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Earth Resources and Environmental Remote Sensing/GIS Applications II
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Volume Number: 8181
Date Published: 25 October 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8181
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Accuracy analysis of DEM extraction over Japan using ALOS PRISM stereo images
Author(s): Yoshiyuki Kawata; Yukihiro Funatsu; Satoshi Yoshii; Kazuya Takemata
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Validation of ALOS DSM
Author(s): Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos; Aristides D. Vaiopoulos
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Spectroscopy as a tool for geochemical modeling
Author(s): Veronika Kopacková; Stephane Chevrel; Anna Bourguignon
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Simulation of operation of future Japanese spaceborne hyperspectral imager: HISUI
Author(s): Tsuneo Matsunaga; Satoru Yamamoto; Soushi Kato; Osamu Kashimura; Tetsushi Tachikawa; Kenta Ogawa; Akira Iwasaki; Satoshi Tsuchida; Nagamitsu Ohgi; Shuichi Rokugawa
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Analysis of high-resolution remote sensing imagery with textures derived from single pixel objects
Author(s): R. de Kok; K. Tasdemir
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Developing Matlab scripts for image analysis and quality assessment
Author(s): A. D. Vaiopoulos
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Object-based detection of destroyed buildings based on remotely sensed data and GIS
Author(s): Natalia Sofina; Manfred Ehlers; Ulrich Michel
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Detection of building structures from single-polarized TerraSAR-X data
Author(s): Martin Schmidt; Thomas Esch; Michael Thiel; Stefan Dech
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Application of GIS for the modeling of spatial distribution of air pollutants in Tehran
Author(s): Saeed Sargazi; Hamid Taheri Shahraiyni; Majid Habibi-Nokhandan; Melika Sanaeifar
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High resolution remote sensing information identification for characterizing uranium mineralization setting in Namibia
Author(s): Jie-Lin Zhang; Jun-hu Wang; Mi Zhou; Yan-ju Huang; Yan-xiu Xuan; Ding Wu
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Hyperspectral remote sensing applied for hydrogeological mapping in a hard-rock terrain for water resource management
Author(s): Amit Singh; Saumitra Mukherjee
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Object-based rapid change detection for disaster management
Author(s): Holger Thunig; Ulrich Michel; Manfred Ehlers; Peter Reinartz
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Object-based vs. per-pixel classification of aster imagery for land cover mapping in semi-arid areas
Author(s): Mustafa M. El Abbas; E. Csaplovics
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Estimating vegetation phenological trends using MODIS NDVI time series
Author(s): Markus Törmä; Mikko Kervinen; Saku Anttila
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Change detection for Finnish CORINE land cover classification
Author(s): Markus Törmä; Pekka Härmä; Suvi Hatunen; Riitta Teiniranta; Minna Kallio; Elise Järvenpää
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Hazards analysis and prediction from remote sensing and GIS using spatial data mining and knowledge discovery: a case study for landslide hazard zonation
Author(s): Pai-Hui Hsu; Wen-Ray Su; Chy-Chang Chang
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Structural analysis of forest areas in high-resolution SAR images
Author(s): Markus Boldt; Antje Thiele; Karsten Schulz; Stefan Hinz
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Coastal water quality near to desalination project in Cyprus using Earth observation
Author(s): Christiana Papoutsa; Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis; Dimitrios D. Alexakis
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Land degradation monitoring in the Ocnele Mari salt mining area using satellite imagery
Author(s): Violeta D. Poenaru; Alexandru Badea; Elena Savin; Delia Teleaga; Valentin Poncos
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Landslide detection and monitoring using remote sensing and spatial analysis in Taiwan
Author(s): Fuan Tsai; Tang-Huang Lin; Liang-Chien Chen; Walter W. Chen
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Towards an open geospatial service architecture supporting heterogeneous Earth observation missions
Author(s): Thomas Usländer; Pier Giorgio Marchetti; Yves Coene
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Wetland landscape pattern analysis with remote sensing images in Ximen Island special marine protected area
Author(s): Huaguo Zhang; Dongling Li; Lihong Li; Aiqin Shi
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Study on the ecosystem health assessment for wetland in Lianyungang
Author(s): Haiying Li; Hongchun Peng; Junling Nie; Yueru Wu; Beiqian Wang
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Lightning hazard estimation by integrating surface electromagnetic and physical properties
Author(s): Jin Baek; Jeong Woo Kim; Xin C. Wang; Dong Cheon Lee
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Land use/land cover changes and flooding surface estimation in Alqueva (Portugal) using 18 years of Landsat data
Author(s): Ana Teodoro; Sofia Rios; Dário Ferreira
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Empirical model for salinity assessment on lacustrine and coastal waters by remote sensing
Author(s): Gabriele Bitelli; Pietro V. Curzi; Enrico Dinelli; Emanuele Mandanici
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Detection of ancient Egyptian archaeological sites using satellite remote sensing and digital image processing
Author(s): Robert K. Corrie
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Sub-pixel method for analysis of optical data in determining the overburden dumps and open pit mines
Author(s): D. Borisova; H. Nikolov; D. Petkov; B. Banushev
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Based on MODIS NDVI data to monitor the growing season of the deciduous forest in Beijing, China
Author(s): Ke Xu; Xuexia Zhang; Bin Chen; Kai Hua; Kaidi Zheng; Ting Wu
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Air pollution detection using MODIS data
Author(s): Jan Harbula; Veronika Kopacková
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An object-based multisensoral approach for the derivation of urban land use structures in the city of Rostock, Germany
Author(s): Martin Lindner; Sören Hese; Christian Berger; Christiane Schmullius
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Analysis of cultivated land change by remote sensing data in the Huangshui River watershed, northwestern China
Author(s): Xiaohong Gao; Shichao Feng; Jiaan Xie; Jinshan Li
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Object-based detection of LUCC with special regard to agricultural abandonment on Tenerife (Canary Islands)
Author(s): Sebastian Günthert; Alexander Siegmund; Holger Thunig; Ulrich Michel
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Object-based change detection: dimension of damage in residential areas of Abu Suruj, Sudan
Author(s): Timo Demharter; Ulrich Michel; Manfred Ehlers; Peter Reinartz
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Development of a satellite-based multi-scale land use classification system for land and water management in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan
Author(s): Fabian Löw; Ulrich Michel; Stefan Dech; Christopher Conrad
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Improvement of the spatial resolution of MODIS coastal waters thermal mapping
Author(s): S. Teggi; F. Despini; G. Ghermandi; M. Serafini
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Oceanic satellite data service system based on web
Author(s): Yan Kang; Delu Pan; Xianqiang He; Difeng Wang; Jianyu Chen; Xiaoyan Chen
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Research trend analysis of study areas in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau based on the spatial information mining from scientific literatures
Author(s): Xuemei Wang; Mingguo Ma; Xin Li
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Modelling the backscattering coefficient of salt-affected soils using AIEM model
Author(s): Yueru Wu; Weizhen Wang
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A first reference dataset for the evaluation of geometric correction methods under the scope of remote sensing applications
Author(s): Hernâni Gonçalves; Ana C. Teodoro; José A. Gonçalves; Luís Corte Real
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Study on urban heat island of Lianyungang based on remote sensing
Author(s): Haiying Li; Hongchun Peng; Yueru Wu; Junling Nie; Yanjun Gu
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Comprehensive high-speed simulation software for ladar systems
Author(s): Seongjoon Kim; Seran Hwang; Minsoo Son; Impyeong Lee
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Research on LC-based spectral imaging system for visible band
Author(s): Zhi-xue Shen; Jian-feng Li; Da-yong Zhang; Yong-quan Luo; Yan Long; Li-xian Huang; Hai-tao Liu; Fei Luo
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