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Remote Sensing and Modeling of Ecosystems for Sustainability VIII
Editor(s): Wei Gao; Thomas J. Jackson; Jinnian Wang; Ni-Bin Chang
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Volume Number: 8156
Date Published: 15 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8156
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
MODIS-based spatiotemporal patterns of soil moisture and evapotranspiration interactions in Tampa Bay urban watershed
Author(s): Ni-Bin Chang; Zhemin Xuan; Brent Wimberly
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A MODIS-based vegetation index climatology
Author(s): R. Bindlish; T. Jackson; T. Zhao
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In-season crop inventory using multi-angle and multi-pass RADARTSAT-2 SAR data over the Canadian prairies
Author(s): J. Shang; H. McNairn; B. Deschamps; X. Jiao
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Remote detection of water stress in orchard canopies using MODIS/ASTER airborne simulator (MASTER) data
Author(s): Tao Cheng; David Riaño; Alexander Koltunov; Michael L. Whiting; Susan L. Ustin
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Comparison of hyperspectral retrievals with vegetation water indices for leaf and canopy water content
Author(s): E. Raymond Hunt Jr.; Craig S. T. Daughtry; John J. Qu; Lingli Wang; Xianjun Hao
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Spectral bio-indicator simulations for tracking photosynthetic activities in a corn field
Author(s): Yen-Ben Cheng; Elizabeth M. Middleton; K. Fred Huemmrich; Qingyuan Zhang; Lawrence Corp; Petya Campbell; William Kustas
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Estimations of deciduous forest biomass by analyzing vegetation microwave emission
Author(s): Zhongjun Zhang; Lixin Zhang; Shaojie Zhao; Huan Wang
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Progress in the development of airborne remote sensing instrumentation for the National Ecological Observatory Network
Author(s): Thomas U. Kampe; Joel McCorkel; Louise Hamlin; Robert O. Green; Keith S. Krause; Brian R. Johnson
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Land-based infrared imagery for marine mammal detection
Author(s): Joseph Graber; Jim Thomson; Brian Polagye; Andrew Jessup
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Exploring the nutrient inputs and cycles in Tampa Bay and coastal watersheds using MODIS images and data mining
Author(s): Ni-Bin Chang; Zhemin Xuan
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Standoff Raman measurement of nitrates in water
Author(s): S. Sadate; A. Kassu; C. W. Farley; A. Sharma; J. Hardisty; Miles T. K. Lifson
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Design and package of a 14CO2 field analyzer: the Global Monitor Platform (GMP)
Author(s): Bruno D. V. Marino; Michelle Bright; Glen Gronniger
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Estimation of suspended sediment concentrations in the Yellow River by network monitoring records and satellite data
Author(s): Liqin Qu; Xiusheng Yang; Tingwu Lei
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Comparison of columnar water vapor over northern China derived from ground-based measurements and MODIS
Author(s): Chaoshun Liu; Runhe Shi; Wei Gao; Kaixu Bai
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Integrating satellite for drought impact assessment in a developed coastal region
Author(s): Zhiqiang Gao; Wei Gao
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Comparison of aerosol optical depth over northern China derived from ground-based measurements and MODIS
Author(s): Kaixu Bai; Chaoshun Liu; Runhe Shi; Wei Gao
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Research on spatial interpolation of meteorological elements in Anhui Province based on ANUSPLIN
Author(s): Shijie Shu; Chaoshun Liu; Runhe Shi; Wei Gao
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The evaluation of the applicability of MODIS AOD product in the lower and middle reaches of Yangtze River
Author(s): Yunzhu Chen; Runhe Shi; Chaoshun Liu; Yuanyuan Chen; Wei Gao
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Ten-day response of vegetation to temperature and prcipitation in Xinjiang during the period of 1998-2009, China
Author(s): Xiao-ming Cao; Zhi-qiang Gao; Xi Chen
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Comparison of SCIAMACHY and AIRS CO2 measurements over China from 2003 to 2005
Author(s): Chao Wang; Runhe Shi; Cong Zhou; Chaoshun Liu; Wei Gao
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Remote sensing of LAI-FPAR fluctuations and Synchrotron EXAFS-XANES studies of metal absorption under stress
Author(s): T. Holden; S. Dehipawala; E. Cheung; R. Regan; G. Tremberger Jr.; U. Golebiewska; P. Marchese; T. Cheung
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Fusing ASTER data and MODIS LAI product to generate high spatial and temporal resolution LAI data in Heihe River Basin
Author(s): Jinling Song; Jindi Wang; Wenwen Cai; Jingyi Jiang
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Research on the hydrographic net change of Jing-Hang Great Canal in Nanwang part during 300 years
Author(s): Xingxing Wang; Jiantao Bi; Zhen Yu
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Soil moisture spatial heterogeneity and its remote sensing scale analysis in arid area
Author(s): Qing Zhang; Kefa Zhou; Wei Gao
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Research on the method of extracting alteration information and metallogenic prediction based on multi-information
Author(s): Kefa Zhou; Qing Zhang; Nanning Zhang; Haibo Zhang
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Statistical normalization of brightness temperature records from the NOAA/AVHRR
Author(s): Marco Vargas; Felix Kogan; Wei Guo
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The extraction of multiple cropping index of China based on NDVI time-series
Author(s): Haitao Huang; Zhiqiang Gao
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