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Solar Physics and Space Weather Instrumentation IV
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Volume Number: 8148
Date Published: 29 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8148
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A collimator for measurements of the loss cone flux of energetic electrons
Author(s): James D. Sullivan; Charles W. Parker
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The Energetic Particle Telescope (EPT) concept and performances
Author(s): Mathias Cyamukungu; Ghislain Grégoire
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Characterization of sensitivity degradation seen from the UV to NIR by RAIDS on the International Space Station
Author(s): Andrew W. Stephan; Andrew B. Christensen; Kenneth Minschwaner; Scott A. Budzien; Rebecca L. Bishop; James H. Hecht
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The RAIDS experiment on the ISS: on-orbit performance
Author(s): Scott A. Budzien; Andrew W. Stephan; Rebecca L. Bishop; Andrew B. Christensen; James H. Hecht; Kenneth R. Minschwaner
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Characterization of Teledyne microdosimeters for space weather applications
Author(s): Chadwick D. Lindstrom; James D. Sullivan; Bronislaw K. Dichter; Frederick A. Hanser; Douglas Carssow; Gary E. Galica
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The Fabry-Pérot interferometer prototype for the ADAHELI solar small mission
Author(s): Francesco Berrilli; Martina Cocciolo; Luca Giovannelli; Dario Del Moro; Fabio Giannattasio; Roberto Piazzesi; Marco Stangalini; Alberto Egidi; Fabio Cavallini; Vincenzo Greco; Stefano Selci
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Liquid crystals Lyot filter for solar coronagraphy
Author(s): S. Fineschi; G. Capobianco; G. Massone; T. Baur; A. Bemporad; L. Abbo; L. Zangrilli; V. Dadeppo
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Ground-based synoptic instrumentation for solar observations
Author(s): K. S. Balasubramaniam; Alexei Pevtsov
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Figure testing and calibration of the ISOON Fabry-Pérot etalons
Author(s): Brian Robinson; K. S. Balasubramaniam; Jerry Justice; Frank Pitts
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The SOLAR-C mission: current status
Author(s): Toshifumi Shimizu; Saku Tsuneta; Hirohisa Hara; Kiyoshi Ichimoto; Kanya Kusano; Taro Sakao; Takashi Sekii; Yoshinori Suematsu; Tetsuya Watanabe
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Photon-counting soft x-ray telescope for the Solar-C mission
Author(s): Taro Sakao; Noriyuki Narukage; Masumi Shimojo; Saku Tsuneta; Yoshinori Suematsu; Satoshi Miyazaki; Shinsuke Imada; Naoto Nishizuka; Kyoko Watanabe; Tadayasu Dotani; Edward E. DeLuca; Shin-nosuke Ishikawa
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Short telescope design of 1.5-m aperture solar UV visible and IR telescope aboard Solar-C
Author(s): Y. Suematsu; Y. Katsukawa; T. Shimizu; K. Ichimoto; T. Horiuchi; Y. Matsumoto; N. Takeyama
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Focal plane instrument for the Solar UV-Vis-IR Telescope aboard SOLAR-C
Author(s): Yukio Katsukawa; Yoshinori Suematsu; Toshifumi Shimizu; Kiyoshi Ichimoto; Norihide Takeyama
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MgII observations using the MSFC solar ultraviolet magnetograph
Author(s): Edward West; Jonathan Cirtain; Ken Kobayashi; John Davis; Allen Gary; Mitzi Adams
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Solar EUV Monitor (SEM) absolute irradiance measurements and how they are affected by choice of reference spectrum
Author(s): Seth R. Wieman; Darrell L. Judge; Leonid V. Didkovsky
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Overview of Chromospheric Lyman-Alpha SpectroPolarimeter (CLASP)
Author(s): Noriyuki Narukage; Saku Tsuneta; Takamasa Bando; Ryouhei Kano; Masahito Kubo; Ryoko Ishikawa; Hirohisa Hara; Yoshinori Suematsu; Yukio Katsukawa; Hiroko Watanabe; Kiyoshi Ichimoto; Taro Sakao; Toshifumi Shimizu; Ken Kobayashi; Brian Robinson; Tony Kim; Amy Winebarger; Edward West; Jonathan Cirtain; Bart De Pontieu; Roberto Casini; Javier Trujillo Bueno; Jiri Stepan; Rafael Manso Sainz; Luca Belluzzi; Andres Asensio Ramos; Mats Carlsson
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LEMUR (Large European Module for solar Ultraviolet Research): a VUV imaging spectrograph for the JAXA Solar-C Mission
Author(s): Clarence M. Korendyke; Luca Teriaca; George A. Doschek; Louise K. Harra; Udo H. Schühle; Toshifumi Shimizu
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The coronal suprathermal particle explorer (C-SPEX)
Author(s): J. Daniel Moses; Charles Brown; George Doschek; Yuan-Kuen Ko; Clarence Korendyke; J. Martin Laming; Dennis Socker; Allen Tylka; Donald McMullin; Chee Ng; Steven Wassom; Martin Lee; Frédéric Auchère; Silvano Fineschi; Tim Carter
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The Lyman-alpha telescope of the extreme ultraviolet imager on Solar Orbiter
Author(s): Udo Schühle; Jean-Philippe Halain; Stefan Meining; Luca Teriaca
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SiC/Mg multilayer coatings for SCORE coronagraph: long term stability analysis
Author(s): Maria Guglielmina Pelizzo; Silvano Fineschi; Paola Zuppella; Alain Jody Corso; David L. Windt; Piergiorgio Nicolosi
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Development of multilayer thin film filters for the full-sun imager on Solar Orbiter
Author(s): Frédéric Auchère; Xueyan Zhang; Franck Delmotte; Evgueni Meltchakov; Ali BenMoussa
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High-resolution solar imaging with a photon sieve
Author(s): Joseph M. Davila
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Spectral features: an overview
Author(s): Hedser van Brug
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Atmospheric turbulence and high-precision ground-based solar polarimetry
Author(s): K. Nagaraju; A. Feller; S. Ihle; H. Soltau
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Ly-alpha polarimeter design for CLASP rocket experiment
Author(s): H. Watanabe; N. Narukage; M. Kubo; R. Ishikawa; T. Bando; R. Kano; S. Tsuneta; K. Kobayashi; K. Ichimoto; J. Trujillo-Bueno
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DIMMI-2h a MOF-based instrument for Solar Satellite ADAHELI
Author(s): M. Stangalini; P. F. Moretti; F. Berrilli; D. Del Moro; S. M. Jefferies; G. Severino; M. Oliviero
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The intensity effect in magneto-optical filters
Author(s): M. Oliviero; G. Severino; F. Berrilli; P. F. Moretti; S. M. Jefferies
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OPSys: optical payload systems facility for testing space coronagraphs
Author(s): S. Fineschi; G. Crescenzio; G. Massone; G. Capobianco; L. Zangrilli; E. Antonucci; F. Anselmi
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Long term stability of optical coatings in close solar environment
Author(s): Alain Jody Corso; Paola Zuppella; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Maria Guglielmina Pelizzo
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Earth-Affecting Solar Causes Observatory (EASCO): a mission at the Sun-Earth L5
Author(s): Nat Gopalswamy; Joseph M. Davila; Frédéric Auchère; Jesper Schou; Clarence M. Korendyke; Albert Shih; Janet C. Johnston; Robert J. MacDowall; Milan Maksimovic; Edward Sittler; Adam Szabo; Richard Wesenberg; Suzanne Vennerstrom; Bernd Heber
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Space-qualified liquid-crystal variable retarders for wide-field-of-view coronagraphs
Author(s): N. Uribe-Patarroyo; A. Alvarez-Herrero; P. García Parejo; J. Vargas; R. L. Heredero; R. Restrepo; V. Martínez Pillet; J. C. del Toro Iniesta; A. López; S. Fineschi; G. Capobianco; M. Georges; M. López; G. Boer; I. Manolis
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