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Algorithms for Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery XVIII
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Volume Number: 8051
Date Published: 16 May 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8051
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fast synthetic aperture radar imaging with a streamlined 2D fractional Fourier transform
Author(s): Matthew Pepin; Majeed M. Hayat
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A comparison of SAR imaging algorithms for high-squint angle trajectories
Author(s): Matthew S. Horvath; Brian D. Rigling
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Extensions to polar formatting with spatially variant post-filtering
Author(s): Wendy L. Garber; Robert W. Hawley
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A butterfly algorithm for synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Laurent Demanet; Matthew Ferrara; Nicholas Maxwell; Jack Poulson; Lexing Ying
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A study of multi-static ultrasonic tomography using propagation and back-propagation method
Author(s): Chengdong Dong; Yuanwei Jin; Matthew Ferrara; Kevin Priddy
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Aperture weighting technique for video synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Robert W. Hawley; Wendy L. Garber
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Filtered back projection inversion of turntable ISAR data
Author(s): Jaime X. Lopez; Zhijun Qiao
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An algorithm for wide aperture 3D SAR imaging with measured data
Author(s): Forest Lee-Elkin; Lee Potter
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Computationally efficient FBP-type direct segmentation of synthetic aperture radar images
Author(s): H. Cagri Yanik; Zhengmin Li; Birsen Yazici
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Performance analysis of sparse 3D SAR imaging
Author(s): Christian D. Austin; Joshua N. Ash; Randolph L. Moses
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Toeplitz embedding for fast iterative regularized imaging
Author(s): R. Ahmad; C. D. Austin; L. C. Potter
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Doppler synthetic aperture radar imaging
Author(s): Ling Wang; Birsen Yazici
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Combining synthetic aperture radar and space-time adaptive processing using a single-receive channel
Author(s): Christie Bryant; Emre Ertin; Lee C. Potter
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Observations of clutter suppression in bistatic VHF/UHF-band synthetic-aperture radar
Author(s): L. M. H. Ulander; R. Baqué; H. Cantalloube; P. Dreuillet; B. Flood; P.-O. Frölind; A. Gustavsson; T. Jonsson; B. Larsson; D. Murdin; R. Ragnarsson; O. Ruault du Plessis; G. Stenström
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Spatially variant interference suppression method based on superresolution algorithm for synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Kei Suwa; Toshio Wakayama
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Nonparametric missing sample spectral analysis and its applications to interrupted SAR
Author(s): Duc Vu; Luzhou Xu; Jian Li
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CBP-based multichannel autofocus for near-field SAR imaging
Author(s): Hyun Jeong Cho; David C. Munson Jr.
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Windowing functions for focused range-Doppler imaging
Author(s): Patrick R. Williams
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InSAR processing using a GPGPU
Author(s): Aaron Rogan; Richard Carande
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Along-track interferometry for simultaneous SAR and GMTI: application to Gotcha challenge data
Author(s): Ross W. Deming
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Ground moving target indication via multi-channel airborne SAR
Author(s): Duc Vu; Bin Guo; Luzhou Xu; Jian Li
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Persistent SAR change detection with posterior models
Author(s): Gregory E. Newstadt; Edmund G. Zelnio; Alfred O. Hero III
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Analysis of SAR moving grid processing for focusing and detection of ground moving targets
Author(s): Daniel E. Hack; Michael A. Saville
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Waveform-diverse moving-target spotlight SAR
Author(s): Margaret Cheney; Brett Borden
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Passive imaging of moving targets using distributed apertures in multiple-scattering environments
Author(s): Ling Wang; Birsen Yazici
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The physics of vibrating scatterers in SAR imagery
Author(s): D. B. André; D. Blacknell; D. G. Muff; M. R. Nottingham
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Low complexity efficient raw SAR data compression
Author(s): Shantanu Rane; Petros Boufounos; Anthony Vetro; Yu Okada
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Feature phenomenology and feature extraction of civilian vehicles from SAR images
Author(s): Christopher Paulson; Dapeng Wu
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Comparison of the HRRP phase gradient statistics between a ship and sea surface using alpha-stable distribution
Author(s): Dan Jiang; Xiaojian Xu; Li Jie; Jie Lei
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Prediction of coherent change detection performance in SAR
Author(s): A. J. Bennett; D. Blacknell; K. Martin; D. B. André
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Predicting the effectiveness of SAR imagery for target detection
Author(s): Daniel Gutchess; John M. Irvine; Mon Young; Magnús S. Snorrason
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Derived operating conditions for classifier performance understanding
Author(s): Joshua P. Blackburn; Timothy D. Ross; Adam R. Nolan; John C. Mossing; John U. Sherwood; David J. Pikas; Edmund G. Zelnio
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Joint sparse representation based automatic target recognition in SAR images
Author(s): Haichao Zhang; Nasser M. Nasrabadi; Thomas S. Huang; Yanning Zhang
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Target classification in synthetic aperture radar using map-seeking circuit technology
Author(s): Cameron K. Peterson; Patricia Murphy; Pedro Rodriguez
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Radar target classification using morphological image processing
Author(s): Julie Ann Jackson; Patrick Brady
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Automatic target recognition from highly incomplete SAR data
Author(s): Chaoran Du; Gabriel Rilling; Mike Davies; Bernard Mulgrew
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