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Advances in Optical Thin Films IV
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Volume Number: 8168
Date Published: 19 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8168
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Progress in optical coatings
Author(s): Angus Macleod
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Ultra-low-reflectance, high-uniformity, multilayer-antireflection coatings on large substrates deposited using an ion-beam sputtering system with a customized planetary rotation stage
Author(s): Svetlana Dligatch; Mark Gross; Anatoli Chtanov
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Protective infrared antireflection coating based on sputtered germanium carbide
Author(s): Des Gibson; Ewan Waddell; Frank Placido
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Optimal design for field enhancement in optical coatings
Author(s): C. Amra; C. Ndiaye; M. Zerrad; F. Lemarchand
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Design of multilayer coatings containing metal island films
Author(s): Tatiana V. Amotchkina; Jordi Sancho-Parramon; Vesna Janicki; Michael K. Trubetskov; Hrvoje Zorc; Alexander V. Tikhonravov
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Investigation of manufacturing processes by numerical sensitivity analysis
Author(s): Olivier Vasseur; Michel Cathelinaud
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Application of global optimization algorithms for optical thin film index determination from spectro-photometric analysis
Author(s): Lihong Gao; Fabien Lemarchand; Michel Lequime
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Effect of substrate index of refraction on the design of antireflection coatings
Author(s): Ronald R. Willey
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Angular and spectral light scattering from complex multidielectric coatings
Author(s): Catherine Grèzes-Besset; Didier Torricini; Hélène Krol; Myriam Zerrad; Michel Lequime; Claude Amra
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Robust synthesis of dispersive mirrors
Author(s): V. Pervak; M. K. Trubetskov; A. V. Tikhonravov
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Optical coatings in space
Author(s): D. Wernham
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Colour control and selectivity in TiAlN solar-thermal absorbers
Author(s): Shuxi Zhao; Dechun Zhu; Carl-G. Ribbing
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Research on low-polarizing x-plate for LED projector using green phosphors
Author(s): Yu-Jen Chen; Meng-Chi Li; Chien-Cheng Kuo; June-Jei Huang; Cheng-Chung Lee
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Coatings for thin-disk laser systems
Author(s): St. Günster; D. Ristau; B. Weichelt; A. Voss
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Atomic layer deposition of iridium thin films and their application in gold electrodeposition
Author(s): A. Szeghalmi; M. Arnold; A. Berger; N. Schammelt; K. Fuechsel; M. Knez; E. B. Kley; D. R. T. Zahn; A. Tuennermann
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Plasma and optical thin film technologies
Author(s): O. Stenzel; S. Wilbrandt; N. Kaiser; C. Schmitz; M. Turowski; D. Ristau; P. Awakowicz; R. P. Brinkmann; T. Musch; I. Rolfes; H. Steffen; R. Foest; A. Ohl; T. Köhler; G. Dolgonos; T. Frauenheim
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Optical and thin film properties of mixed oxides deposited by pulsed reactive magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Stefan Bruns; Michael Vergöhl
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New sputtering concept for optical precision coatings
Author(s): Daniel Rademacher; Günter Bräuer; Michael Vergöhl; Benjamin Fritz; Tobias Zickenrott
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PACA2M: magnetron sputtering for 2-meter optics
Author(s): Grégory Chauveau; Didier Torricini; Catherine Grèzes-Besset; Dragan Stojcevski; Michel Lequime
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Organic small molecule-based optical coatings
Author(s): U. Schulz; C. Präfke; P. Munzert; N. Kaiser
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Tailored TCOs
Author(s): Astrid Bingel; Kevin Füchsel; Norbert Kaiser; Andreas Tünnermann
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Spectral density analysis of the optical properties of Ni-Al2O3 nano-composite films
Author(s): Gunnar A. Niklasson; Tobias K. Boström; Enis Tuncer
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Organic materials for the use in optical layer systems
Author(s): T. Neubert; A. Gaida; W. Huwer; M. Vergöhl
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IRDIS filters: from design to qualification
Author(s): Hélène Krol; Nathalie Valette; Didier Torricini; Catherine Grèzes-Besset; Kjetil Dohlen; David Le Mignant; Michel Saïsse; Gabriel Moreaux; Maud Langlois; Claire Moutou; Arthur Vigan; Frédéric Lemarquis
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Exclusive examples of high-performance thin-film optical filters for fluorescence spectroscopy made by plasma-assisted reactive magnetron sputtering
Author(s): M. Lappschies; U. Schallenberg; S. Jakobs
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Manufacturing and characterizing of all-dielectric band-pass filters for the short-wave infrared region
Author(s): T. Bauer; M. Lappschies; U. Schallenberg; S. Jakobs
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Infrared polarizing beam-splitters for the 7 to 13 um spectral region
Author(s): Li Li; Jean-Marc Thériault; Yanen Guo
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Optical performance of narrow-band transmittance filters under low-and high-energy proton irradiation
Author(s): A. Piegari; I. Di Sarcina; M. L. Grilli; F. Menchini; S. Scaglione; A. Sytchkova
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Study of the laser matter interaction in the femtosecond regime: application to the analysis of the laser damage of optical thin films
Author(s): B. Mangote; L. Gallais; M. Zerrad; M. Commandré; L. H. Gao; F. Lemarchand; M. Lequime; A. Melninkaitis; J. Mirauskas; V. Sirutkaitis; S. Kicas; T. Tolenis; R. Drazdys; M. Mende; L. Jensen; H. Ehlers; D. Ristau
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Using monodisperse SiO2 microspheres to study laser-induced damage of nodules in HfO2/SiO2 high reflectors
Author(s): Xinbin Cheng; Tao Ding; Wenyan He; Jinlong Zhang; Hongfei Jiao; Bin Ma; Zhengxiang Shen; Zhanshan Wang
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Design, deposition, and characterization of multilayer mirrors for ultrashort pulses in the attosecond domain
Author(s): S. de Rossi; C. Bourassin-Bouchet; E. Meltchakov; F. Delmotte; Zsolt Diveki; Thierry Ruchon; Pascal Salières; Bertrand Carré
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Optical, chemical, depth, and magnetic characterization of Mg/Co-based nanometric periodic multilayers
Author(s): P. Jonnard; K. Le Guen; M.-H. Hu; J.-M. André; S. K. Zhou; H. Ch. Li; J. T. Zhu; Z. S. Wang; N. Mahne; A. Giglia; S. Nannarone; A. Verna; C. Meny; A. Galtayries; I. Estève; M. Walls
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EUV reflectivity and stability of tri-component Al-based multilayers
Author(s): E. Meltchakov; A. Ziani; F. Auchere; X. Zhang; M. Roulliay; S. De Rossi; Ch. Bourassin-Bouchet; A. Jérome; F. Bridou; F. Varniere; F. Delmotte
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Coating development for the far and extreme ultraviolet based on material characterization
Author(s): Juan I. Larruquert; Luis Rodríguez-de Marcos; Sergio García-Cortés; Manuela Vidal-Dasilva; Antonio P. Pérez-Marín; José A. Aznárez; José A. Méndez
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Mg-based multilayers and their thermal stabilities for EUV range
Author(s): Jingtao Zhu; Sika Zhou; Haochuan Li; Qiushi Huang; Li Jiang; Fengli Wang; Zhong Zhang; Zhanshan Wang; Hongjun Zhou; Tonglin Huo
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Broadband monitoring simulation with massively parallel processors
Author(s): Mikhail Trubetskov; Tatiana Amotchkina; Alexander Tikhonravov
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Online re-optimization as a powerful part of enhanced strategies in optical broadband monitoring
Author(s): S. Schlichting; K. Heinrich; H. Ehlers; D. Ristau
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From independent thickness monitoring to adaptive manufacturing: advanced deposition control of complex optical coatings
Author(s): Henrik Ehlers; Sebastian Schlichting; Carsten Schmitz; Detlev Ristau
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Broadband optical monitoring for a 2-meter optics magnetron sputtering deposition machine
Author(s): Dragan Stojcevski; Michel Lequime; Grégory Chauveau; Didier Torricini; Catherine Grèzes-Besset
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Optimization of ion-assisted ITO films by design of experiment
Author(s): Silvia Schwyn Thöny; Jürgen Buchholz; Stephan Waldner
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Modelling and optimization of film thickness variation for plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition processes
Author(s): Ewan Waddell; Des Gibson; Li Lin; Xiuhua Fu
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Testglass changer for direct optical monitoring
Author(s): A. Zoeller; H. Hagedorn; W. Weinrich; E. Wirth
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Photothermal phenomena in plasmonics and metamaterials
Author(s): Xi Chen; Yiting Chen; Min Yan; Jing Wang; Jiaming Hao; Min Qiu
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Enhancement of omnidirectional bandgaps by one-dimensional ternary photonic crystals
Author(s): G. V. Morozov; F. Placido
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Re-definition of effective refractive index of thin film buried quantum dots
Author(s): Yu-Jen Chen; Cheng-Chung Lee Schmidt; François Flory
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Nanostructures versus thin films in the design of antireflection coatings
Author(s): Uwe B. Schallenberg
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Two waves interaction in layered photonic structure at big phase mismatching
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Tatiana M. Lysak
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Thickness uniformity improvement for the twin mirrors used in advanced gravitational wave detectors
Author(s): B. Sassolas; Q. Benoît; R. Flaminio; D. Forest; J. Franc; M. Galimberti; A. Lacoudre; C. Michel; J.-L. Montorio; N. Morgado; L. Pinard
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Aluminum based multilayers systems synthesized by ion beam sputtering for extreme UV
Author(s): A. Ziani; F. Delmotte; C. Le Paven-Thivet; E. Meltchakov; F. Bridou; A. Jérome; M. Roulliay; K. Gasc
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Energy logistics in an all-optical adder based on a 1D porous silicon photonic crystal
Author(s): E. Ya. Glushko
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Interface plasmonic properties of silver coated by ultrathin metal oxides
Author(s): A. Sytchkova; D. Zola; M. L. Grilli; A. Piegari; M. Fang; H. He; J. Shao
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Optical and mechanical properties of oxide UV coatings, prepared by PVD techniques
Author(s): Olaf Stenzel; Mark Schürmann; Steffen Wilbrandt; Norbert Kaiser; Andreas Tünnermann; Mathias Mende; Henrik Ehlers; Detlev Ristau; Stefan Bruns; Michael Vergöhl; Werner Riggers; Martin Bischoff; Mario Held
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Band-pass and OH-suppression filters for the E-ELT: design and prototyping
Author(s): St. Günster; D. Ristau; R. Davies
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Investigation of the optical property and structure of WO3 thin films with different sputtering depositions
Author(s): Hsi-Chao Chen; Der-Jun Jan; Chien-Han Chen; Kuo-Ting Huang; Yen-Ming Lo; Sheng-Hui Chen
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Residual stress analysis for oxide thin film deposition on flexible substrate using finite element method
Author(s): Hsi-Chao Chen; Chen-Yu Huang; Ssu-Fan Lin; Sheng-Hui Chen
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Laser-induced damage of pure and mixture material high reflectors for 355nm and 1064nm wavelength
Author(s): Mathias Mende; Lars O. Jensen; Henrik Ehlers; Werner Riggers; Holger Blaschke; Detlev Ristau
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Resonances determination in microstructured films embedded in multilayered stacks
Author(s): Benjamin Vial; Mireille Commandré; Frédéric Zolla; André Nicolet; Stephane Tisserand
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Investigation of ion beam properties and coating material during IBS
Author(s): M. Jupé; S. Malobabic; C. Schmitz; C. Gouldieff; H. Steffen; R. Wiese; D. Ristau
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