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2011 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Optical Systems and Modern Optoelectronic Instruments
Editor(s): Yongtian Wang; Yunlong Sheng; Han-Ping Shieh; Kimio Tatsuno
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Volume Number: 8197
Date Published: 17 November 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8197
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Applications of optical measurement technology in pollution gas monitoring at thermal power plants
Author(s): Jian Wang; Dahai Yu; Huajun Ye; Jianhu Yang; Liang Ke; Shuanglai Han; Haitao Gu; Yingbin Chen
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Long distance measurement with submicrometer accuracy
Author(s): N. Bhattacharya; M. Cui; M. G. Zeitouny; H. P. Urbach; S. A. van den Berg
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Stereo vision system based on the laser dot matrix projection
Author(s): Chenglin Liu; Shaopeng Ma; Qinwei Ma; Xiangfu Zeng
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An off-axis optical system design applied in the precision measurement of axle hole's inner diameter
Author(s): Hongbo Xie; Fulin Li; Tao Li; Tong Yang
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Flying attitude measurement of projectile using high speed photography and 3D digital image correlation technique
Author(s): Xiangfu Zeng; Shaopeng Ma
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Fiber optic multipoint pressure and temperature sensing system using BOF/DWPR
Author(s): Seiichi Onoda; Keiichi Inoue; Masayuki Nakano; Yasutoshi Komatsu
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The instrument of high-precision photoelectric autocollimator based on PSD
Author(s): Xinting Zhang; Zhiyong An
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Comparison of wavefront reconstruction with modal method and zonal method for the inspection of catadioptric projection optics using Hartmann wavefront sensor
Author(s): Jianfeng Wang; Ke Liu; Yanqiu Li; Hai Wang; Guanghui Li
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Fourier analysis of metallic near-field superlens
Author(s): Yunlong Sheng; Guillaume Tremblay; Yann Gravel
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Design of waveguide grating filter with an antireflective surface using approximate and rigorous methods
Author(s): Tian Sang; Tuo Cai; Wulei Zhou; Xiaowei Zhang; Fang Liu
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Analysis of microstructure heights error of multilayer diffractive optical elements for far infrared optical system
Author(s): Liangliang Yang; Qingfeng Cui; Changxi Xue; Tao Liu
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Design and test of a high-contrast imaging coronagraph based on two 50-step transmission filters
Author(s): Jiangpei Dou; Deqing Ren; Yongtian Zhu; Xi Zhang; Xue Wang
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Design of the cooled IRFPA real-time non-uniformity correction system based on FPGA
Author(s): Yicheng Sheng; Lijun Yun; Junsheng Shi; Chao Zhang
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Design of OLED gamma correction system based on the LUT
Author(s): Yonghang Tai; Lijun Yun; Junsheng Shi; Zaiqing Chen; Qiong Li
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Developments in modern panoramic lenses: lens design, controlled distortion, and characterization
Author(s): Simon Thibault; Jocelyn Parent; Hu Zhang; Martin Larivière-Bastien; Anne-Sophie Poulin-Girard; Aymen Arfaoui; Pierre Désaulniers
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A universal and smart helmet-mounted display of large FOV
Author(s): Nan Zhang; Dongdong Weng; Yongtian Wang; Xuan Li; Youhai Liu
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The comparison of different medical electronic endoscope systems
Author(s): Wei Ye; Liqiang Wang; Huilong Duan
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Optimization design of suspension biochip detection system
Author(s): Guoxiong Xu; Yingmin Bu; Liqiang Wang
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Testing of a high-contrast imaging coronagraph based on an active liquid crystal array
Author(s): Xi Zhang; Deqing Ren; Yongtian Zhu; Jiangpei Dou; Xue Wang
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The character of branch points' variation in laser propagation through atmosphere
Author(s): Xiao-lu Ge; Cheng-yu Fan; Xiao-xing Feng; Cheng-feng Li; Xiao-juan Liu; Sheng-gui Fu
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Numerical analysis of fundamental mode selection of a He-Ne laser by a circular aperture
Author(s): Xin He; Bin Zhang
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Design and simulation of optical system based on microlens array for scannerless pulsed laser radar
Author(s): Xiping Cai; Xuelian Leng; Jianbo Liu; Quan Han; Wenjiang Dai
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The application of diagnostic equipment in the Tokamak fusion reaction
Author(s): Bang-shuai Zhang; Jun Chang; Shu-long Feng
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Linewidth narrowing and wavelength stabilization of high-power laser diode array by use of volume Bragg grating
Author(s): Hao Wang; Xiao Yuan
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Design of apochromatic telescopic optical system based on PWC method
Author(s): Xiao-Xiao Wei; Feng Xu; Jian-jun Yu
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Writing on wet paper based on multipixel differencing
Author(s): Xiaoping Yang; Lili Cao; Zhihong Chen; Fei Li; Bo Li; Zheming Wu
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Design of airborne imaging spectrometer based on curved prism
Author(s): Yunfeng Nie; Bin Xiangli; Jinsong Zhou; Xiaoxiao Wei
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Impact of the light source expanded width on optical readout uncooled infrared system
Author(s): Qian Jia; Yuejin Zhao; Xiaohua Liu; Weiwen Zhu; Ganghua Yin; Liquan Dong
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PSF analysis on subaperture aberrations of optical synthetic aperture imaging system
Author(s): Zhile Wang; Shuqing Zhang; Yanchao Jiang; Ling Hao; Lanqing Zhang
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Research on the tangible tabletop interaction system based on the optical sensors
Author(s): Dan Feng; DongDong Weng; YongTian Wang; Yue Liu
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Optimization of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy system by neurogenetic method for multi-elemental analysis of heavy metals in soil
Author(s): Lituo Liu; Jianguo Liu; Nanjing Zhao; Yin Wang
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The model-based approach to wavefront sensorless adaptive optics in space remote imaging system
Author(s): Xiaofeng Ren; Xiaofang Zhang; Biru Wang; Ni An
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The study of transfer function characteristic of long-base laser strainmeters
Author(s): Jianguo You
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Design study of optical fiber F-P sensing system for bio-tissue temperature real-time measurement
Author(s): Shan Ning; Guo Heng
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Research of sampling interval in wavefront coded system
Author(s): Zhiwei Zhou; Dayong Wang; Yunxin Wang
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Precision measurement facility of mid-infrared spectral emissivity measurement
Author(s): Guojin Feng; Tingliang Guo
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Mid-wave infrared dual-field-of-view lenses with high ratio for third generation thermal imager
Author(s): Ronggang Li; Xingde Zhang; Lin Liu
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Analysis of comprehensive influence of piston error and subapertures' aberrations upon sparse-optical-synthetic-aperture systems' image quality for the broadband target wave
Author(s): Zheng Liu; Sheng-Qian Wang; Lin-Hai Huang; Chang-Hui Rao
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Design of photoelectric autocollimator for NC rotary table position detection
Author(s): Mingjun Hu; Bixi Yan; Lianqing Zhu
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New system of miniaturization online testing of spherical interferometer
Author(s): Jian Lin; Zhenhua Han; Jinzhai Zhuo; Min Wang
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The design of analysis system of refractive index profile of optical fiber
Author(s): Gao He; Zhihai Liu
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Flat-field EUV spectrometer and its performance test by Penning discharge source
Author(s): Xuewei Du; Yuejiang Shi; Wei Zhang; Yongcai Shen; Qiuping Wang
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Bandwidth determination of a Czerny-Turner double monochromator with varied slit widths through experiment and data computation
Author(s): Huiquan Ouyang; Caihong Dai; Bo Huang; Zhifeng Wu
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An experimental apparatus for normal spectral emissivity measurement
Author(s): Kun Yu; Yufang Liu; Guangrui Jia; Deheng Shi
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Novel MOEMS-based beam steering method
Author(s): Jingye Wang; Qun Hao; Yong Song; Yao Hu
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Research on the transmission of information on bi-grating diffraction imaging
Author(s): Meng Huang; Weiping Zhang
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A single channel input virtual dual-phase lock-in amplifier
Author(s): Zhongjian Gao; Hua Zheng; Lianhuang Li; Fang Chen; Fuyuan Guo
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Modeling of a field-widened Michelson interferometric filter for application in a high spectral resolution lidar
Author(s): Dong Liu; Chris Hostetler; Anthony Cook; Ian Miller; Johnathan Hair
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A dual-channel imaging polarimetry system
Author(s): Xue Wang; Deqing Ren; Jiangpei Dou; Yongtian Zhu; Xi Zhang
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2000W high beam quality diode laser for direct materials processing
Author(s): Wen-bin Qin; You-qiang Liu; Yin-hua Cao; Jing Gao; Fei Pan; Zhi-yong Wang
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Research of zernike fitting algorithm in finite element process
Author(s): Xi-Fa Song; Lin Li; Yi-Fan Huang; Si-Yu Lu
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The method of identification of cloud phase by using micropulse lidar
Author(s): Lidong Wang; He Chen; Yinchao Zhang; Siying Chen; Pan Guo
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