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Wireless Sensing, Localization, and Processing VI
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Volume Number: 8061
Date Published: 11 May 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8061
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Ant-based power efficient, adaptive, reliable, and load balanced (A-PEARL) routing for smart metering networks
Author(s): Rajani Muraleedharan
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Worst-case optimization of relay position in cooperative broadcast wireless networks
Author(s): Ying Jin; Yimin D. Zhang
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Adaptive beamforming and rate control in real-time wireless sensor networks for QoS optimization
Author(s): William S. Hortos
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Sensor deployment optimization based on optimal recovery interpolation
Author(s): Sergio D. Cabrera; Veenarai Moram; Jose Gerardo Rosiles
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Performance evaluation of CCI on the reverse CDMA channel
Author(s): M. S. Alam; S. Alsharif; A. H. M. Z. Hossain
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Equalisation for continuous phase modulation using basis functions
Author(s): C. Brown; P. J. Vigneron
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Iterative detection of continuous phase modulation on multipath channels
Author(s): John W. Nieto
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Application and analysis of rake receiver to hybrid CPM modulation
Author(s): James A. Norris; John W. Nieto
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Location-dependent RF geotags for positioning and security
Author(s): Di Qiu; Robert Lynch; Chun Yang
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Single-node MMSE for MMSE cooperative positioning
Author(s): Songnan Xi; Michael D. Zoltowski; Yao Zhao; Liang Dong
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A novel density-based geolocation algorithm for a noncooperative radio emitter using power difference of arrival
Author(s): Shanzeng Guo; Brad Jackson; Sichun Wang; Robert Inkol; William Arnold
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Low-complexity narrowband adaptive beamforming based on symmetrically distributed arrays
Author(s): Lei Zhang; Wei Liu; Richard J. Langley
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A spatial filtering approach to electronic wideband beam steering
Author(s): Wei Liu; Dennis R. Morgan
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Accurate position service based on interacting multiple model (IMM) with unscented Kalman filter
Author(s): Jun Li; Yuan Cao; Nan Wu; Xiangdong Li
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Navigation of robotic system using cricket motes
Author(s): Yogendra J. Patil; Nicholas A. Baine; Kuldip S. Rattan
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An improved chip antenna circuit model for wideband matching
Author(s): Allen Hollister; John T. Armstrong
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Robust visible light communication links using filter-based sensor array
Author(s): Cheng-Chun Chang; Yuan-Jun Su; Umpei Kurokawa; Byung Il Choi
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INS aided by an acoustic wireless sensor network and magnetometer
Author(s): Nicholas A. Baine; Pratikkumar Desai; Kuldip S. Rattan
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Performance of concatenated convolutional codes: coherent vs. non-coherent
Author(s): Fred C. Kellerman; John W. Nieto
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Sensing using eigenchannels in radio-frequency multiple-input, multiple-output communication systems
Author(s): Nicolas Bikhazi; William F. Young; Hung Nguyen
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Computation-efficient blind estimation of OFDM signal parameters for interception and data recovery
Author(s): Qian Chen; Xianbin Wang; Dian Fan; Shanzeng Guo
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