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2011 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Optical Sensors and Applications
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Volume Number: 8199
Date Published: 22 November 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8199
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A fibre optic oxygen sensor for monitoring of human breathing
Author(s): Rongsheng Chen; Andrew D. Farmery; Clive E. W. Hahn
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In-line fiber Mach-Zehnder interferometer combining with fiber Bragg grating for simultaneous curvature and temperature measurement
Author(s): Xinyong Dong; Yan Zhou; Wenjun Zhou; Wei Chang Wong; Chi Chiu Chan; Li-Yang Shao; Jia Cheng
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Single crystal-based optical current sensor with electrically adjustable sensitivity
Author(s): Changsheng Li
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Coherence-collapse characteristics of single-mode DFB fiber laser sensors with external optical feedback
Author(s): Wen Liu; Lina Ma; Huayong Yang
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A novel optical fiber reflective read out microcantilever biosensor
Author(s): Feng Wen; Yuejin Zhao
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Ni-P coating metallization on fiber Bragg grating without fiber coarsening and its temperature sensing property
Author(s): A. Q. Tang; L. Fang; S. J. Xue; B. Yin; L. Liu; P. Zhang
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Numerical investigation of steam quality sensor based on wavelength modulated surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): Xin-jiang Li; Chinhua Wang
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FPGA based filter design for self-mixing interferometry signals
Author(s): Yuan Sun; Yanguang Yu; Wenbin Fan; Jiangtao Xi
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Research on alignment method of the polarization coupling testing system
Author(s): Li Yang; Zhichao Yang; Jun Yang; Libo Yuan
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The study of dispersion compensation in Optical Coherence Domain Polarization technology
Author(s): Zhichao Yang; Li Yang; Jun Yang; Libo Yuan
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Optical fiber evanesent field sensors without additional functionalized material
Author(s): Xiaokang Zhang; Zhuoyong Deng; Hanlang Xu; Haihong Xu
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Calibration technology for a polarization maintaining fiber temperature sensor
Author(s): Yuanhong Yang; Lijuan Gao; Weiqian Duan
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Single-mode fiber sensor based on core-offset splicing
Author(s): Mei Zhou; Shenglai Zhen; Fei Liu; Jun Peng; Ling Li; Benli Yu
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The micro-vibration amplitude measuring method with suppressing peak-to-peak drift in PGC demodulation algorithm
Author(s): Fei Liu; Shenglai Zhen; Mei Zhou; Gang Zhang; Liang Lv; Jun Peng; Benli Yu
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Study on optic-fiber temperature/concentration sensor with reflective structure
Author(s): Shuangshou Yang; Xiuzhen Wei
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Optimization of a fiber optic flexible disk microphone
Author(s): Gang Zhang; Benli Yu; Hui Wang; Fei Liu; Xuqiang Wu
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Optical fiber based sensing system design for the health monitoring of multi-layered pavement structure
Author(s): Wanqiu Liu; Huaping Wang; Zhi Zhou; Shiyu Li; Yuanbao Ni; Geng Wang
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The behavior of a novel raw material-encapsulated FBG sensor for pavement monitoring
Author(s): Huaping Wang; Wanqiu Liu; Zhi Zhou; Shuhong Wang; Yuan Li
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Study on laser diode self-mixing vibrometer with wide dynamic range
Author(s): Ke Zhang; Benli Yu; Liang Lu
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New realization method for noise suppression in fiber interferometer sensors
Author(s): Ke Yang; Jun Zhu; Hui Wang; Benli Yu
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Strain monitoring of drilling riser in deepwater based on fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Yajun Jiang; Dexing Yang; Jun Wang; Jian Xu; Chuan Qin; Wei Liao; Jianlin Zhao; Haiyan Wang; Shiquan Jiang
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An improved PGC demodulation method to suppress the impact of laser intensity modulation
Author(s): Huayong Zhang; Min Zhang; Liwei Wang; Yanbiao Liao; D. N. Wang
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The design of integrated demodulation system of optical fiber hydrophone array for oceanic oil exploration
Author(s): Kai Wang; Qingping Shi; Changdong Tian; Fajie Duan; Min Zhang; Yanbiao Liao
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The development of solar ultraviolet observation
Author(s): Xuan-Ni Zhang; Chun-Min Zhang
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Fiber-optic curvature sensor based on step-index multimode fiber
Author(s): Yuan Gong; Tian Zhao; Yun-Jiang Rao; Yu Wu; Hui-Juan Wu
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Optical voltage transducer based on polarization maintaining two-mode photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Xin Lu; Weihong Bi
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Refractive index sensing characteristics of fiber Bragg grating in the polarization maintaining microstructured optical fiber
Author(s): Xuan Guo; Weihong Bi; Feng Liu
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Optical fibre relative humidity sensor based on a hydrogel coated long period grating
Author(s): Xiujuan Yu; Liwei Wang; Jintao Zhang; Min Zhang; Shengchun Liu; Yanbiao Liao
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High optical carrier-suppression characteristics of Brillouin/erbium fiber laser
Author(s): Mo Chen; Huijuan Zhou; Zhou Meng
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Effects of the absorption coefficient on the refractive index of germanium in a fiber optic-semiconductor temperature sensor
Author(s): Liu Peng; Li Min
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Theory and experimental research of a Y-phase-modulator based optical fiber current sensor
Author(s): Chaoyang Zhang; Chenghao Wang; Shuo Chen
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Optimization for metal bonding technology of optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Hao Liu; Weimin Chen; Peng Zhang; Jun Wun; Li Liu
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Design and fabrication of embedded two elliptical cores hollow fiber
Author(s): Fengjun Tian; Libo Yuan; Qian Dai; Zhihai Liu
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An in-fiber refractometer based on asymmetrical twin-core fiber
Author(s): Yanhui Zhang; Ai Zhou; Guangping Li
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Endoscope two dimensional scanning fiber probe and the driving method
Author(s): Guangping Li; He Gao; Ai Zhou; Zhihai Liu
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The outstanding influence of end-face-TIR on enhancing signal intensity of fiber-optic EW fluorescence sensor
Author(s): Cong Wang; Huacai Chen; Jianjun Ma
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Bending-induced sensing sensitivity in single-longitude-mode DBR fiber laser
Author(s): Jianhua Luo; Bo Liu; Hao Zhang; Mengdong He
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Research on distributed temperature sensor (DTS) applied in underground tunnel
Author(s): Chuanlong Hu; Jianfeng Wang; Zaixuan Zhang; Changyu Shen; Yongxing Jin; Shangzhong Jin
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An embedded strain sensor in anchor zone for bridge cable tension measurement based on FBG
Author(s): Li Liu; Wei-min Chen; Peng Zhang; Jun Wu; Hao Liu
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Ladder topology network based on white light fiber-optic Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Author(s): Song Li; Libo Yuan; Ferhati Mokhtar
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Distributed condition monitoring techniques of optical fiber composite power cable in smart grid
Author(s): Zhihui Sun; Yuan Liu; Chang Wang; Tongyu Liu
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A new noise suppression algorithm for optical fiber temperature surveillance of heavy oil thermal recovery well
Author(s): Jiahuai Wang; Jisheng Han; Yong Pan; Min Zhang; Qilin Zou; Shangran Xie
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Phase retrieval for general phase diversity Based on Zernike decomposition and SPGD
Author(s): Huizhen Yang; Yaoqiu Li
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A new surface plasmon resonance system with the function transforming freely from wavelength to angle modulation and the primary application in real time detection of antibody-antigen interaction
Author(s): L. Q. Yang; H. Y. Zhang
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Research on fiber optic gradient hydrophone based on two interferometers scheme
Author(s): Fuyin Wang; Shuidong Xiong; Hong Luo
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Induced mode hopping phenomenon via resonant cavity disturbances in ultra-narrow linewidth erbium-doped fiber ring lasers
Author(s): Mingxiang Ma; Pan Xu
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An optimized design of a fiber optic hydrophone based on side-hole packaged
Author(s): Nuan Jiang; Hong Luo; Zhizhong Li; Huayong Yang; Yongming Hu
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Proper temperature for Cs atomic magnetometer
Author(s): Qiang Liu; Junhai Zhang; Xianjin Zeng; Jiuxing Li; Qingmeng Li; Qiang Huang; Simiao Han; Zongjun Huang; Weimin Sun
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Underground fluid composition analysis based on the near infrared spectrum
Author(s): Wenxi Li; Yanbiao Liao; Min Zhang
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A fiber-Bragg-grating sensor interrogation system using in-fiber Fabry-Pérot interferometer
Author(s): Ting-ting Wang; Ming Wang
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A miniature extrinsic fiber Fabry-Perot pressure sensor based on fiber etching
Author(s): Yixian Ge; Junping Zhou; Tingting Wang
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Polymer optical fiber large strain sensing technology based on bending loss
Author(s): Qian You; Yin-guo Huang
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Strain-insensitive optical fiber Mach-Zehnder interferometric temperature sensor
Author(s): Yingyu Yu; Lan Jiang; Sumei Wang; Jinpeng Yang; Benye Li
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