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Unmanned Systems Technology XIII
Editor(s): Douglas W. Gage; Charles M. Shoemaker; Robert E. Karlsen; Grant R. Gerhart
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Volume Number: 8045
Date Published: 5 May 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8045
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Safe Operations of Unmanned Systems for Reconnaissance in Complex Environments Army Technology Objective (SOURCE ATO)
Author(s): Norbert J. Kott III; Mike Wellfare; Tracy K. van Lierop; Edward Mottern
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Unmanned ground vehicle perception using thermal infrared cameras
Author(s): Arturo Rankin; Andres Huertas; Larry Matthies; Max Bajracharya; Christopher Assad; Shane Brennan; Paolo Bellutta; Gary W. Sherwin
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Robot training through incremental learning
Author(s): Robert E. Karlsen; Shawn Hunt; Gary Witus
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Safeguarding teleoperation using automotive radar sensors
Author(s): Jared Giesbrecht; Blaine Fairbrother
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High-frequency imaging radar for robotic navigation and situational awareness
Author(s): David J. Thomas; Changan Luo; Robert Knox
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Pedestrian and car detection and classification for unmanned ground vehicle using 3D lidar and monocular camera
Author(s): Kuk Cho; Seung-Ho Baeg; Kimin Lee; Hae Seok Lee; SangDeok Park
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Aladdin: a semi-autonomous door opening system for EOD-class robots
Author(s): Jack Craft; Jack Wilson; Wesley H. Huang; Mark R. Claffee; Emilie A. Phillips
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Human-like characteristics for high degree of freedom robotic door-opening end-effector
Author(s): Jeremy P. Gray; Frank Campagna
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Intuitive control of robotic manipulators
Author(s): David Rusbarsky; Jeremy Gray; Douglas Peters
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JEFX 10 demonstration of Cooperative Hunter Killer UAS and upstream data fusion
Author(s): Brian K. Funk; Jonathan C. Castelli; Adam S. Watkins; Christopher B. McCubbin; Steven J. Marshall; Jeffrey D. Barton; Andrew J. Newman; Cammy K. Peterson; Jonathan T. DeSena; Daniel A. Dutrow; Pedro A. Rodriguez
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Dynamic replanning on demand of UAS constellations performing ISR missions
Author(s): Daniel W. Stouch; Ernest Zeidman; William Callahan; Kirk McGraw
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All weather sense and avoid system (AWSAS) for all UAS and manned platforms
Author(s): V. M. Contarino; R. Healing; R. Contarino; M. R. Contarino; P. Molchanov; T. Curran; T. Keck; J. Keck; S. Allen; S. Shubert; R. Wienmann
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Little Dog learning of tractive and compressive terrain characteristics
Author(s): Bruce L. Digney
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Driver assist behaviors for high-speed small UGVs
Author(s): Brian Yamauchi
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Fusion of visual odometry and inertial data for enhanced real-time egomotion estimation
Author(s): V. E. Perlin; D. B. Johnson; M. M. Rohde; R. E. Karlsen
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Design, modelling, implementation, and intelligent fuzzy control of a hovercraft
Author(s): M. M. El-khatib; W. M. Hussein
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Methods for UGV teleoperation with high latency communications
Author(s): Gary Witus; Shawn Hunt; Phil Janicki
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SUGV baseline autonomy using ROS
Author(s): Ethan Stump; Laurel Sadler; David Baran
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Energy efficient path planning for skid-steered autonomous ground vehicles
Author(s): Aneesh Sharma; Nikhil Gupta; Emmanuel G. Collins Jr.
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Lessons from risk assessment of countermine robotic systems
Author(s): Isaac Chappell; Franklin L. Moses; Matthew P. Aeillo
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Trust dynamics in multi-agent coalition formation
Author(s): Dariusz G. Mikulski; Frank L. Lewis; Edward Y. Gu; Greg R. Hudas
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An information potential approach for tracking and surveilling multiple moving targets using mobile sensor agents
Author(s): W. Lu; G. Zhang; S. Ferrari; R. Fierro; I. Palunko
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UAV-borne X-band radar for MAV collision avoidance
Author(s): Allistair A. Moses; Matthew J. Rutherford; Michail Kontitsis; Kimon P. Valavanis
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Building entity models through observation and learning
Author(s): Richard Garcia; Robert Kania; MaryAnne Fields; Laura Barnes
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Neuro-optimal control of helicopter UAVs
Author(s): David Nodland; Arpita Ghosh; H. Zargarzadeh; S. Jagannathan
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High-fidelity physics-based simulation of a UGV reconnaissance mission in a complex urban environment
Author(s): Christopher Goodin; Burhman Q. Gates; Christopher L. Cummins; Taylor R. George; P. Jeff Durst; Jody D. Priddy
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Light weight portable operator control unit using an Android-enabled mobile phone
Author(s): Nicholas Fung
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Practical robotic self-awareness and self-knowledge
Author(s): Douglas W. Gage
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Microrobotics surveillance: discrete and continuous starbot
Author(s): M. Mayyas; W. H. Lee; Harry Stephanou
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Novel locomotion via biological inspiration
Author(s): Roger D. Quinn; Alexander Boxerbaum; Luther Palmer; Hillel Chiel; Eric Diller; Alexander Hunt; Richard Bachmann
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Zipper mast for enhanced communications and surveillance
Author(s): George Woodruff; Paul Muench; Gary Witus
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Small unmanned aerial platform for geospatial data collection and analysis
Author(s): Eugene Levin; Aleksandr Sergeyev
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Laser power beaming for defense and security applications
Author(s): Thomas J. Nugent Jr.; Jordin T. Kare
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Taking on the tall poles of autonomous robot navigation
Author(s): Mark Rosenblum; Venkat Rajagopalan; John Steinbis; John Haddon; Paul Cannon
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