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SAR Image Analysis, Modeling, and Techniques XI
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Volume Number: 8179
Date Published: 25 October 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8179
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Sentinel-1A and Sentinel-1B CSAR status
Author(s): Paul Snoeij; Mike Brown; Malcolm Davidson; Bjorn Rommen; Nicolas Floury; Dirk Geudtner; Ramon Torres
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Comparison of L and C band polarimetric SAR data for the retrieval of soil moisture in the Alps
Author(s): L. Pasolli; C. Notarnicola; L. Bruzzone; G. Bertoldi; G. Niedrist; U. Tappeiner; M. Zebisch; F. Del Frate; G. Vaglio Laurin
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Soil moisture mapping using Sentinel 1 images: the proposed approach and its preliminary validation carried out in view of an operational product
Author(s): S. Paloscia; S. Pettinato; E. Santi; N. Pierdicca; L. Pulvirenti; C. Notarnicola; G. Pace; A. Reppucci
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Retrieval of soil surface parameters via a polarimetric two-scale model in hilly or mountainous areas
Author(s): Antonio Iodice; Antonio Natale; Daniele Riccio
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Integration of X-SAR observations with data of other remote sensing techniques: preliminary results achieved with Cosmo/SkyMed announcement of opportunity projects
Author(s): Francesco Vespe; Luca Baldini; Claudia Notarnicola; Claudio Prati; Susanna Zerbini; G. Celidonio
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Analysis of snow changes in alpine regions with X-band data: electromagnetic analysis and snow cover mapping
Author(s): B. Ventura; T. Schellenberger; C. Notarnicola; M. Zebisch; V. Maddalena; R. Ratti; L. Tampellini; Jinyang Du
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Use of high-resolution SAR data for the monitoring of water resources in Burkina Faso
Author(s): F. Ciervo; G. Di Martino; A. Iodice; Y. Koussoube; M. N. Papa; D. Riccio; G. Ruello; I. Zinno
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An image acquisition planning tool for optimizing information content in image data of spaceborne SAR systems
Author(s): Harald Anglberger; Sebastien Tailhades; Helmut Suess
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SAR-based sea traffic monitoring: a reliable approach for maritime surveillance
Author(s): Alfredo Renga; Maria D. Graziano; M. D'Errico; A. Moccia; A. Cecchini
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A novel paradigm for urban environment characterization using ascending and descending TerraSAR-X data
Author(s): E. Angiuli; G. Trianni; P. Gamba
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An unsupervised method for quality assessment of despeckling: an evaluation on COSMO-SkyMed data
Author(s): B. Aiazzi; L. Alparone; F. Argenti; S. Baronti; T. Bianchi; A. Lapini
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Basis for optronic ScanSAR processing
Author(s): Linda Marchese; Pascal Bourqui; Sandra Turgeon; Bernd Harnish; Martin Suess; François Châteauneuf; Alain Bergeron
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The Gulf of Mexico oil rig accident: analysis by different SAR satellite images
Author(s): Fabio Del Frate; Andrea Giacomini; Daniele Latini; Domenico Solimini; William J. Emery
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Oil detection in RADARSAT-2 quad-polarization imagery: implications for ScanSAR performance
Author(s): Angela Cheng; Matt Arkett; Tom Zagon; Roger De Abreu; Derek Mueller; Paris Vachon; John Wolfe
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Multifractal analysis of oil slicks on SAR images
Author(s): Roberto Coscione; Gerardo Di Martino; Antonio Iodice; Daniele Riccio; Giuseppe Ruello
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Monitoring flood evolution in agricultural areas using COSMO-SkyMed data: analysis of the Tuscany inundation of December 2009
Author(s): Luca Pulvirenti; Nazzareno Pierdicca; Marco Chini; Leila Guerriero
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Detection of fault creep around NAF by InSAR time series analysis using PALSAR data
Author(s): Tomonori Deguchi
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Neural Networks for automatic seismic source analysis from DInSAR data
Author(s): Matteo Picchiani; Fabio Del Frate; Giovanni Schiavon; Salvatore Stramondo; Marco Chini; Christian Bignami
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Preliminary analysis of a correlation between ground deformations and rainfall: the Ivancich landslide, central Italy
Author(s): F. Ardizzone; M. Rossi; F. Calò; L. Paglia; M. Manunta; A. C. Mondini; G. Zeni; P. Reichenbach; R. Lanari; F. Guzzetti
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Comparative analyses of multifrequency PSI ground deformation measurements
Author(s): José R. Sabater; Javier Duro; Alain Arnaud; David Albiol; Fifamè N. Koudogbo
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Dedicated SAR simulation tools for ATR and scene analysis
Author(s): Horst Hammer; Karsten Schulz
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Target detection by change for SAR imagery
Author(s): Chris J. Willis
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Microwave remote sensing of natural stratification
Author(s): Pasquale Imperatore; Antonio Iodice; Daniele Riccio
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Multiple reflections in SAR images of business districts
Author(s): Daniela Di Leo; Daniele Riccio
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Moving target imaging by both Ka-band and Ku-band high-resolution radars
Author(s): Yunhua Zhang; Wenshuai Zhai; Xiangkun Zhang; Xiaojin Shi; Xiang Gu; Jingshan Jiang
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Distinguishing ability analysis of compressed sensing radar imaging based on information theory model
Author(s): Hai Jiang; Bingchen Zhang; Yueguan Lin; Wen Hong; Yirong Wu
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Despeckling in SAR images by matching pursuit of subband coherent structures using the library of wavelet bases
Author(s): Yuri S. Bekhtin; Andrey A. Bryantsev
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Efficient and accurate algorithm for the evaluation of Kirchhoff scattering from fractal surfaces
Author(s): Antonio Iodice; Stefano Perna
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Oil platform investigation by multi-temporal SAR remote sensing image
Author(s): Chen Peng; Juan Wang; Donglin Li
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Polarization scattering characteristics of some ships using polarimetric SAR images
Author(s): Juan Wang; Weigen Huang; Jingsong Yang; Peng Chen; Huaguo Zhang
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Application of sparse array and MIMO in near-range microwave imaging
Author(s): Yaolong Qi; Yanping Wang; Weixian Tan; Wen Hong
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SAR image post-processing for the estimation of fractal parameters
Author(s): Gerardo Di Martino; Daniele Riccio; Giuseppe Ruello; Ivana Zinno
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Neural networks for oil spill detection using TerraSAR-X data
Author(s): Ruggero G. Avezzano; Domenico Velotto; Matteo Soccorsi; Fabio Del Frate; Susanne Lehner
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Numerical weather prediction models and SAR interferometry: synergic use for meteorological and INSAR applications
Author(s): Nazzareno Pierdicca; Fabio Rocca; Daniele Perissin; Rossella Ferretti; Emanuela Pichelli; Bjorn Rommen; Nico Cimini
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Exploring constraints and benefits of PSI technique for landslide detection and monitoring from space
Author(s): Christian Iasio; Stefan Schneiderbauer; Volkmar Mair; Claudia Strada
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Squint mode SAR raw data generation for moving ship on the ocean
Author(s): Guijie Diao; Xiaojian Xu
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Evaluation of geometric accuracy and the features of TanDEM-X
Author(s): T. Nonaka; K. Imai; T. Hiramatsu
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