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Multisensor, Multisource Information Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications 2011
Editor(s): Jerome J. Braun
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Volume Number: 8064
Date Published: 11 May 2011

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8064
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Image fusion for remote sensing using fast, large-scale neuroscience models
Author(s): Steven P. Brumby
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The continuum fusion theory of signal detection applied to a bi-modal fusion problem
Author(s): A. Schaum
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Feature aided Monte Carlo probabilistic data association filter for ballistic missile tracking
Author(s): Onur Ozdemir; Ruixin Niu; Pramod K. Varshney; Andrew L. Drozd; Richard Loe
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Architectures, algorithms, and applications using Bayesian networks
Author(s): Todd Kingsbury
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Fusion of hyperspectral and ladar data for autonomous target detection
Author(s): A. V. Kanaev; T. J. Walls
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A relaxed fusion of information from real and synthetic images to predict complex behavior
Author(s): Damian M. Lyons; D. Paul Benjamin
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Inner rehearsal modeling for cognitive robotics
Author(s): Jerome J. Braun; Karianne Bergen; Timothy J. Dasey
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The perception problem and the impact on robotics and computer vision
Author(s): T. D. Kelley; E. Avery; S. M. McGhee
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A hidden Markov model for multimodal biometrics score fusion
Author(s): Yufeng Zheng
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INFORM Lab: a testbed for high-level information fusion and resource management
Author(s): Pierre Valin; Adel Guitouni; Eloi Bossé; Hans Wehn; Jens Happe
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Multisensor remote sensing information fusion for urban area classification and change detection
Author(s): Gintautas Palubinskas; Aliaksei Makarau; Peter Reinartz
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Fusion of chemical, biological, and meteorological observations for agent source term estimation and hazard refinement
Author(s): Paul E. Bieringer; Luna M. Rodriguez; Ian Sykes; Jonathan Hurst; Francois Vandenberghe; Jeffrey Weil; George Bieberbach Jr.; Steve Parker; Ryan Cabell
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Implementation and testing of a sensor-netting algorithm for early warning and high confidence C/B threat detection
Author(s): Thomas Gruber; Larry Grim; Ryan Fauth; Brian Tercha; Chris Powell; Kristin Steinhardt
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Fusion of disparate spectra for chemical identification
Author(s): Christian P. Minor; Heather Brooke; Kevin J. Johnson
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Learned fusion operators based on matrix completion
Author(s): Kelly K. D. Risko; Charles F. Hester
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Mask pyramid methodology for enhanced localization in image fusion and enhancement
Author(s): David C. Zhang; Sek Chai; Gooitzen van der Wal; David Berends; Azhar Sufi; Greg Buchanan; Michael Piacentino; Peter J. Burt
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GStreamer as a framework for image processing applications in image fusion
Author(s): Stephen D. Burks; Joshua M. Doe
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Ultrasonic imaging of material flaws exploiting multipath information
Author(s): Xizhong Shen; Yimin D. Zhang; Ramazan Demirli; Moeness G. Amin
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A classification-based image fusion scheme using wavelet transform
Author(s): X. Y. Luo; J. Zhang; Q. H. Dai
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Songs of cyberspace: an update on sonifications of network traffic to support situational awareness
Author(s): Mark Ballora; Nicklaus A. Giacobe; David L. Hall
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Multisource information fusion for logistics
Author(s): Robert Woodley; Plamen Petrov; Warren Noll
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