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Cryogenic Optical Systems and Instruments XIII
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Volume Number: 8150
Date Published: 12 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8150
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Hemispherical reflectance and emittance properties of carbon nanotubes coatings at infrared wavelengths
Author(s): Manuel A. Quijada; John G. Hagopian; Stephanie Getty; Raymond E. Kinzer Jr.; Edward J. Wollack
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A novel approach to tribological measurements at harsh conditions
Author(s): Esther R. Weltevreden; Emile van der Heide
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A cryogenic half-wave plate polarimeter using a superconducting magnetic bearing
Author(s): Jeff Klein; Asad Aboobaker; Peter Ade; François Aubin; Carlo Baccigalupi; Chaoyun Bao; Julian Borrill; Daniel Chapman; Joy Didier; Matt Dobbs; Benjamin Gold; Will Grainger; Shaul Hanany; Johannes Hubmayr; Seth Hillbrand; Julien Grain; Andrew Jaffe; Bradley Johnson; Terry Jones; Theodore Kisner; Andrei Korotkov; Sam Leach; Adrian Lee; Lorne Levinson; Michele Limon; Kevin MacDermid; Tomotake Matsumura; Amber Miller; Michael Milligan; Enzo Pascale; Daniel Polsgrove; Nicolas Ponthieu; Kate Raach; Britt Reichborn-Kjennerud; Ilan Sagiv; Radek Stompor; Huan Tran; Matthieu Tristram; Gregory S. Tucker; Amit Yadav; Matias Zaldarriaga; Kyle Zilic
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A flux-pinning mechanism for segment assembly and alignment
Author(s): Jessica A. Gersh-Range; William R. Arnold; Mason A. Peck; H. Philip Stahl
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Space and airborne sensor testing in a cryogenic test environment at Arnold Engineering Development Center
Author(s): H. Lowry; R. Nicholson; S. Steely; M. Fedde; J. Labello; K. Bynum; A. Wojcik; J. Claybrook
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James Webb Space Telescope system cryogenic optical test plans
Author(s): Lee D. Feinberg; Allison Barto; Mark Waldman; Tony Whitman
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Cryogenic performance of the JWST primary mirror segment engineering development unit
Author(s): David M. Chaney; James B. Hadaway; Jake Lewis; Benjamin Gallagher; Bob Brown
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Cryogenic thermal distortion performance characterization for the JWST ISIM structure
Author(s): John Johnston; Emmanuel Cofie; Jason Hylan; Raymond Ohl; Maria Nowak; Douglas McGuffey; James Pontius; Eric Johnson
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Cryogenic thermal distortion model validation for the JWST ISIM structure
Author(s): John Johnston; Emmanuel Cofie
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Wavelength calibration of the JWST near-infrared spectrograph (NIRSpec)
Author(s): Stephan M. Birkmann; Torsten Böker; Pierre Ferruit; Giovanna Giardino; Peter Jakobsen; Guido de Marchi; Marco Sirianni; Maurice B. J. te Plate; Jean-Christophe Savignol; Xavier Gnata; Thomas Wettemann; Bernhard Dorner; Giovanni Cresci; Fabiàn Rosales-Ortega; Martin Stuhlinger; Richard Cole; Jason Tandy; Chris Brockley-Blatt
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Calibrating the position of images and spectra in the NIRSpec instrument for the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): Guido De Marchi; Maurice B. J. te Plate; Stephan M. Birkmann; Torsten Böker; Pierre Ferruit; Giovanna Giardino; Peter Jakobsen; Marco Sirianni; Jean-Christophe Savignol; Xavier Gnata; Reiner Barho; Michel Kosse; Peter Mosner; Bernhard Dorner; Giovanni Cresci; Fabian Rosales-Ortega; Martin Stuhlinger; Torsten Gross; Thomas Leikert
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JWST NIRCam flight mirror assemblies
Author(s): Paul V. Mammini; Howard C. Holmes; Lynn Huff; Mike S. Jacoby; Frank Lopez
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NIRCam coronagraphic Lyot stop: design, fabrication, and testing
Author(s): Yalan Mao; Torben B. Andersen; Tracy Kubo; Miguel Virgen; Henry Chan; Greg Feller; Lynn W. Huff; Eric Smith; Gopal Vasudevan; Steve Somerstein; Tom Jamieson; Scott Horner; John Krist; Charles A. Beichman; Carmen Barone; Ron Schmidt; Donna Levin; Steve Seymour; Douglas Kelly; Marcia J. Rieke
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Flight build of the collimator and shortwave camera optics on NIRCam
Author(s): E. Todd Kvamme; Mike Jacoby; Troy Hix
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Design, build, and test of the NIRCam focal plane array housing
Author(s): Danielle Little; Michael Jacoby; Edwin Casco
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Tracking the surface figure error of the pick off mirror throughout build and environmental testing of the focus and alignment mechanism qualification unit of the near-infrared camera of JWST
Author(s): Bear Witherspoon; Lynn Huff; Greg Feller; Paul Mammini
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Qualifying the flight design of the focus and alignment mechanism of the near-infrared camera on the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): Bear Witherspoon
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Redesign and test of cryogenic mechanism for improved stiffness
Author(s): Charles S. Clark; Michael S. Jacoby
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Fret wear mediation of NIRCam filter wheel assembly
Author(s): Béla I. Privári
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Lessons learned during the development of components for NIRCam
Author(s): Alison Nordt; Charles S. Clark
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Testing and calibration of phase plates for JWST optical simulator
Author(s): Qian Gong; Jenny Chu; Severine Tournois; William Eichhorn; David Kubalak
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A Panchromatic Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer for the NASA Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Events Mission
Author(s): Yen-Hung Wu; Richard Key; Stanley Sander; Jean-Francois Blavier; David Rider
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