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Next Generation (Nano) Photonic and Cell Technologies for Solar Energy Conversion II
Editor(s): Loucas Tsakalakos
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Volume Number: 8111
Date Published: 16 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8111
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Advances in spectral conversion for photovoltaics: up-converting Er3+ doped YF3 nano-crystals in transparent glass ceramic
Author(s): Jose Marques-Hueso; Daqin Chen; Sean K. W. MacDougall; Yuansheng Wang; Bryce S. Richards
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Embedded metallic nanopatterns for enhanced optical absorption
Author(s): Fan Ye; Michael J. Burns; Michael J. Naughton
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Visible to infrared down conversion in rare-earth doped fluorides for luminescent solar converters
Author(s): D. Serrano; A. Braud; J.-L. Doualan; P. Camy; R. Moncorgé
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Plasmonic enhancement of thin-film solar cells using gold-black coatings
Author(s): C. J. Fredricksen; D. R. Panjwani; J. P. Arnold; P. N. Figueiredo; F. K. Rezaie; J. Colwell; K. Baillie; S. J. Peppernick; A. G. Joly; K. M. Beck; W. P. Hess; R. E. Peale
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Optical simulations and prototyping of microcrystalline silicon solar cells with integrated plasmonic reflection grating back contacts
Author(s): U. W. Paetzold; E. Moulin; B. E. Pieters; U. Rau; R. Carius
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Self-assembly as a design tool for the integration of photonic structures into excitonic solar cells
Author(s): S. Guldin; P. Docampo; S. Hüttner; P. Kohn; M. Stefik; H. J. Snaith; U. Wiesner; U. Steiner
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High-efficiency quantum dot solar cells due to inter-dot n-doping
Author(s): K. A. Sablon; J. W. Little; V. Mitin; A. Sergeev; N. Vagidov; K. Reinhardt
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High-voltage quantum well waveguide solar cells
Author(s): Roger E. Welser; Gopal G. Pethuraja; Ashok K. Sood; Oleg A. Laboutin; Mark Chaplin; Van Un; Wayne Johnson; Adam W. Sood; David J. Poxson; Jaehee Cho; E. Fred Schubert; Pradeep Haldar; Jennifer L. Harvey
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Towards photonic luminescent solar concentrators
Author(s): Johannes Gutmann; Marius Peters; Benedikt Bläsi; Martin Hermle; Hans Zappe; Jan Christoph Goldschmidt
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Theoretical analysis of hot electron collection in metal-insulator-metal devices
Author(s): Fuming Wang; Nicholas A. Melosh
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Silicon nanowire solar cells with a-Si heterojunction showing 7.3% efficiency
Author(s): Fritz Falk; Guobin Jia; Gudrun Andrä; Ingo Sill; Nikolay Petkov
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Optical response of 3D nano-architecture solar cells and integration with 3D device physics
Author(s): Artit Wangperawong; Carl Hägglund; Stacey F. Bent
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Detailed balance limit of silicon nanowire and nanohole array solar cells
Author(s): Chenxi Lin; Michelle L. Povinelli
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GaAs nanowire/PEDOT:PSS hybrid solar cells: the relationship between nanowire morphology and device performance
Author(s): Jiun-Jie Chao; Shu-Chia Shiu; Shih-Che Hung; Ching-Fuh Lin
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Si/silicon nanowire/poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene): poly(styrenesulfonate) heterojunction solar cells
Author(s): Hong-Jhang Syu; Shu-Chia Shiu; Ching-Fuh Lin
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Embedded silver nanoparticle fabrication for surface plasmon-enhanced silicon photovoltaics
Author(s): Nirag Kadakia; Mengbing Huang; Hassaram Bakhru
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Optical and electrical properties of crystalline silicon wire arrays
Author(s): Yu-Pan Pai; Brian Simonds; Jeremy Fields; Reuben Collins; P. Craig Taylor
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Optical absorption in vertical silicon nanowires for solar cell applications
Author(s): Martin Foldyna; Linwei Yu; Benedict O'Donnell; Pere Roca i Cabarrocas
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Improvement of solar cell efficiency using nano-scale top and bottom grating
Author(s): Xiaomin Jin; Ashton Ellaboudy; Greg Chavoor
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Fine tuning the structure of unsymmetrical squaraine dyes towards the development of efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Author(s): Shyam S. Pandey; Rie Watanabe; Naotaka Fujikawa; Yuhei Ogomi; Yoshihiro Yamaguchi; Shuzi Hayase
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Aluminum nanoparticles for improved OPV devices
Author(s): Vladimir Kochergin; Lauren N. Neely; Sungsool Wi; Chih-Yu Jao; Hans D. Robinson
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Device properties of nanopore PN junction Si for photovoltaic application
Author(s): Hyunjong Jin; Te Wei Chang; Logan Gang Liu
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Properties of Si/SiOx quantum well structure for solar cells applications
Author(s): Kwang Ho Kim; Ji-Hoon Kim; Pyungwoo Jang; Chisup Jung; Kyu Seomoon
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