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Liquid Crystals XV
Editor(s): Iam Choon Khoo
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Volume Number: 8114
Date Published: 7 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8114
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A combined study of mesomorphism, optical, and electronic properties of donor-acceptor columnar liquid crystals
Author(s): S. Holger Eichhorn; Shuai Chen; Mohamed Ahmida; Andrey Demenev; Himadri Kayal; Farah S. Raad; Bilal R. Kaafarani; Sameer Patwardhan; Ferdinand C. Grozema; Laurens D. A. Siebbeles; Tyler Taerum; Dmitrii F. Perepichka; Richard Klenkler
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Confined blue phases: trapping of colloidal particles in disclination superstructures
Author(s): Slobodan Zumer; Miha Ravnik; Jun-ichi Fukuda
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Nanoparticle-doped isotropic liquid crystals
Author(s): Alexander Parfenov; Xiaowei Xia; Alireza Shapoury; Edward A. DeHoog; Fang Zhang; Shilpa Pradhan; Tin M. Aye; Min-Yi Shih; Arlynn Z. Hall; Thomas M. Cooper
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Spatial optical soliton used as a spectral probe in colloids of liquids crystals and nanoparticles
Author(s): J. F. Henninot; J. F. Blach; M. Warenghem
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Molecularly oriented surface relief formation and multi-directionally oriented crossed gratings in photoreactive liquid crystalline copolymer films
Author(s): Nobuhiro Kawatsuki; Ayaka Tashima; Mizuho Kondo; Hiroshi Ono; Akira Emoto; Makoto Okada; Shinji Matsui
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Anchoring strength of o-, m-, and p-methyl red-dye-doped nematics on rubbed and unrubbed polyimide surfaces
Author(s): David Statman; Kaitlin Wozniak; Marci Potuzko
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Monitoring anchoring energy in LC-based sensors
Author(s): Robert G. Lindquist; Yang Zou; Jun Namkung; Dan Ke
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Toward cloaking in nanosphere dispersed liquid crystal (NDLC) metamaterial
Author(s): G. Pawlik; W. Salejda; K. Tarnowski; W. Walasik; A. C. Mitus; I. C. Khoo
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Nanomaterials dispersed in ferroelectric liquid crystals
Author(s): W. Haase; A. Lapanik; M. Ottinger
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Metallic subentities embedded in micro-periodic composite structure
Author(s): L. De Sio; R. Caputo; U. Cataldi; J. Dintinger; H. Sellame; T. Scharf; C. Umeton
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Photochemical on-off switching of structural color of a multi-bilayered film consisting of azobenzene-polymer liquid crystal and polyvinylalcohol
Author(s): Seiji Kurihara; Masaki Moritsugu; Yutaka Kuwahara; Tomonari Ogata
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Optofluidics based on liquid crystal microflows
Author(s): A. E. Vasdekis; J. G. Cuennet; L. De Sio; D. Psaltis
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Simple and functional photonic devices from printable liquid crystal lasers
Author(s): D. J. Gardiner; P. J. W. Hands; S. M. Morris; T. D. Wilkinson; H. J. Coles
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Diffuse cone behavior and microscopic structure of the de Vries smectic-A and smectic-C phases
Author(s): HyunGuen Yoon; Dena M. Agra-Kooijman; Khurshid Ayub; Robert P. Lemieux; Satyendra Kumar
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Liquid crystal beam shaping devices employing patterned photoalignment layers for high-peak-power laser applications
Author(s): K. L. Marshall; S. K.-H. Wei; M. Vargas; K. Wegman; C. Dorrer; P. Leung; J. Boule III; Z. Zhao; S. H. Chen
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Liquid crystal molecular orientation properties of microrubbing cells and its application to electrically tunable grating
Author(s): Michinori Honma; Wataru Toyoshima; Toshiaki Nose
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Wavelength-tuneable liquid crystal lasers from the visible to the near-infrared
Author(s): P. J. W. Hands; C. A. Dobson; S. M. Morris; M. M. Qasim; D. J. Gardiner; T. D. Wilkinson; H. J. Coles
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Waveguides with liquid crystals
Author(s): Kristiaan Neyts; Thomas Ako; Wout De Cort; Pieter Vanbrabant; Jeroen Beeckman
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Universal soft matter template: from photonic to metamaterial applications
Author(s): Cesare Umeton; Luciano De Sio; Roberto Caputo; Sameh Ferjani; Giuseppe Strangi; Roberto Bartolino
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Design and synthesis of an achiral ferroelectric smectic liquid crystal
Author(s): Eva Korblova; David M. Walba; Tao Gong; Amaranatha Reddy; Chenhui Zhu; Renfan Shao; Joseph E. Maclennan; Matthew A. Glaser; Noel A. Clark
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Tunable retarder made of pentaprisms and liquid crystal
Author(s): Mitsunori Saito; Keisuke Hayashi
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Cost-efficient manufacturing process of switchable glazing based on twisted nematic LC cells
Author(s): Eberhard Kurz; Lothar Rau; Norbert Frühauf; Walter Haase; Marijo Prskalo; Werner Sobek
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Waveguide display using polymer-dispersed liquid crystal
Author(s): Yu-Hsiang Cheng; Guo-Dung John Su
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Slope efficiency characteristics of mode-hop driven tunable single-mode cholesteric liquid crystal laser
Author(s): Yo Inoue; Hiroyuki Yoshida; Kenta Inoue; Yusuke Shiozaki; Hitoshi Kubo; Akihiko Fujii; Masanori Ozaki
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LCD failure evaluation methods and application to effect of dc drive
Author(s): Lu Lu; Aman Alagh; Philip J. Bos
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Polarization twisted nematic gratings: a study of the far field diffraction pattern
Author(s): David Statman; Robert Pettit; John Stenger
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Study of cholesteric liquid crystal-rhodamine 6G doped polymethyl methacrylate thin film cholesteric liquid crystal system
Author(s): R. B. Alaverdyan; T. K. Dadalyan; N. A. Hayrapetyan
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Optically switchable photoluminescence using liquid-crystal dispersed quantum dots in film and capillary tube
Author(s): Min-Chi Cheng; Yu-Chuan Su; Vincent K. S. Hsiao
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