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O3A: Optics for Arts, Architecture, and Archaeology III
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Volume Number: 8084
Date Published: 6 June 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8084
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A nuclear-free land for Kennewick Man
Author(s): John Asmus
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New portable instrument for combined reflectance, time-resolved and steady-state luminescence measurements on works of art
Author(s): Aldo Romani; Chiara Grazia; Chiara Anselmi; Costanza Miliani; Brunetto Giovanni Brunetti
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Autofocus laser system for multi-NIR scanning imaging of painting surfaces
Author(s): R. Fontana; M. Barucci; P. Carcagnì; C. Daffara; E. Pampaloni; L. Pezzati
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Wide-band IR imaging in the NIR-MIR-FIR regions for in situ analysis of frescoes
Author(s): C. Daffara; L. Pezzati; D. Ambrosini; D. Paoletti; R. Di Biase; P. I. Mariotti; C. Frosinini
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New trends in imaging spectroscopy: the non-invasive study of the Scrovegni Chapel stained glass windows
Author(s): E. Rebollo; F. Ratti; G. M. Cortelazzo; L. Poletto; R. Bertoncello
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Open issues in hyperspectral imaging for diagnostics on paintings: when high-spectral and spatial resolution turns into data redundancy
Author(s): Costanza Cucci; Andrea Casini; Marcello Picollo; Marco Poggesi; Lorenzo Stefani
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Terahertz pulse imaging of stratified architectural materials for cultural heritage studies
Author(s): J. Bianca Jackson; Julien Labaune; Gérard Mourou; Irl N. Duling; Gillian Walker; John Bowen; Michel Menu
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Virtual restoration: detection and removal of craquelure in digitized image of old paintings
Author(s): G. Schirripa Spagnolo
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Development of a UV to IR extension to the standard colorimetry, based on a seven band modified DSLR camera to better characterize surfaces, tissues and fabrics
Author(s): Marcello Melis; Alice Babbi; Matteo Miccoli
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Determination of the complex optical index of red pigments, vermillon
Author(s): Raphaelle Jarrige; Christine Andraud; Jacques Lafait; Myriam Eveno; Michel Menu; Nuno Diniz
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Non-invasive investigations of a wall painting using optical coherence tomography and hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Haida Liang; Rebecca Lange; Helen Howard; Jane Spooner
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Application of optical coherence tomography (OCT) for real time monitoring of consolidation of the paint layer in Hinterglasmalerei objects
Author(s): Magdalena Iwanicka; Ewa A. Kwiatkowska; Marcin Sylwestrzak; Piotr Targowski
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OCT and NMR for non-invasive in-situ monitoring of the vulnerability of rock art monuments
Author(s): Elizabeth Bemand; Martin Bencsik; Haida Liang
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Shape-from-silhouette for three-dimensional reconstruction from x-ray radiography
Author(s): E. Simioni; F. Ratti; L. Poletto
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Preliminary investigation on monitoring transportation effects by full field methods: a digital holographic speckle pattern interferometry study on canvas paintings
Author(s): Elsa Tsiranidou; Eirini Bernikola; Vivi Tornari; Thomas Fankhauser; Matthias Läuchli; Cornelius Palmbach; Nathalie Bäschlin
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Infrared digital holography applications for virtual museums and diagnostics of cultural heritage
Author(s): M. Paturzo; A. Pelagotti; A. Geltrude; M. Locatelli; P. Poggi; R. Meucci; P. Ferraro; E. Stoykova; F. Yaraş; A. Özgür Yontem; H. Kang; L. Onural
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Application of digital image correlation (DIC) for tracking deformations of paintings on canvas
Author(s): Marcin Malesa; Krzysztof Malowany; Ludmila Tymińska-Widmer; Ewa A. Kwiatkowska; Malgorzata Kujawńska; Bogumiła J. Rouba; Piotr Targowski
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Study on the currently accessible technology for 3D printing of color objects from the reproduction quality standpoint
Author(s): Robert Sitnik; Grzegorz Mączkowski; Jakub Krzesłowski; Tomasz Gadzinski
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S. Peter Martyr (Rieti, Italy): a study case for 3D color laser scanner (RGB-ITR)
Author(s): Massimiliano Guarneri; Giorgio Fornetti; Mario Ferri De Collibus; Massimo Francucci; Roberto Ricci; Marcello Nuvoli
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Small-dimension portable instrument for in-situ multispectral imaging
Author(s): A. Piegari; A. Sytchkova; A. Della Patria; F. Fermi; C. Oleari
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Colour measurements of surfaces to evaluate the restoration materials
Author(s): Angela Lo Monaco; Maurizio Marabelli; Claudia Pelosi; Rodolfo Picchio
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Importance of integrated results of different non-destructive techniques in order to evaluate defects in panel paintings: the contribution of infrared, optical and ultrasonic techniques
Author(s): S. Sfarra; P. Theodorakeas; C. Ibarra-Castanedo; N. P. Avdelidis; A. Paoletti; D. Paoletti; K. Hrissagis; A. Bendada; M. Koui; X. Maldague
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Hylemetry versus Biometry: a new method to certificate the lithography authenticity
Author(s): Giuseppe Schirripa Spagnolo; Lorenzo Cozzella; Carla Simonetti
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Hand-held 3D sensor for documentation of fossil and archaeological excavations
Author(s): Peter Kühmstedt; Christian Bräuer-Burchardt; Ingo Schmidt; Matthias Heinze; Andreas Breitbarth; Gunther Notni
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IRIS: a novel spectral imaging system for the analysis of cultural heritage objects
Author(s): V. M. Papadakis; Y. Orphanos; S. Kogou; K. Melessanaki; P. Pouli; C. Fotakis
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Optical techniques for the characterization of surface-subsurface defects in painted layers
Author(s): C. Daffara; R. Fontana; M. Melchiorre Di Crescenzo; S. Scrascia; E. Zendri
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Remote multispectral imaging with PRISMS and XRF analysis of Tang tomb paintings
Author(s): Rebecca Lange; Qunxi Zhang; Haida Liang
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