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Videometrics, Range Imaging, and Applications XI
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Volume Number: 8085
Date Published: 20 June 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8085
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
3D imaging: how to achieve highest accuracy
Author(s): Thomas Luhmann
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Practical target location and accuracy indicator in digital close range photogrammetry using consumer grade cameras
Author(s): Gentaro Moriya; Hirofumi Chikatsu
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Methodologies for digital 3D acquisition and representation of mosaics
Author(s): Anna Maria Manferdini; Luca Cipriani; Linda Kniffitz
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Self-calibration for a camera-projector pair
Author(s): M. Bevilacqua; G. Di Leo; M. Landi; A. Paolillo
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A power-saving modulation technique for time-of-flight range imaging sensors
Author(s): Richard M. Conroy; Adrian A. Dorrington; Andrew D. Payne; Rainer Künnemeyer; Michael J. Cree
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Real-time image processing of TOF range images using a reconfigurable processor system
Author(s): S. Hussmann; F. Knoll; T. Edeler
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Accurate documentation in cultural heritage by merging TLS and high-resolution photogrammetric data
Author(s): Pierre Grussenmeyer; Emmanuel Alby; Pierre Assali; Valentin Poitevin; Jean-François Hullo; Eddie Smigiel
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A parallel point cloud clustering algorithm for subset segmentation and outlier detection
Author(s): Christian Teutsch; Erik Trostmann; Dirk Berndt
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Integration of range and image data for building reconstruction
Author(s): F. Nex; F. Remondino; F. Rinaudo
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Performance analysis of different classification methods for hand gesture recognition using range cameras
Author(s): Herve Lahamy; Derek D. Lichti
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Artefacts for optical surface measurement
Author(s): Stuart Robson; J.-Angelo Beraldin; Andrew Brownhill; Lindsay MacDonald
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Illumination waveform optimization for time-of-flight range imaging cameras
Author(s): A. D. Payne; A. A. Dorrington; M. J. Cree
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A descriptive geometry based method for total and common cameras fields of view optimization
Author(s): H. Salmane; Y. Ruichek; L. Khoudour
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Experiences and achievements in automated image sequence orientation for close-range photogrammetric projects
Author(s): Luigi Barazzetti; Gianfranco Forlani; Fabio Remondino; Riccardo Roncella; Marco Scaioni
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Geometric investigation of a gaming active device
Author(s): Fabio Menna; Fabio Remondino; Roberto Battisti; Erica Nocerino
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Industrial photogrammetry: challenges and opportunities
Author(s): Werner Bösemann
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Integration of photogrammetry and acoustic emission analysis for assessing concrete structures during loading tests
Author(s): R. Koschitzki; G. Schacht; D. Schneider; S. Marx; H.-G. Maas
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Vibration measurement of a model wind turbine using high speed photogrammetry
Author(s): Dinesh Kalpoe; Kourosh Khoshelham; Ben Gorte
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Use of 3D range cameras for structural deformation measurement
Author(s): Sonam Jamtsho; Derek D. Lichti
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Low-cost human motion capture system for postural analysis onboard ships
Author(s): Erica Nocerino; Sebastiano Ackermann; Silvio Del Pizzo; Fabio Menna; Salvatore Troisi
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A greedy multiresolution method for quasi automatic texture mapping
Author(s): F. Uccheddu; A. Pelagotti; F. Picchioni
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Shadow correction in high dynamic range images for generating orthophotos
Author(s): Hideo Suzuki; Hirofumi Chikatsu
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An approach for the calibration of a combined RGB-sensor and 3D-camera device
Author(s): M. Schulze
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The comparison of single view calibration methods
Author(s): Jussi Heikkinen; Keijo Inkilä
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Planar metric rectification via parallelograms
Author(s): Luigi Barazzetti
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The calibration of wide-angle lens cameras using perspective and non-perspective projections in the context of real-time tracking applications
Author(s): Jochen Willneff; Oliver Wenisch
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Practical calibration for consumer grade digital camera with integrated high zooming lens
Author(s): Ryuta Wakutsu; Hirofumi Chikatsu
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Calibration of low-cost measurement system by using a consumer digital stereo camera
Author(s): Ryuji Matsuoka; Genki Takahashi; Kazuyoshi Asonuma
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3D documentation of historical sites and buildings for interdisciplinary works
Author(s): Esra Tekdal-Emniyeti; Karl-Heinz Haefele; Joerg Isele; Rahmi Nurhan Celik
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Three-dimensional surface topography based on digital fringe projection
Author(s): Fatemeh Mohammadi; Khosro Madanipour; Amir Hossein Rezaie
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Large bulk-yard 3D measurement based on videogrammetry and projected contour aiding
Author(s): Jianliang Ou; Xiaohu Zhang; Yun Yuan; Xianwei Zhu
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Infrared digital holography for 3D display
Author(s): A. Geltrude; M. Locatelli; M. Paturzo; A. Pelagotti; P. Poggi; R. Meucci; P. Ferraro
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Robust sharp features infer from point clouds
Author(s): Juming Cao; Slam Wushour; Xinhui Yao; NaiQian Li; Jin Liang; Xinhe Liang; Jianwei Liu
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Longitudinal resolution improving of 3D range imaging lidar through redundant detection and intensity distribution analysis
Author(s): Weiguo Kong; Siying Chen; Yinchao Zhang; He Chen; Zongjia Qiu; Yuzhao Wang; Peng Liu; Guoqiang Ni
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A novel color coding method for structured light 3D measurement
Author(s): Junhui Huang; Zhao Wang; Zhihua Gao; Jianmin Gao
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Three-dimensional contour reconstruction of push-broom range-gated lidar data: case studies
Author(s): Jixian Xu; Siying Chen; Yinchao Zhang; He Chen; Pan Guo; Guoqiang Ni
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