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Optical Manufacturing and Testing IX
Editor(s): James H. Burge; Oliver W. Fähnle; Ray Williamson
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Volume Number: 8126
Date Published: 26 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8126
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical manufacturing and testing requirements identified by the NASA Science Instruments, Observatories, and Sensor Systems Technology Assessment
Author(s): H. Philip Stahl; Rich Barney; Jill Bauman; Lee Feinberg; Dan McCleese; Upendra Singh
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Technologies for producing segments for extremely large telescopes
Author(s): D. Walker; C. Atkins; I. Baker; R. Evans; S. Hamidi; P. Harris; H. Li; W. Messelink; J. Mitchell; M. Parry-Jones; P. Rees; G. Yu
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ZERODUR for stress mirror polishing
Author(s): Ralf Jedamzik; Clemens Kunisch; Thomas Westerhoff
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Design and fabrication of a 3m class light weighted mirror blank for the E-ELT M5
Author(s): Ralf Jedamzik; Volker Seibert; Armin Thomas; Thomas Westerhoff; Michael Müller; Marc Cayrel
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Piezoelectric deformable mirror based on monolithic PVDF membranes
Author(s): Greg A. Finney; Kevin Spradley; Brandon Farmer; Lensey Smith; Brian Patrick
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Progress in 4m class ZERODUR mirror production
Author(s): Thomas Westerhoff; Steffen Gruen; Ralf Jedamzik; Christopher Klein; Thomas Werner; Alexander Werz
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Open-source data analysis and visualization software platform: SAGUARO
Author(s): Dae Wook Kim; Benjamin J. Lewis; James H. Burge
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Measuring the residual stress of transparent conductive oxide films on PET by the double-beam shadow Moiré interferometer
Author(s): Hsi-Chao Chen; Kuo-Ting Huang; Yen-Ming Lo; Hsuan-Yi Chiu; Guan-Jhen Chen
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MicroFinish Topographer: surface finish metrology for large and small optics
Author(s): Robert E. Parks
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Scanning Long-wave Optical Test System: a new ground optical surface slope test system
Author(s): Tianquan Su; Won Hyun Park; Robert E. Parks; Peng Su; James H. Burge
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Phase-shifting Zernike interferometer wavefront sensor
Author(s): J. Kent Wallace; Shanti Rao; Rebecca M. Jensen-Clem; Gene Serabyn
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Dynamic surface roughness profiler
Author(s): Brad Kimbrough; Neal Brock; James Millerd
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Cryo-stability of HB-Cesic optics
Author(s): Matthias Krödel
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Analysis of fine-grinding techniques in terms of achievable surface qualities
Author(s): O. Fähnle; K. Hauser
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Fabricating and testing complex optical elements with high precision
Author(s): Hexin Wang; Volkmar Giggel; Gerhard Derst; Thomas Koch
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Analytical process design for chemo-mechanical polishing of glass aspheres
Author(s): Daniel Waechter; Olaf Dambon; Fritz Klocke
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Non-contact profilometry of E-ELT segments at OpTIC Glyndwr
Author(s): Carolyn Atkins; John Mitchell; Paul Rees
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Electronic speckle pattern interferometric testing of JWST primary mirror segment assembly
Author(s): Koby Z. Smith; David M. Chaney; Babak N. Saif
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Cryogenic optical testing results of JWST aspheric test plate lens
Author(s): Koby Z. Smith; Timothy C. Towell
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The optical metrology system for cryogenic testing of the JWST primary mirror segments
Author(s): James B. Hadaway; David M. Chaney; Larkin B. Carey
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The design of MTF test system based on point light source
Author(s): Rongguo Fu; Ning Wu; Xinlong Zhang; Yafeng Qiu; Benkang Chang
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Nanometer profile measurement of large aspheric optical surface by scanning deflectometry with rotatable devices
Author(s): Muzheng Xiao; Satomi Jujo; Satoru Takahashi; Kiyoshi Takamasu
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A complete qualification methodology for coatings of precision glass molding tools
Author(s): F. Klocke; K. Georgiadis; O. Dambon; K.-D. Bouzakis; S. Gerardis; G. Skordaris
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Fluid jet and bonnet polishing of optical moulds for application from visible to x-ray
Author(s): Anthony T. H. Beaucamp; Richard R. Freeman; Akihiro Matsumoto; Yoshiharu Namba
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From Herschel to Gaia: 3-meter class SiC space optics
Author(s): Michel Bougoin; Jérôme Lavenac
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Swing arm optical CMM: self calibration with dual probe shear test
Author(s): Peng Su; Yuhao Wang; Chang Jin Oh; Robert E. Parks; James H. Burge
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Determining parametric TIS behavior from optical fabrication metrology data
Author(s): James E. Harvey; Sven Shröder; Narak Choi; Angela Duparré
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Extended vertical range roughness measurements in non-ideal environments
Author(s): Katherine Creath
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Instantaneous measurement Fizeau interferometer with high spatial resolution
Author(s): Daniel M. Sykora; Peter de Groot
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Study of air-driving fluid jet polishing
Author(s): Zong-Ru Yu; Ching-Hsiang Kuo; Chun-Cheng Chen; Wei-Yao Hsu; Din Ping Tsai
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Optical bonding reinforced by femtosecond laser welding
Author(s): Fabrice Lacroix; David Hélie; Réal Vallée
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Incorporating VIBE into the precision optics manufacturing process
Author(s): Jessica DeGroote Nelson; Alan Gould; Charles Klinger; Michael Mandina
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Computer-aided manufacturing for freeform optical elements by ultraprecision micromilling
Author(s): Sebastian Stoebenau; Roman Kleindienst; Meike Hofmann; Stefan Sinzinger
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Calibration and optimization of computer-controlled optical surfacing for large optics
Author(s): Dae Wook Kim; Hubert M. Martin; James H. Burge
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Centration of optical elements
Author(s): Ezra Milby; Jim Burge
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Slow tool servo diamond turning of optical freeform surface for astigmatic contact lens
Author(s): Chun-Chieh Chen; Yuan-Chieh Cheng; Wei-Yao Hsu; Hsiao-Yu Chou; Pei-Jen Wang; Din Ping Tsai
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The fabrication of high filling factor double side micro lens array with high alignment accuracy
Author(s): Yuan-Chieh Cheng; Chun-Chieh Chen; Wei-Yao Hsu; Pei Jen Wang; Din Ping Tsai
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Mirror segments for large mirror systems of weak optical signals detectors for UV spectral range
Author(s): P. Schovanek; M. Hrabovsky; M. Palatka; M. Pech; D. Mandat; L. Nozka; A. Dejneka; J. Jankuj; M. Vujtek
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Manufacturing process optimization of phase plates for depth extension microscopy systems
Author(s): Chih-Cheng Hsu; Hsin-Yueh Sung; Yung-Lin Chen; Chuan-Chung Chang; Chir-Weei Chang; Wen-Hung Cheng; Chin-Tsia Liang
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An intuitive concept for manufacturing and inspecting of aspherical components
Author(s): Hsiao-Yu Chou; Keng-Shou Chang
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Verification program for a high-precision large cryogenic lens holder
Author(s): A. Boesz; F. Grupp; T. Leberle; A. Mottaghibonab; N. Geis; R. Bender
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Flexible manufacturing of large aspheres for VLT's Optical Tube Assemblies
Author(s): G. Gubbels; R. Henselmans; C. van Drunen
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New approach for pre-polish grinding with low subsurface damage
Author(s): James B. Johnson; Dae Wook Kim; Robert E. Parks; James H. Burge
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Optical contacting of low-expansion materials
Author(s): G. Kalkowski; S. Risse; C. Rothhardt; M. Rohde; R. Eberhardt
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Package technology for microcavities
Author(s): Wen-Dong Zhang; Ying-Zhan Yan; Jun Liu; Shu-Bin Yan; Chen-Yang Xue; Ji-Jun Xiong
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The photoanisotropy in the holographic media on the basis of silver halide emulsion
Author(s): Valentina Shaverdova; Svetlana Petrova; Anna Purtseladze; Lado Tarasashvili
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Development of high-performance, stable, and moisture-resistant polarization-sensitive materials
Author(s): Irakli Chaganava; George Kakauridze; Barbara Kilosanidze; George Datukishvili
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