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Optomechanics 2011: Innovations and Solutions
Editor(s): Alson E. Hatheway
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Volume Number: 8125
Date Published: 22 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8125
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optomechanical design for cost-effective DEMVAL systems
Author(s): Aaron M. Ison; Richard M. Sanchez; Mark A. Kumpunen; Shayne G. Dilworth; Jeffrey W. Martin; Pavel M. Chaplya; John W. Franklin
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A tip/tilt mirror with large dynamic range for the ESO VLT Four Laser Guide Star Facility
Author(s): N. Rijnveld; R. Henselmans; B. Nijland
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Design and development of the fibre cable and fore optics of the HERMES Spectrograph for the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT)
Author(s): J. Brzeski; S. Case; L. Gers
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Design and development of a fast-steering secondary mirror for the Giant Magellan Telescope
Author(s): Myung Cho; Andrew Corredor; Christoph Dribusch; Kwijong Park; Young-Soo Kim; Il-Kweon Moon
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Training of optomechanical engineers at the University of Rochester
Author(s): Victor Genberg; Jonathan D. Ellis
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Optomechanical design of ultrahigh-resolution monochromator and analyzer for inelastic x-ray scattering spectrometer at the advanced photon source
Author(s): D. Shu; S. Stoupin; R. Khachatryan; K. Goetze; T. Roberts; Yu. Shvyd'ko
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High-precision optical systems with inexpensive hardware: a unified alignment and structural design approach
Author(s): Edward G. Winrow; Victor H. Chavez
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RF-mechanical performance for the Haystack radio telescope
Author(s): Keith B. Doyle; Michael Brenner; Joseph Antebi; Frank W. Kan; Daniel P. Valentine; Andrew T. Sarawit
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Optomechanical tolerancing with Monte Carlo techniques
Author(s): Victor Genberg; Gregory Michels; Gary Bisson
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Deformation analysis of tilted primary mirror for an off-axis beam compressor
Author(s): James H. Clark III; F. Ernesto Penado; Joel Dugdale
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Vibration analysis using digital image processing for in vitro imaging systems
Author(s): Zhonghua Wang; Shaohong Wang; Carlos Gonzalez
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Strength of glass from Hertzian line contact
Author(s): Wenrui Cai; Brian Cuerden; Robert E. Parks; James H. Burge
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Analysis of lens mount interfaces
Author(s): K. A. Chase; J. H. Burge
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Analytic results for high-precision and cryogenic lens holders
Author(s): A. Boesz; F. Grupp; A. Mottaghibonab; T. Zeh; N. Geis; R. Bender
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A parametric finite-element model for evaluating segmented mirrors with discrete edgewise connectivity
Author(s): Jessica A. Gersh-Range; William R. Arnold; Mason A. Peck; H. Philip Stahl
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Tool for bonded optical element thermal stability analysis
Author(s): Gregory L. Klotz
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Application of modal testing to characterize ground based telescope elastic motion and its effect on image quality
Author(s): Joshua Lukens; Greg Gates; Nick Kaiser; Jeff Morgan; Brad Steele
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Thermal stress failure criteria for a structural epoxy
Author(s): Patrice Côté; Nichola Desnoyers
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Acquisition, simulation, and test replication of weapon firing shock applied to optical sights
Author(s): Kenneth D. Ball; Dave Gardner
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Novel optical refraction index sensor
Author(s): Helena S. de los Reyes-Cruz; Edgar S. Arroyo-Rivera; Arturo Castillo-Guzman; Mario S. Lopez-Cueva; Romeo Selvas
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Adhesive bond cryogenic lens cell margin of safety test
Author(s): David M. Stubbs; Craig L. Hom; Howard C. Holmes; Joseph C. Cannon-Morret; Obert F. Lindstrom; J. Wes Irwin; Leigh A. Ryder; Troy T. Hix; Jane A. Bonvallet; Hsin-Kuei S. Hu; Ira V. Chapman; Curtis Lomax; E. Todd Kvamme; Gregory S. Feller; Mark M. Haynes
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A few observations about mounting moderately sized mirrors
Author(s): Morris Kaufman
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Lens mount with ring-flexures for athermalization
Author(s): Hagyong Kihm; Ho-Soon Yang; Yun-Woo Lee; Jong-Ung Lee
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Mounting small optics for cryogenic space missions
Author(s): Paul V. Mammini; Howard C. Holmes; Mike S. Jacoby; E. Todd Kvamme
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Design considerations of a slit diaphragm flexure used in a precision mirror gimbal
Author(s): Brian Cox; Morris Kaufman
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Large stable aluminum optics for aerospace applications
Author(s): Daniel Vukobratovich; John P. Schaefer
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Game-changing approaches to affordable advanced lightweight mirrors: Extreme Zerodur lightweighting and relief from the classical polishing parameter constraint
Author(s): Tony Hull; Andrew Clarkson; George Gardopee; Ralf Jedamzik; Antoine Leys; John Pepi; François Piché; Martin Schäfer; Volker Seibert; Armin Thomas; Thomas Werner; Thomas Westerhoff
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Controlling lines of sight and lines of propagation in stable systems
Author(s): Alson E. Hatheway
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Automated semi-spherical irradiance meter
Author(s): M. Tecpoyotl-Torres; J. G. Vera-Dimas; J. Escobedo-Alatorre; R. Cabello-Ruiz; J. Varona
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Alignment protocol for effective use of hard x-ray quad collimator for micro-crystallography
Author(s): S. Xu; V. Nagarajan; R. Sanishvili; R. F. Fischetti
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Stably joined optical tables
Author(s): R. J. Medina Lopez; S. C. Corzo-Garcia; S. Anderson; R. Carriles; A. Ruiz-Marquez; E. Castro-Camus
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Compact dynamic microfluidic iris array
Author(s): Christina Kimmle; Christoph Doering; Anna Steuer; Henning Fouckhardt
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Thermo-opto-mechanical analysis of a cubesat lens mount
Author(s): James A. Champagne; James H. Burge; Blake G. Crowther
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Design and verification of a robust secondary mirror adjustable supporting mechanism for airborne optical remote sensing instruments
Author(s): Po-Hsuan Huang; Yu-Cheng Cheng; Shenq-Tsong Chang
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Role of mirror dynamics in determining the accuracy of framing rate in an ultra high speed rotating mirror camera
Author(s): Michael Conneely; Hans O. Rolfsnes; David McGloin; Charles Main; Paul A. Campbell
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