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High and Low Concentrator Systems for Solar Electric Applications VI
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Volume Number: 8108
Date Published: 31 August 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8108
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Boeing high-efficiency low-cost concentrated photovoltaic technology
Author(s): John C. Hall; Guy L. Martins; Michael Cameron; Stuart Marks
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A profile of the Amonix 7700 CPV solar power system
Author(s): A. Plesniak; V. Garboushian
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43.5% efficient lattice matched solar cells
Author(s): Michael Wiemer; Vijit Sabnis; Homan Yuen
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Optics development for micro-cell based CPV modules
Author(s): Etienne Menard; Michael Sullivan; John Wilson; Brent Fisher; Steve Seel; Matthew Meitl; Kanchan Ghosal; Scott Burroughs
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Field performance of Concentrix CPV systems
Author(s): A. Gombert; C. Crawford; T. Gerstmaier; S. van Riesen; M. Röttger; J. Wüllner
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Techniques, regression, and applications of glass strength measurements for concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) mirrors
Author(s): David Krevor; Mike Milbourne
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Concentrating PV survey: an unbiased overview
Author(s): Jim Handy; Terry Peterson
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A CPV Thesis
Author(s): David S. Schultz; Shondip Ghosh; Christopher S Grimmer; Hunter Mack
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Design and performance of a low-cost acrylic reflector for a ~7x concentrating photovoltaic module
Author(s): Kara A. Shell; Scott A. Brown; Mark A. Schuetz; Robert J. Davis; Roger H. French
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Significant cost reduction through new optical, thermal, and structural design for a medium-CPV system
Author(s): Marc Finot; Bob MacDonald
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A Solaria white paper
Author(s): Kevin Gibson
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Comparison of tracking and non-tracking holographic planar concentrator systems
Author(s): Raymond K. Kostuk; Deming Zhang; Juan Manuel Russo; Jose Castro
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New luminescent materials and filters for luminescent solar concentrators
Author(s): Dick K. G. de Boer; Cees R. Ronda; Wilco Keur; Andries Meijerink
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Efficient hybrid electric and thermal energy generation
Author(s): X. Winston Xia; Alexander V. Parfenov; Tin M. Aye; Min-Yi Shih
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Compact solar concentrator designed by minilens and slab waveguide
Author(s): Wan-Chieh Shieh; Guo-Dung Su
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Second-surface silvered glass solar mirrors of very high reflectance
Author(s): Guillaume P. Butel; Blake M. Coughenour; H. Angus Macleod; Cheryl E. Kennedy; Blain H. Olbert; J. Roger P. Angel
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Closed-loop control for power tower heliostats
Author(s): Mark R. Convery
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