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Laser Technology for Defense and Security VII
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Volume Number: 8039
Date Published: 10 May 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8039
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Pulsed 2-micron lasers based on Tm3+-doped monoclinic double tungstate crystals
Author(s): X. Mateos; M. Segura; W. B. Cho; A. Schmidt; F. Rotermund; M. C. Pujol; J. J. Carvajal; M. Aguiló; F. Díaz; V. Panyutin; U. Griebner; V. Petrov
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Transparent ceramics for high-power solid-state lasers
Author(s): Jasbinder Sanghera; Woohong Kim; Guillermo Villalobos; Colin Baker; Jesse Frantz; Brandon Shaw; Shyam Bayya; Bryan Sadowski; Michael Hunt; Ishwar Aggarwal
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Tm-doped disordered molybdate crystals for ultrashort mode-locked solid state lasers
Author(s): M. D. Serrano; X. Han; M. Rico; C. Cascales; C. Zaldo
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Resonantly diode pumped Ho3+:YVO4 2.1-μm laser
Author(s): G. A. Newburgh; Mark Dubinskii
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High efficiency Yb:YAG thin disk laser at room and cryogenic temperatures
Author(s): T. Carson; N. Vretenar; T. C. Newell; P. Peterson; T. Lucas; W. P. Latham
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Ultra-high-intensity 1550-nm single junction pulsed laser diodes
Author(s): J. F. Boucher; John J. Callahan
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High-performance blue and green laser diodes based on nonpolar/semipolar GaN substrates
Author(s): Mathew C. Schmidt; Christiane Poblenz; Yu-Chia Chang; Ben Li; Mark J. Mondry; Justin Iveland; Michael R. Krames; Richard Craig; James W. Raring; James S. Speck; Steven P. DenBaars; Shuji Nakamura
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High-brightness diode pump sources for solid-state and fiber laser pumping across 8xx-9xx nm range
Author(s): Ronen Diamant; Yuri Berk; Shalom Cohen; Genady Klumel; Moshe Levy; Yaki Openhaim; Ophir Peleg; Dan Yanson; Yoram Karni
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Extending the locking range of VHG-stabilized diode laser bars using wavefront compensator phaseplates
Author(s): Roy McBride; Natalia Trela; Jozef J. Wendland; Howard J. Baker
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Monolithic narrow linewidth polarization-maintaining thulium fiber laser using femtosecond laser written fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Christina C. C. Willis; Joshua D. Bradford; R. Andrew Sims; Lawrence Shah; Martin Richardson; Jens Thomas; Ria G. Becker; Christian Voigtländer; Andreas Tünnermann; Stefan Nolte
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Co-pumped 130 W monolithic single frequency fiber amplifier with an optically induced thermal gradient
Author(s): Clint Zeringue; Chris Vergien; Iyad Dajani
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Generation and amplification of femtosecond pulses in Tm:fiber
Author(s): R. Andrew Sims; Pankaj Kadwani; Lawrence Shah; Martin Richardson
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Atmospheric gas detection using broadband mid-IR thulium fiber-based sources
Author(s): Pankaj Kadwani; Robert A. Sims; Jeffrey Chia; Falah Altal; Lawrence Shah; Martin C. Richardson
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Extremely high-brightness kW-class fiber coupled diode lasers with wavelength stabilization
Author(s): Robin K. Huang; Bien Chann; John D. Glenn
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Progress in commercial wavelength-stabilized high-brightness diode sources suitable for pumping Yb-doped fiber lasers
Author(s): Aaron Brown; Paul Leisher; Geoff Fanning; Scott Lerner; Zhigang Chen; Ling Bao; Mike Grimshaw; Mark DeVito; Kirk Price; Keith Kennedy; Shelly Lin; Mitchell Reynolds; Scott Karlsen; Jay Small; Robert Martinsen; Jim Haden
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Oxide glasses for mid-infrared lasers
Author(s): Billy D. O. Richards; Animesh Jha; Gin Jose; Xin Jiang
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Integrated multispectral high-power laser platform for the defeat of heat-seeking missiles
Author(s): Boris Tadjikov; Alexei Tsekoun; Arkadiy Lyakh; Richard Maulini; Rodolfo Barron; C. Kumar N. Patel
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Sub-micron grained highly transparent sesquioxide ceramics: synthesis, processing, and properties
Author(s): J. Ballato; K. Serivalsatit
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Development of ceramic fibers for high-energy laser applications
Author(s): Geoff E. Fair; Hyun Jun Kim; HeeDong Lee; Triplicane A. Parthasarathy; Kristin A. Keller; Zachary D. Miller
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Performance comparison of SCHOTT laser glasses
Author(s): Mark J. Davis; Joseph S. Hayden
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Low-noise single frequency all phosphate fiber laser
Author(s): Peter Hofmann; Arturo Pirson-Chavez; Axel Schülzgen; Lingyun Xiong; Albane Laronche; Jacques Albert; Nasser Peyghambarian
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Multifunction laser source for ground and airborne applications
Author(s): Bruno Crépy
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Laser sources for Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): J. Kilmer; A. Iadevaia; Y. Yin
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Laser damage testing for ion beam sputtered optical coatings at 2 um and 3 um
Author(s): Chris Wood; Derrick Carpenter; Ove Lyngnes
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Ultrafast bandgap photonics for IR directional countermeasures and low observables
Author(s): Michael K. Rafailov
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Spectral beam combining using superimposed reflective volume Bragg grating
Author(s): Benjian Shen; Guangwei Zheng; Jichun Tan; Yanlan He; Xiujian Li; Yisheng Yang
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High energy microlaser and compact MOPA transmitter
Author(s): Brian K. Brickeen; Dave Bernot; Eliot Geathers; Joseph Mosovsky
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Modeling first-order distributed feedback semiconductor lasers at NIR
Author(s): Meng-Mu Shih
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