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Photon Counting Applications, Quantum Optics, and Quantum Information Transfer and Processing III
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Volume Number: 8072
Date Published: 4 May 2011

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Recent advances in superconducting NbN single-photon detector development
Author(s): Alexander Korneev; Alexander Divochiy; Yury Vachtomin; Yulia Korneeva; Irina Florya; Michael Elezov; Nadezhda Manova; Michael Tarkhov; Pavel An; Anna Kardakova; Anastasiya Isupova; Galina Chulkova; Konstantin Smirnov; Natalya Kaurova; Vitaliy Seleznev; Boris Voronov; Gregory Goltsman
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Superconducting single photon detectors based on parallel NbN nanowires
Author(s): M. Ejrnaes; A. Casaburi; S. Pagano; F. Mattioli; A. Gaggero; R. Leoni; R. Cristiano
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Superconducting single photon detectors based on multiple cascade switches of parallel NbN nanowires
Author(s): R. Cristiano; M. Ejrnaes; A. Casaburi; S. Pagano; F. Mattioli; A. Gaggero; R. Leoni
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Silicon SPAD with near-infrared enhanced spectral response
Author(s): Francesco Panzeri; Angelo Gulinatti; Ivan Rech; Massimo Ghioni; Sergio Cova
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Floating field ring technique applied to enhance fill factor of silicon photomultiplier elementary cell
Author(s): L. Maresca; M. De Laurentis; M. Riccio; A. Irace; G. Breglio
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Development and construction of the photon counting receiver for the European laser time transfer space mission
Author(s): Ivan Prochazka; Josef Blazej; Jan Kodet; Jan Brinek
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Photon counting receiver for the laser time transfer, optical design, and construction
Author(s): Jan Kodet; Michael Vacek; Petr Fort; Ivan Prochazka; Josef Blazej
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Photon counting altimeter and lidar for air and spaceborne applications
Author(s): Michael Vacek; Vojtech Michalek; Marek Peca; Ivan Prochazka; Josef Blazej; Jan Kodet
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Fully integrated time-to-amplitude converter for multidimensional TCSPC applications
Author(s): Matteo Crotti; Ivan Rech; Massimo Ghioni; Ivan Labanca
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Spectral sensitivity of narrow strip NbN superconducting single-photon detector
Author(s): Alexander Korneev; Yulia Korneeva; Irina Florya; Boris Voronov; Gregory Goltsman
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Versatile all-digital time interval measuring system
Author(s): David Vyhlidal; Miroslav Cech
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Enhanced resolution in lossy phase estimation by optical parametric amplification
Author(s): Nicolò Spagnolo; Chiara Vitelli; Lorenzo Toffoli; Francesco De Martini; Fabio Sciarrino
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Bragg reflection waveguides as a source of photon pairs: theory and experiments
Author(s): Jiři Svozilik; Adam Valles; Martin Hendrych; Juan P. Torres
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Quantum electromagnetic vacuum fluctuations in inhomogeneous dielectric media
Author(s): Shin-itiro Goto; Robin W. Tucker; Timothy J. Walton
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High-fidelity noiseless amplification by photon addition and subtraction
Author(s): A. Zavatta; M. Locatelli; C. Polycarpou; J. Fiurášek; M. Bellini
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Polarization entangled state measurement on a chip
Author(s): Linda Sansoni; Fabio Sciarrino; Giuseppe Vallone; Paolo Mataloni; Andrea Crespi; Roberta Ramponi; Roberto Osellame
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The role of measurement in the recurrence property of discrete timed quantum walks
Author(s): L. Kecskés; T. Kiss; M. Štefaňak; I. Jex
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Interference effects in light propagation in a three-level atomic medium in the loop configuration
Author(s): J. Korociński; A. Raczyński; J. Zaremba; S. Zielińska-Kaniasty
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SROP and DROP spectra with alkali atomic vapor cell and applications
Author(s): Junmin Wang; Qiangbing Liang; Jing Gao; Baodong Yang; Tiancai Zhang; Kunchi Peng
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