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Medical Laser Applications and Laser-Tissue Interactions V
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Volume Number: 8092
Date Published: 1 June 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8092
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Stabilization of the longitudinal plasmon resonance absorption of nanorods by porous silica shell layer
Author(s): F. Rudnitzki; F. Ratto; G. Hüttmann
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Effect of gold nanoparticles in the local heating of skin tumors induced by phototherapy
Author(s): I. Salas-García; F. Fanjul-Vélez; N. Ortega-Quijano; A. Lavín-Castanedo; P. Mingo-Ortega; M. López-Escobar; J. L. Arce-Diego
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Selective excavation of decalcified dentin using a mid-infrared tunable nanosecond pulsed laser: wavelength dependency in the 6 μm wavelength range
Author(s): Katsunori Ishii; Masayuki Saiki; Kazushi Yoshikawa; Kenzo Yasuo; Kazuyo Yamamoto; Kunio Awazu
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Experimental study of mechanical response of artificial tissue models irradiated with Nd:YAG nanosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Francisco G. Pérez-Gutiérrez; Santiago Camacho-López; Guillermo Aguilar
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Increased tissue contrast by high-resolution simultaneous dual-band optical coherence tomography in three dimensions
Author(s): Stefan Kray; Markus Lenz; Felix Spöler; Heinrich Kurz
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Detection of bacterial infection with a fiber optic microendoscope
Author(s): Nooman Mufti; Ying Kong; Jeffrey D. Cirillo; Kristen C. Maitland
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Improving time domain fluorescence lifetime imaging with an adaptive Monte Carlo data inflation (AMDI) algorithm
Author(s): Aymeric Leray; Dave Trinel; Corentin Spriet; Yves Usson; Laurent Heliot
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Single beam quantitative phase contrast 3D microscopy of cells
Author(s): Vani K. Chhaniwal; Arun Anand; Ahmad Faridian; Giancarlo Pedrini; Wolfgang Osten; Bahram Javidi
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A model-based comparison of implicit and direct dosimetry for ALA-PDT of skin
Author(s): Baochang Liu; Thomas J. Farrell; Michael S. Patterson
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PD and PDT for hepatoblastoma? Preclinical considerations
Author(s): Herbert Stepp; Florian Bergmann; Ann Johansson; Michael Heide; Roman Metzger; Udo Rolle; Holger Till
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Construction of an array of LEDs coupled to a concentrator for phototherapy
Author(s): Joana Almeida; Dawei Liang
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Comparison of 2- and 4-wavelength methods for the optical detection of sentinel lymph node
Author(s): F. Tellier; H. Simon; F. X. Blé; R. Ravelo; R. Chabrier; J. Steibel; J. F. Rodier; P. Poulet
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Skin autofluorescence photo-bleaching and photo-memory
Author(s): Janis Lesins; Alexey Lihachev; Romualdas Rudys; Saulius Bagdonas; Janis Spigulis
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Resolution limits between objects embedded in breast-like slab using the optical frequency-domain method: a numerical approach
Author(s): Vianney Piron; Jean-Pierre L'Huillier
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Efficiency of an accelerated hybrid method for steady-state spatially resolved reflectance simulations in multilayered tissue-like media
Author(s): C. Mansouri; E. Galbrun; W. C. P. M. Blondel
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Determination of the optical properties of porcine dura mater tissue considering the anisotropy factor
Author(s): M. T. Heine; R. Michels; F. Foschum; A. Kienle
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Portable semiconductor disk laser for in vivo tissue monitoring: a platform for the development of clinical applications
Author(s): Rodrigo Aviles-Espinosa; George Filippidis; Craig Hamilton; Graeme Malcolm; Kurt J. Weingarten; Thomas Südmeyer; Yohan Barbarin; Ursula Keller; David Artigas; Pablo Loza-Alvarez
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Red blood cell micromanipulation with elliptical laser beam profile optical tweezers in different osmolarity conditions
Author(s): E. Spyratou; M. Makropoulou; A. A. Serafetinides
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In vitro analysis of low-level laser irradiation on human osteoblast-like cells proliferation
Author(s): Nora Bloise; Enrica Saino; Francesca Bragheri; Paolo Minzioni; Ilaria Cristiani; Marcello Imbriani; Livia Visai
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Biochemical and topological analysis of bovine sperm cells induced by low power laser irradiation
Author(s): T. R. Dreyer; A. F. P. Siqueira; T. D. Magrini; P. A. Fiorito; M. E. O. A. Assumpção; M. Nichi; H. S. Martinho; M. P. Milazzotto
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Monte Carlo simulation of photon way in clinical laser therapy
Author(s): Iulian Ionita; Gabriel Voitcu
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Newly developed photon-cell interactive Monte Carlo (pciMC) simulation for non-invasive and continuous diagnosis of blood during extracorporeal circulation support
Author(s): Daisuke Sakota; Setsuo Takatani
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Photoacoustic blood vessel detection during surgical laser interventions
Author(s): Jens Horstmann; Alexander Baade; Ralf Brinkmann
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Diode laser supported partial nephrectomy in laparoscopic surgery: preliminary results
Author(s): Ronald Sroka; Georg Hennig; Katja Zillinberg; Wael Y. Khoder
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In vivo study of partial liver resection on pigs using a 1.9 μm thulium fiber laser
Author(s): D. Theisen-Kunde; H. Wolken; V. Danicke; R. Brinkmann; H. Bruch; M. Kleemann
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In vivo laser assisted end-to-end anastomosis with ICG-infused chitosan patches
Author(s): Francesca Rossi; Paolo Matteini; Giuseppe Esposito; Alba Scerrati; Alessio Albanese; Alfredo Puca; Giulio Maira; Giacomo Rossi; Roberto Pini
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Excimer laser debridement of necrotic erosions of skin without collateral damage
Author(s): James J. Wynne; Jerome M. Felsenstein; Robert Trzcinski; Donna Zupanski-Nielsen; Daniel P. Connors
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Optodynamic monitoring of laser tattoo removal
Author(s): Matija Jezersek; Ladislav Grad; Tomaž Požar; Boris Cencic; Irena Bacak; Janez Mozina
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Fat tissue histological study at NIR laser treatment of the skin in vivo
Author(s): Irina Yu. Yanina; Valery V. Tuchin; Nikita A. Navolokin; Olga V. Matveeva; Alla B. Bucharskaya; Galina N. Maslyakova
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Dependence of ablation depth on angle of incidence for hard tissue ablation using pulsed CO2 laser
Author(s): Yaokun Zhang; Jessica Burgner; Jörg Raczkowsky; Heinz Wörn
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Study of light scattering and transparency in human edematous corneas and application to corneal grafts
Author(s): Tal Marciano; Donald Peyrot; Caroline Crotti; Fatima Alahyane; Laura Kowalczuk; Karsten Plamann
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Accuracy of real-time optoacoustic temperature determination during retinal photocoagulation
Author(s): A. Baade; K. Schlott; S. Luft; L. Ptaszynski; M. Bever; R. Birngruber; R. Brinkmann
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High-power, diode-pumped Er:YAG lasers for soft and hard tissue applications
Author(s): A. Heinrich; C. Hagen; A. Vizhanyo; P. Krammer; S. Summer; S. Gross; C. Böhler; T. Bragagna
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Femtosecond laser: the finest tool for hard tissue ablation
Author(s): Iulian Ionita; Marian Zamfirescu
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Focal spot shaping for femtosecond laser pulse photodisruption through turbid media
Author(s): Anja Hansen; Tammo Ripken; Alexander Heisterkamp
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New compact femtosecond laser source for penetrating keratoplasty at 1.65 µm
Author(s): C. Crotti; F. Deloison; D. A. Peyrot; F. Aptel; F. Alahyane; L. Kowalczuk; T. Marciano; K. Plamann; M. Savoldelli; J.-M. Legeais
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Interaction dynamics of fs-laser induced cavitation bubbles and their impact on the laser-tissue-interaction of modern ophthalmic laser systems
Author(s): N. Tinne; T. Ripken; H. Lubatschowski; A. Heisterkamp
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Quantitative analysis of endovenous laser ablation based on human vein optical properties
Author(s): Saki Nozoe; Norihiro Honda; Katsunori Ishii; Kunio Awazu
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A simple color separation technique for solar tissue photocoagulation
Author(s): Nídia Batista; Dawei Liang
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In vivo N-acetyl cysteine reduce hepatocyte death by induced acetaminophen
Author(s): Chih-Ju Lin; Feng-Chieh Li; Sheng-Shun Wang; Hsuan-Shu Lee; Chen-Yuan Dong
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Photoswitchable bactericidal effects from novel silica-coated silver nanoparticles
Author(s): Gustavo Fuertes; Esteban Pedrueza; Kamal Abderrafi; Rafael Abargues; Orlando Sánchez; Juan Martínez-Pastor; Jesús Salgado; Ernesto Jiménez
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Micromanipulation of cells and microparticles using optical fibers
Author(s): D. G. Kotsifaki; M. Makropoulou; A. A. Serafetinides
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FEM modeling and histological analyses on thermal damage induced in facial skin resurfacing procedure with different CO2 laser pulse duration
Author(s): Francesca Rossi; Tiziano Zingoni; Emiliano Di Cicco; Leonardo Manetti; Roberto Pini; Damiano Fortuna
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Soft tissue ablation by picosecond synchronously-pumped CdSiP2-based optical parametric oscillator tuned to 6.45 μm
Author(s): Nordine Hendaoui; Alaa Addin Mani; Ernest Kakudgi; André Peremans; Christophe Silien; Vincent Bruyninckx; Adolfo Esteban; Majid Ebrahim-Zadeh; Stefan Been; Rudolf M. Verdaasdonk; Peter G. Schunemann; Kevin T. Zawilski; Valentin Petrov
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Evaluation of LED therapy at 945nm on bone repair by micro x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy
Author(s): Alexandre G. Diamantino; Renata A. Nicolau; Marco A. de Oliveira; Ana Maria E. Santo
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Viability for the conjugate use of electrosurgery and photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Francisco G. Rego-Filho; Edson Vieira; Cristina Kurachi; Vanderlei S. Bagnato; Maria T. de Araujo
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