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Optical Modeling and Performance Predictions V
Editor(s): Mark A. Kahan
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Volume Number: 8127
Date Published: 9 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8127
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Design of nonparaxial optical systems with refractive and diffractive elements on a base of the local thin optics model
Author(s): Michael A. Golub
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Reverse optimization in physical optics modeling
Author(s): George N. Lawrence; Anthony Yu
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Optical modeling of the Q-switch lasers with a coherent gain model
Author(s): George N. Lawrence; Anthony Yu; Jens Schwarz
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System gain optimization in direction detection lidar system
Author(s): Long Wu; Fan Wu; Yuan Zhao; Yong Zhang; Yu Zhang; Jie Wu
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New phase retrieval method for single-shot x-ray Talbot imaging using windowed Fourier transform
Author(s): Kentaro Nagai; Hidenosuke Itoh; Genta Sato; Takashi Nakamura; Kimiaki Yamaguchi; Takeshi Kondoh; Soichiro Handa; Toru Den
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Lambert's multiple reflection model revisited
Author(s): Cornelius Hahlweg; Hendrik Rothe
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Fourier planes vs. Scheimpflug principle in microscopic and scatterometric devices
Author(s): Cornelius Hahlweg; Wenjing Zhao; Hendrik Rothe
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A convenient telescope performance metric for imaging through turbulence
Author(s): George Z. Angeli; Byoung-Joon Seo; Carl Nissly; Mitchell Troy
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Model-based engineering for laser weapons systems
Author(s): Malcolm Panthaki; Steve Coy
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The correct lens mount lightweighting design of thermal cycle stress in Cassegrain telescope
Author(s): M. Y. Hsu; S. T. Chang; T. M. Huang; Ming-Ying Hsu
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Analysis of a compliant static deformable mirror for wavefront error cancellation
Author(s): F. Ernesto Penado; James H. Clark III; Joel Dugdale
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BigBOSS: enabling widefield cosmology on the Mayall Telescope
Author(s): Michael J. Sholl; Chris Bebek; Robert Besuner; Arjun Dey; Jerry Edelstein; Patrick Jelinsky; Michael L. Lampton; Michael E. Levi; Ming Liang; Paul Perry; Natalie Roe; David Schlegel
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Effects of accelerations and surface conditions on a pre-designed lightweight primary mirror
Author(s): C. Y. Chan; Y. C. Cheng; S. T. Chang; T. M. Huang; M. Y. Hsu
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Optomechanical design and analysis for the LLCD space terminal telescope
Author(s): Kate E. Nevin; Keith B. Doyle; Allen D Pillsbury
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Integrated modeling of jitter MTF due to random loads
Author(s): Victor L. Genberg; Gregory J. Michels; Keith B. Doyle
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20 years of Hubble Space Telescope optical modeling using Tiny Tim
Author(s): John E. Krist; Richard N. Hook; Felix Stoehr
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Analysis of thermally loaded transmissive optical elements
Author(s): Gregory J. Michels; Victor L. Genberg
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Concurrent engineering of an infrared telescope system
Author(s): Jason Geis; Jeffrey Lang; Leslie Peterson; Francisco Roybal; Jennifer Tanzillo; David Thomas; David Warren
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High-precision thermal, structural, and optical analysis of an external occulter using a common model and the general purpose multi-physics analysis tool Cielo
Author(s): Claus Hoff; Eric Cady; Mike Chainyk; Andrew Kissil; Marie Levine; Greg Moore
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