin Zhao
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A new mixed noise filtering method for laser image
Author(s): Xiao Kang; Wei Zhu; KeJie Li; MaoSong Zhang
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Research on blind restoration for mix blurred image based on super-resolution method
Author(s): Lin Zhao; Li-ping Yan
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Image enhancement of restored motion blurred images
Author(s): Lin Zhao
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Three-dimensional shape measurement of specular surfaces by orthogonal composite fringe reflection
Author(s): Pei Xie; Minxue Tang; Xiaoru Wei
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Lidar reflective tomography imaging for space object
Author(s): Fuqi Qu; Yihua Hu
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Research on vision-based error detection system for optic fiber winding
Author(s): Wenchao Lu; Huipeng Li; Dewei Yang
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High-speed, high-resolution, real-time road shape scanning measurement
Author(s): Pei-an Ren; Ping Wei
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A color image segmentation algorithm by integrating watershed with automatic seeded region growing and merging
Author(s): Guoxiong Xu; Yingmin Bu; Liqiang Wang
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Evaluation and denoising of high-speed image noise based on power spectrum and wavelet denoising
Author(s): Wei Zhu; Jing Jiang; Meilian Liu; Xiao Kang; Liqin Ren
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A novel method for gray centroid of sunlight based on image recognition
Author(s): Fei Yu; Zhe Lin; Chun-nan Wu; Yue-jin Zhao
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Measuring BRDF using a single still digital camera
Author(s): Hanwei Xiong; Jun Xu; Jinming Wang
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Research on vision-based profile measurement of micro special-shaped component
Author(s): Tao Geng; HaiBin Wu; YongChang Li
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Research on the measurement method of geometric parameters of microstructure fiber end based on machine vision
Author(s): Tao Geng; JunQiang Diao; Yuan Yang
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Research on a near-lossless and high proportion image compression method based on WCP algorithm
Author(s): Tao Geng; Xianping Han
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Multifocus image fusion with trace-based structure tensor
Author(s): Fen Luo; Bibo Lu; Chunli Miao
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Multiple targets tracking in infrared image sequences based on joint probabilistic data association
Author(s): Da Wu; Zhenming Peng
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The experiment study of image acquisition system based on 3D machine vision
Author(s): Haiying Zhou; Zexin Xiao; Xuefei Zhang; Zhe Wei
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An interactive region merging method
Author(s): Rongteng Wu
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Scale parameter-estimating method for adaptive fingerprint pore extraction model
Author(s): Yao Yi; Liangcai Cao; Wei Guo; Yaping Luo; Qingsheng He; Guofan Jin
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Motion-blur parameter estimation of remote sensing image based on quantum neural network
Author(s): Kun Gao; Xiao-xian Li; Yan Zhang; Ying-hui Liu
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Sequence arrangement of wavelet transform for nonuniformity correction in infrared focal-plane arrays
Author(s): Xu-fen Xie; Wei Zhang; Ming Zhao; Xi-yang Zhi; Fu-gang Wang
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Design of the typical altered mineral spectral feature database system on the area of oil and gas migration
Author(s): Xing Liu; Xiaomei Chen; Qianqian Li; Guoqiang Ni
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