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Dimensional Optical Metrology and Inspection for Practical Applications
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Volume Number: 8133
Date Published: 29 August 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8133
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Measurement technology based on laser internal/external cavity tuning
Author(s): Shulian Zhang
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Submicron feature surface mapping interferometer for hard-to-access locations
Author(s): Gil Abramovich; Kevin Harding
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Study on three-dimensional shape measurement of partially diffuse and specular reflective surfaces with fringe projection technique and fringe reflection technique
Author(s): Lei Huang; Anand Asundi
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Auto-exposure for 3D shape measurement using a DLP projector
Author(s): Laura Ekstrand; Song Zhang
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Phase reconstruction method using frequency shifting
Author(s): Chenggong Zhang; Yingjian Guan; Xiaoli Liu; Hailong Chen; Xiang Peng
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Non-phosphor white LED light source for interferometry
Author(s): V. Heikkinen; J. Aaltonen; I. Kassamakov; B. Wälchli; H. Räikkönen; T. Paulin; E. Hæggström
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Color pattern projection method for three-dimensional measurement
Author(s): Toshitaka Wakayama; Toru Yoshizawa
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High-speed triangulation-based point sensing using phase detection
Author(s): Kevin Harding
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On improving the resolution and accuracy of a compact 3D shape measurement system
Author(s): Jian Gao; Kairen Deng; Peisen Huang
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Development of a probe for inner profile measurement and flaw detection
Author(s): Toru Yoshizawa; Toshitaka Wakayama; Yoshihisa Kamakura
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Surface profile measurement using a modified stereo microscope
Author(s): Jian Gao; Xuefeng Qiang; Di Wu; Peisen Huang
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Method for the evaluation 3D noncontact inspection systems
Author(s): Kevin Harding
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Low noise surface mapping of transparent plane-parallel parts with a low coherence interferometer
Author(s): Leslie L. Deck; Peter J. de Groot
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Challenges faced in applying 3D noncontact metrology to turbine engine blade inspection
Author(s): Joseph Ross; Kevin Harding; Eric Hogarth
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Evaluating a hybrid three-dimensional metrology system: merging data from optical and touch probe devices
Author(s): Janice R. Gerde; William A. Christens-Barry
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In-vitro interferometric characterization of dynamic fluid layers on contact lenses
Author(s): Brian C. Primeau; John E. Greivenkamp; John J. Sullivan
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Profile measurement of thin films by linear wavenumber-scanning interferometry
Author(s): Osami Sasaki; Satoshi Hirakubo; Samuel Choi; Takamasa Suzuki
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Modeling, error analysis, and compensation in phase-shifting surface profilers
Author(s): Qingying Jim Hu
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Uniaxial 3D shape measurement with projector defocusing
Author(s): Ying Xu; Laura Ekstrand; Song Zhang
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Completely localized and parallel iterative algorithms for shift-variant image deblurring
Author(s): Shekhar B. Sastry; Murali Subbarao
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Surface sensitivity reduction in laser triangulation sensors
Author(s): Mehdi Daneshpanah; Kevin Harding
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Automated 3D IR defect mapping system for CZT wafer and tile inspection and characterization
Author(s): Yi Liao; Esmaeil Heidari; Gil Abramovich; Christopher Nafis; Amer Butt; Joseph Czechowski; Kevin Harding; J. Eric Tkaczyk
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Surface resistivity/conductivity of different organic-thin films by shearography
Author(s): Khaled Habib
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High-resolution electric speckle pattern interferometry by using only two speckle patterns
Author(s): Y. Arai; T. Inoue; S. Yokozeki
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A novel laser tracking testbed for robot trajectory errors
Author(s): Anhu Li; Zhizhong Li; Wei Wang; Yongjian Zhu; Xuchun Jiang
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Multi-probe system comprising three laser interferometers and one autocollimator for measuring flat bar mirror profile with nanometer accuracy on a high-precision micro-coordinate measuring machine
Author(s): Ping Yang; Tomohiko Takamura; Satoru Takahashi; Kiyoshi Takamasu; Osamu Sato; Sonko Osawa; Toshiyuki Takatsuji
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An improved arterial pulsation measurement system based on optical triangulation and its application in the traditional Chinese medicine
Author(s): Jih-Huah Wu; Wen-Li Lee; Yun-Parn Lee; Ching-Huang Lin; Ji-Yi Chiou; Chuan-Fu Tai; Joe-Air Jiang
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The application of laser triangulation method on the blind guidance
Author(s): Jih-Huah Wu; Jinn-Der Wang; Wei Fang; Yi-Chia Shan; Shih-Hsin Ma; Hai-Ko Kao; Joe-Air Jiang; Yun-Parn Lee
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Measuring hairiness in carpets by using surface metrology
Author(s): Rolando Quinones; Benhur Ortiz-Jaramillo; Sergio A. Orjuela Vargas; Simon De Meulemeester; Lieva Van Langenhove; Wilfried Philips
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Single shot phase shifting interferometry for measurement of transparent samples
Author(s): David-Ignacio Serrano-García; Noel-Ivan Toto-Arellano; Amalia Martínez-García; Gustavo Rodríguez-Zurita; Areli Montes Perez
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Remote ultrasensitive laser microphone
Author(s): G. Sánchez Guerrero; C. Guajardo Gonzáles; P. Viera González; R. Selvas; L. Ramos Traslosheros
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Design and characterization of an image acquisition system and its optomechanical module for chip defects inspection on chip sorters
Author(s): Ming-Fu Chen; Po-Hsuan Huang; Yung-Hsiang Chen; Yu-Cheng Cheng
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Experimental exploration of the correlation coefficient of static speckles in Fresnel configuration
Author(s): Dayan Li; Damien P. Kelly; John T. Sheridan
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High resolution diameter estimation of microthin wires by a novel 3D diffraction model
Author(s): Khushi Vyas; Kameswara Rao Lolla
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Absolute thickness measurement of silicon wafer using wavelength scanning interferometer
Author(s): Young-Sik Ghim; Amit Suratkar; Angela Davies; Yun-Woo Lee
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