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Nanostructured Thin Films IV
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Volume Number: 8104
Date Published: 2 September 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8104
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Green nanotechnology
Author(s): Geoff B. Smith
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Surface multiplasmonics
Author(s): Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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High-throughput nanofabrication of plasmonic structures and metamaterials with high resolution nanostencil lithography
Author(s): Serap Aksu; Min Huang; Alp Artar; Ahmet A. Yanik; Hatice Altug
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Spatiotemporal-photothermal and photoacoustic conversions with local plasmon resonators
Author(s): Kyoko Namura; Motofumi Suzuki; Kaoru Nakajima; Kenji Kimura
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Monitoring the reactivity of Ag nanoparticles for different atmospheres by using in situ and real-time optical spectroscopy
Author(s): V. Antad; L. Simonot; D. Babonneau; S. Camelio; F. Pailloux; P. Guérin
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Nanostructure effects and the performance of optical interference coatings
Author(s): Olaf Stenzel; Ulrike Schulz; Norbert Kaiser
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Using a single anisotropic thin film as a phase retarder for oblique incident wave
Author(s): Yi-Jun Jen; Shih-Hao Wang; Chia-Feng Lin; Meng-Jie Lin
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Quenched transmission of light through ultrathin metal films
Author(s): Sanshui Xiao; N. Asger Mortensen
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Optical properties of UT-shaped plasmonic nanoaperture antennas
Author(s): Mustafa Turkmen; Serap Aksu; A. Engin Çetin; Ahmet A. Yanik; Hatice Altug
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Optical birefringence in a bideposited symmetric nanorod arrays
Author(s): Yi-Jun Jen; Ching-Wei Yu; Meng-Jie Lin; Chia-Feng Lin
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Effective properties of metamaterials
Author(s): C. Rockstuhl; C. Menzel; T. Paul; E. Pshenay-Severin; M. Falkner; C. Helgert; A. Chipouline; T. Pertsch; W. Śmigaj; J. Yang; P. Lalanne; F. Lederer
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On dipole emission from an infiltrated chiral sculptured thin film
Author(s): Siti S. Jamaian; Tom G. Mackay
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Homogenization of metallic metamaterials and electrostatic resonances
Author(s): Didier Felbacq; Emmanuel Kling
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Microspot surface enhanced fluorescence from sculptured thin films for control of antibody immobilization
Author(s): Alina Karabchevsky; Christian Patzig; Bernd Rauschenbach; Ibrahim Abdulhalim
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Intimate effects of surface functionalization of porous silicon microcavities on biosensing performance
Author(s): M. Martin; L. Massif; E. Estephan; M.-b. Saab; T. Cloitre; C. Larroque; V. Agarwal; F. J. G Cuisinier; G. Le Lay; C. Gergely
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Infiltration of Fe3O4-nanoparticles into porous silicon with respect to magnetic interactions
Author(s): P. Granitzer; K. Rumpf; M. Reissner; G. Hilscher; M. P. Morales; P. Poelt; T. Uusimäki; M. Sezen; M. Albu
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Controlled skeletal progenitor cell migration on nanostructured porous silicon/silicon micropatterns
Author(s): V. Torres-Costa; V. Sánchez-Vaquero; Á. Muñoz-Noval; L. González-Méndez; E. Punzón-Quijorna; D. Gallach-Pérez; M. Manso-Silván; G. Martínez-Muñoz; A. Climent-Font; J. P. García-Ruiz; R. J. Martín-Palma
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Investigation of the interfaces of a metal/porous silicon nanocomposite and its influence on the physical properties
Author(s): K. Rumpf; P. Granitzer; M. Reissner; G. Hilscher; P. Poelt; Mi. Albu
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An investigation on magnetic responses in Ag-SiO[sub]2[/sub]-Ag nanosandwich structures
Author(s): Yi-Jun Jen; Jheng-Jie Jhou; Ching-Wei Yu
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Sculptured thin films: nanorods, nanopipes, nanosmiles
Author(s): D. Gall
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Electrophoretic deposition of Cu-In composite nanoparticle thin films for fabrication of CuInSe[sub]2[/sub] solar cells
Author(s): Wei Guo; Kevin Hagedorn; Bing Liu
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X-ray absorption fine-structure and optical studies of AlZnO nano-thin films grown on sapphire by pulsed laser deposition
Author(s): Y. R. Lan; S.-P. Liu; C. C. Wei; Y.-C. Fu; Y. R. Wu; J. M. Chen; R.-H. Horng; D.-S. Wuu; Z. C. Feng
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Luminescent multifunctional biocellulose membranes
Author(s): J. M. A. Caiut; H. S. Barud; M. V. Santos; U. L. Oliveira; J. F. S. Menezes; Y. Messaddeq; S. J. L. Ribeiro
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Chromogenic behaviours of silver containing mesoporous titania films
Author(s): L. Nadar; N. Destouches; N. Crespo-Monteiro; F. Vocanson; Y. Lefkir; S. Reynaud
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Electron microscopy characterization of some carbon based nanostructures with application in divertors coatings from fusion reactor
Author(s): V. Ciupina; I. Morjan; C. P. Lungu; R. Vladoiu; G. Prodan; M. Prodan; V. Zarovschi; C. Porosnicu; I. M. Stanescu; M. Contulov; A. Mandes; V. Dinca; K. Sugiyama
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Optical investigation on plasmonic effect of the nanostructured surface plasmon resonance sensor chips fabricated by Langmuir-Blodgett technique
Author(s): Chanmi Yeon; So-Hee Sung; Hyo-Sop Kim; Jae-Ho Kim
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Tungsten nanostructured thin films obtained via HFCVD
Author(s): O. Goiz; F. Chávez; P. Zaca-Morán; J. G. Ortega-Mendoza; G. F. Pérez-Sánchez; N. Morales; C. Felipe; R. Peña-Sierra
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Anisotropic optical property of an asymmetric bideposition Ta2O5 film: fabrication and measurement
Author(s): Yi-Jun Jen; Chia-Feng Lin; Tai-Hung Yu; Chun-Jung Lai
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