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Techniques and Instrumentation for Detection of Exoplanets V
Editor(s): Stuart Shaklan
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Volume Number: 8151
Date Published: 15 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8151
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Laboratory demonstration of high-contrast imaging at inner working angles 2 λ/D and better
Author(s): Ruslan Belikov; Eugene Pluzhnik; Fred C. Witteborn; Thomas P. Greene; Dana H. Lynch; Peter T. Zell; Olivier Guyon
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Influence of surface errors on the design of PIAA mirrors using numerical and semi-analytical propagation models
Author(s): A. Carlotti; L. Pueyo
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Laboratory testing of a Phase-Induced Amplitude Apodization (PIAA) coronagraph
Author(s): Brian Kern; Olivier Guyon; Amir Give'on; Andreas Kuhnert; Albert Niessner
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Diamond turned high precision PIAA optics and four mirror PIAA system for high contrast imaging of exo-planets
Author(s): Kunjithapatham Balasubramanian; Eric Cady; Laurent Pueyo; Xin An; Stuart Shaklan; Olivier Guyon; Ruslan Belikov
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Studies of the effects of optical system errors on the HCIT contrast performance
Author(s): Erkin Sidick; Stuart Shaklan; Amir Give'on; Brian Kern
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Taking the vector vortex coronagraph to the next level for ground- and space-based exoplanet imaging instruments: review of technology developments in the USA, Japan, and Europe
Author(s): Dimitri Mawet; Naoshi Murakami; Christian Delacroix; Eugene Serabyn; Olivier Absil; Naoshi Baba; Jacques Baudrand; Anthony Boccaletti; Rick Burruss; Russell Chipman; Pontus Forsberg; Serge Habraken; Shoki Hamaguchi; Charles Hanot; Akitoshi Ise; Mikael Karlsson; Brian Kern; John Krist; Andreas Kuhnert; Marie Levine; Kurt Liewer; Stephen McClain; Scott McEldowney; Bertrand Mennesson; Dwight Moody; Hiroshi Murakami; Albert Niessner; Jun Nishikawa; Nada O'Brien; Kazuhiko Oka; Peggy Park; Pierre Piron; Laurent Pueyo; Pierre Riaud; Moritsugu Sakamoto; Motohide Tamura; John Trauger; David Shemo; Jean Surdej; Nelson Tabirian; Wesley Traub; James Wallace; Kaito Yokochi
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Stability error budget for an aggressive coronagraph on a 3.8 m telescope
Author(s): Stuart B. Shaklan; Luis Marchen; John Krist; Mayer Rud
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Imaging power of multi-fibered nulling telescopes for extra-solar planet characterization
Author(s): François Hénault
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Current results of the PERSEE testbench: the cophasing control and the polychromatic null rate
Author(s): J. Lozi; F. Cassaing; J.-M. Le Duigou; B. Sorrente; J. Montri; J.-M. Reess; E. Lhome; T. Buey; F. Hénault; A. Marcotto; P. Girard; M. Barillot; M. Ollivier; V. Coudé du Foresto
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The possibility of application of polarization-holographic elements for the discovery and characterization of exoplanets
Author(s): George Kakauridze; Barbara Kilosanidze
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TPF-Interferometer: a decade of development in exoplanet detection technology
Author(s): Stefan Martin; Alex Ksendzov; Oliver Lay; Robert D. Peters; Daniel P. Scharf
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Assessing the performance limits of internal coronagraphs through end-to-end modeling: a NASA TDEM study
Author(s): John E. Krist; Ruslan Belikov; Laurent Pueyo; Dimitri P. Mawet; Dwight Moody; John T. Trauger; Stuart B. Shaklan
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Vacuum nuller testbed (VNT) performance, characterization and null control: progress report
Author(s): Richard G. Lyon; Mark Clampin; Peter Petrone; Udayan Mallik; Timothy Madison; Matthew R. Bolcar; M. Charley Noecker; Stephen Kendrick; Michael Helmbrecht
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A hybrid Lyot coronagraph for the direct imaging and spectroscopy of exoplanet systems: recent results and prospects
Author(s): John Trauger; Dwight Moody; Brian Gordon; John Krist; Dimitri Mawet
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Phase-Induced Amplitude Apodization (PIAA) coronagraphy: recent results and future prospects
Author(s): Olivier Guyon; Brian Kern; Ruslan Belikov; Stuart Shaklan; Andreas Kuhnert; Amir Give'on
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Advanced speckle sensing for internal coronagraphs
Author(s): Charley Noecker; Stuart Shaklan; James K. Wallace; Brian Kern; Amir Give'on; Jeremy Kasdin; Ruslan Belikov; Steve Kendrick
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Advancing technology for starlight suppression via an external occulter
Author(s): N. J. Kasdin; D. N. Spergel; R. J. Vanderbei; D. Lisman; S. Shaklan; M. Thomson; P. Walkemeyer; V. Bach; E. Oakes; E. Cady; S. Martin; L. Marchen; B. Macintosh; R. E. Rudd; J. Mikula; D. Lynch
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A photon-counting detector for exoplanet missions
Author(s): D. F. Figer; J. Lee; B. J. Hanold; B. F. Aull; J. A. Gregory; D. R. Schuette
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The exoplanet microlensing survey by the proposed WFIRST Observatory
Author(s): Richard Barry; Jeffery Kruk; Jay Anderson; Jean-Philippe Beaulieu; David P. Bennett; Joseph Catanzarite; Ed Cheng; Scott Gaudi; Neil Gehrels; Stephen Kane; Jonathan Lunine; Takahiro Sumi; Angelle Tanner; Wesley Traub
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The performance of the SPHERE sub-systems in the integration lab
Author(s): François Wildi; Jean Luc Beuzit; Markus Feldt; David Mouillet; Kjetil Dohlen; Pascal Puget; Andrea Baruffolo; Julien Charton; Anthony Bocaletti; Riccardo Claudi; Anne Costille; Philippe Feautrier; Thierry Fusco; Raffaele Gratton; Markus Kasper; Maud Langlois; Patrice Martinez; Dino Mesa; David Le Mignant; Alexey Pavlov; Cyril Petit; Johannes Pragt; Patrick Rabou; Sylvain Rochat; Ronald Roelfsema; Jean-François Sauvage; Hans Martin Schmid; Eric Stadler; Claire Moutou
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The ZIMPOL high contrast imaging polarimeter for SPHERE: sub-system test results
Author(s): Ronald Roelfsema; Daniel Gisler; Johan Pragt; Hans Martin Schmid; Andreas Bazzon; Carsten Dominik; Andrea Baruffolo; Jean-Luc Beuzit; Julien Charton; Kjetil Dohlen; Mark Downing; Eddy Elswijk; Markus Feldt; Menno de Haan; Norbert Hubin; Markus Kasper; Christoph Keller; Jean-Louis Lizon; David Mouillet; Alexey Pavlov; Pascal Puget; Sylvain Rochat; Bernardo Salasnich; Peter Steiner; Christian Thalmann; Rens Waters; François Wildi
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The Subaru coronagraphic extreme AO project: progress report
Author(s): Frantz Martinache; Olivier Guyon; Vincent Garrel; Christophe Clergeon; Tyler Groff; Paul Stewart; Robert Russell; Celia Blain
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The Subaru coronagraphic extreme AO (SCExAO) system: fast visible imager
Author(s): Vincent Garrel; Olivier Guyon; Pierre Baudoz; Frantz Martinache; Paul Stewart; Julien Lozi; Tyler Groff
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Diffractive pupil telescope for high precision space astrometry
Author(s): Olivier Guyon; Eduardo Bendek; Mark Ammons; Michael Shao; Stuart Shaklan; Robert A. Woodruff; Ruslan Belikov
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Microarcsecond relative astrometry from the ground with a diffractive pupil
Author(s): S. Mark Ammons; Eduardo A. Bendek; Olivier Guyon
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Dynamic distortion calibration using a diffracting pupil: high precision astrometry laboratory demonstration for exoplanet detection
Author(s): Eduardo A. Bendek; S. Mark Ammons; Harish Shankar; Olivier Guyon
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NEAT: a microarcsec astrometric telescope
Author(s): M. Shao; B. Nemati; C. Zhai; R. Goullioud; F. Malbet; A. Leger
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Micropixel-level image position sensing testbed
Author(s): Bijan Nemati; Michael Shao; Chengxing Zhai; Hernan Erlig; Renaud Goullioud; Xu Wang
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Designing an optimal estimator for more efficient wavefront correction
Author(s): Tyler D. Groff; N. Jeremy Kasdin
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Unified coronagraph and wavefront control design
Author(s): N. Jeremy Kasdin; A. Carlotti; L. Pueyo; T. Groff; R. Vanderbei
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Progress on broadband control and deformable mirror tolerances in a 2-DM system
Author(s): Tyler D. Groff; Alexis Carlotti; N. Jeremy Kasdin
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Pair-wise, deformable mirror, image plane-based diversity electric field estimation for high contrast coronagraphy
Author(s): Amir Give'on; Brian D. Kern; Stuart Shaklan
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Kernel-phases for high-contrast detection beyond the resolution limit
Author(s): Frantz Martinache
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Nondimensional representations for occulter design and performance evaluation
Author(s): Eric Cady
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A starshade petal error budget for exo-earth detection and characterization
Author(s): Stuart B. Shaklan; Luis Marchen; P. Douglas Lisman; Eric Cady; Stefan Martin; Mark Thomson; Philip Dumont; N. Jeremy Kasdin
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Optical verification of occulter-based high contrast imaging
Author(s): Dan Sirbu; Eric J. Cady; N. Jeremy Kasdin; Robert J. Vanderbei; Jianxiao Lu; Emmeline Kao
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Higher-precision radial velocity measurements with the SOPHIE spectrograph using octagonal-section fibers
Author(s): S. Perruchot; F. Bouchy; B. Chazelas; R. F. Díaz; G. Hébrard; K. Arnaud; L. Arnold; G. Avila; X. Delfosse; I. Boisse; G. Moreaux; F. Pepe; Y. Richaud; A. Santerne; R. Sottile; D. Tézier
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Design of a star, planet and exo-zodiacal cloud simulator for the nulling testbench PERSEE
Author(s): François Hénault; Paul Girard; Aurelie Marcotto; Nicolas Mauclert; Christophe Bailet; Bruno Lopez; Florentin Millour; Yves Rabbia; Alain Roussel; Marc Barillot; Julien Lozi; Frederic Cassaing; Kamel Houairi; Beatrice Sorrente; Joseph Montri; Emilie Lhome; Jean-Michel Reess; Laurie Pham; Jean-Tristan Buey; Vincent Coudé du Foresto; Sophie Jacquinod; Marc Ollivier; Jean-Michel Le Duigou
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DEBRIS sightings in the Kepler field
Author(s): Fred C. Witteborn; Jeffrey Van Cleve; William Borucki; Vic Argabright; Patrick Hascall
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Relaxing the sensitivity of nuller coronagraphs to finite stellar diameters using apodization
Author(s): A. Carlotti; C. Aime; Y. Rabbia
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Pressure and temperature stabilization of an existing chelle spectrograph II
Author(s): Frank Grupp; Anna Brucalassi; Florian Lang; Shao Ming Hu; Ronald Holzwarth; Thomas Udem; Ulrich Hopp; Ralf Bender
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Speckle identification to assist the direct detection of exoplanets
Author(s): Elizabeth J. Young; N. J. Kasdin; A. Carlotti; M. Littman; M. C. Noecker
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Wide-field telescope design for the KMTNet project
Author(s): Seung-Lee Kim; Byeong-Gon Park; Chung-Uk Lee; Larry Kappler; Nathan Kappler; Wade Poteet; Harold Cauthen; Dan Blanco; Richard Buchroeder; Jose Teran; Scott Freestone; Jong-Ung Lee; Myung Cho; In-Soo Yuk; Moo-Young Chun; Ho Jin; Sang-Mok Cha
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Achieving high-precision ground-based photometry for transiting exoplanets
Author(s): Olivier Guyon; Frantz Martinache
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Recent results of the second generation of vector vortex coronagraphs on the high-contrast imaging testbed at JPL
Author(s): Dimitri Mawet; Eugene Serabyn; Dwight Moody; Brian Kern; Albert Niessner; Andreas Kuhnert; David Shemo; Russell Chipman; Stephen McClain; John Trauger
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Zodiac II: debris disk science from a balloon
Author(s): Geoffrey Bryden; Wesley Traub; Lewis C. Roberts Jr.; Robin Bruno; Stephen Unwin; Stan Backovsky; Paul Brugarolas; Supriya Chakrabarti; Pin Chen; Lynne Hillenbrand; John Krist; Charles Lillie; Bruce Macintosh; Dimitri Mawet; Bertrand Mennesson; Dwight Moody; Zahidul Rahman; Justin Rey; Karl Stapelfeldt; David Stuchlik; John Trauger; Gautam Vaischt
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The performance of the new Fabry-Perot calibration system of the radial velocity spectrograph HARPS
Author(s): Francois Wildi; Francesco Pepe; Bruno Chazelas; Gaspare Lo Curto; Christophe Lovis
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Deep UV to NIR space telescopes and exoplanet coronagraphs: a trade study on throughput, polarization, mirror coating options and requirements
Author(s): Kunjithapatham Balasubramanian; Stuart Shaklan; Amir Give'on; Eric Cady; Luis Marchen
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