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Optics and Photonics for Counterterrorism and Crime Fighting VII; Optical Materials in Defence Systems Technology VIII; and Quantum-Physics-based Information Security
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Volume Number: 8189
Date Published: 5 October 2011

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Proximal and point detection of contaminated surfaces using Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Jason A. Guicheteau; Steven D. Christesen; Ashish Tripathi; Erik D. Emmons; Phillip G. Wilcox; Darren K. Emge; Ian J. Pardoe; Augustus W. Fountain III
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Discrimination of new and aged post-blast explosives residues
Author(s): Helena Hansson; Anders Elfving; Dennis Menning; Hans G. Önnerud; Erik Holmgren; Mona Brantlind; Ulla Hedebrant; Henric Östmark; Rose-Marie Karlsson; Patrick Goede
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Stand off spatial offset Raman spectroscopy: a distant look behind the scenes
Author(s): Bernhard Zachhuber; Christoph Gasser; Alison J Hobro; Engelene t. H. Chrysostom; Bernhard Lendl
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Raman database considerations for near-infrared systems
Author(s): Brenda M. Kunkel; Yin-Fong Su; Russell G. Tonkyn; Eric G. Stephan; Alan G. Joly; Jerome C. Birnbaum; Kristin H. Jarman; Timothy J. Johnson
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The microfluidic bioagent autonomous networked detector (M-BAND): an update. Fully integrated, automated, and networked field identification of airborne pathogens
Author(s): M. Sanchez; L. Probst; E. Blazevic; B. Nakao; M. A. Northrup
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Infrared signatures to discriminate viability of autoclaved Bacillus spores
Author(s): Matthew D. W. Schneider; Nancy B. Valentine; Timothy J. Johnson
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Spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) for through-barrier proximal chemical and explosive detection
Author(s): Alex Frisby; Linda Lee; Chris Howle; Andy Martin; Rebecca Hopkins
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Spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) for liquid screening
Author(s): Paul W. Loeffen; Guy Maskall; Stuart Bonthron; Matthew Bloomfield; Craig Tombling; Pavel Matousek
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BioSense/SR-BioSpectra demonstrations of wide area/early warning for bioaerosol threats: program description and early test and evaluation results
Author(s): Jean-Robert Simard; Sylvie Buteau; Pierre Lahaie; Pierre Mathieu; Gilles Roy; Denis Nadeau; John McFee; Jim Ho; Susan Rowsell; Nicolas Ho; François Babin; Daniel Cantin; Dave Healey; Jennifer Robinson; Scott Wood; Jack Hsu
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iCATSI: multi-pixel imaging differential spectroradiometer for standoff detection and quantification of chemical threats
Author(s): Florent Prel; Louis Moreau; Hugo Lavoie; François Bouffard; Jean-Marc Thériault; Christian Vallieres; Claude Roy; Denis Dubé
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Remote detection of liquid surface contamination by imaging infrared spectroscopy: measurements and modelling
Author(s): René Braun; Jens Eichmann; Samer Sabbah; Roland Harig; Chris R. Howle
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Hazardous liquid detection by active hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Chris R. Howle; Alexander Frisby; Alastair J. S. McIntosh; David J. M. Stothard; Malcolm H. Dunn; Gordon Robertson; William Miller; Graeme Malcolm; Gareth Maker
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Efficiency of the detection of explosive using the spectral dynamics analysis of reflected signal
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Svetlana A. Varentsova; Mieczyslaw Szustakowski; Norbert Palka; Tomasz Trzcinski
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Screening mail for powders using terahertz technology
Author(s): Mike Kemp
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Near infrared transmission through clothing: applications in sensing and screening
Author(s): D. A. Hutchins; C. M. Canal; A. Saleem; L. A. J. Davis; R. J. Green
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Possible way for increasing the quality of imaging from THz passive device
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Vladislav V. Trofimov; Chao Deng; Yuan-meng Zhao; Cun-lin Zhang; Xin Zhang
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A new optical method for a fast and simple detection of ephedrine
Author(s): Antonio Varriale; Maria Staiano; Maria Strianese; Vincenzo Marzullo; Giuseppe Ruggiero; Alberto Secchi; Massimiliano Dispenza; Anna Maria Fiorello; Sabato D'Auria
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Investigation of the performance of video analytics systems with compressed video using the i-LIDS sterile zone dataset
Author(s): Prashath Mahendrarajah
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Colour invariant target recognition in multiple camera CCTV surveillance
Author(s): Umair Soori; P. W. T. Yuen; I. Ibrahim; J. Han; A. Tsitiridis; K. Hong; T. Chen; J. Jackman; D. James; M. Richardson
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User-assisted visual search and tracking across distributed multi-camera networks
Author(s): Yogesh Raja; Shaogang Gong; Tao Xiang
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Application of speed-enhanced spatial domain correlation filters for real-time security monitoring
Author(s): Akber Gardezi; Nagachetan Bangalore; Ahmed Al-Kandri; Philip Birch; Rupert Young; Chris Chatwin
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Machine-assisted verification of latent fingerprints: first results for nondestructive contact-less optical acquisition techniques with a CWL sensor
Author(s): Mario Hildebrandt; Stefan Kiltz; Dmytro Krapyvskyy; Jana Dittmann; Claus Vielhauer; Marcus Leich
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A first framework for the development of age determination schemes for latent biometric fingerprint traces using a chromatic white light (CWL) sensor
Author(s): Ronny Merkel; Andriy Krapyvskyy; Marcus Leich; Jana Dittmann; Claus Vielhauer
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Separation and sequence detection of overlapped fingerprints: experiments and first results
Author(s): Rainer Kärgel; Sascha Giebel; Marcus Leich; Jana Dittmann
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Through-barrier detection of explosive components for security screening applications
Author(s): Linda Lee; Alex Frisby; Ralph Mansson; Rebecca J. Hopkins
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The substituted [2.2] paracyclophanes as versatile platform for a design of new optical materials
Author(s): Lada N. Puntus; Elena V. Sergeeva; Dmitrii Yu. Antonov; Ivan V. Anan'ev; Konstantin A. Lyssenko; Irina S. Pekareva; François Kajzar; Ileana Rau
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Photo-induced deformation of azobenzene polymers: theory and simulations
Author(s): Marina Saphiannikova; Vladimir Toshchevikov; Jaroslav Ilnytskyi; Gert Heinrich
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Chalcogenide and germanium hybrid optics
Author(s): Gabriel Cogburn
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Supercontiuum laser-based instrument to measure hyperspectral polarized BRDF
Author(s): Romain Ceolato; Nicolas Rivière; Laurent Hespel; Beatrice Biscans
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Fundamental and practical problems of QKD security: the actual and perceived situation
Author(s): Horace P. Yuen
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Quantitative analysis of quantum noise masking in quantum stream cipher by intensity modulation operating at G-bit/sec data rate
Author(s): Takehisa Iwakoshi; Fumio Futami; Osamu Hirota
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Quantum cryptography and authentication with low key-consumption
Author(s): A. Abidin; C. Pacher; T. Lorünser; J.-Å. Larsson; M. Peev
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Finite-key analysis of the six-state protocol with photon number resolution detectors
Author(s): Silvestre Abruzzo; Markus Mertz; Hermann Kampermann; Dagmar Bruss
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Single photon detection for high bit rate quantum communication
Author(s): J. F. Dynes; Z. L. Yuan; A. W. Sharpe; A. R. Dixon; A. J. Shields
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Free-space quantum key distribution with spatial modes of the optical field
Author(s): Mark T. Gruneisen; Raymond C. Dymale; Kurt E. Stoltenberg
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Performance of the SwissQuantum network over 21 months
Author(s): Damien Stucki; Matthieu Legré; Laurent Monat; Samuel Robyr; Patrick Trinkler; Grégoire Ribordy; Rob Thew; Nino Walenta; Nicolas Gisin; François Buntschu; Didier Perroud; Gerald Litzistorf; Jose Tavares; Stefano Ventura; Pascal Junod; Raphael Voirol; Patrick Monbaron
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