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Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) Sensing XII
Editor(s): Augustus W. Fountain III; Patrick J. Gardner
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Volume Number: 8018
Date Published: 10 May 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8018
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Biological aerosol background characterization
Author(s): Janet Blatny; Augustus W. Fountain III
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Characterization of laser induced fluorescence from background aerosols in a maritime environment
Author(s): Sylvie Buteau; Jean-Robert Simard; Denis Nadeau
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Fluorescence spectra of bioaerosols exposed to ozone in a laboratory reaction chamber to simulate atmospheric processing
Author(s): Yong-Le Pan; Steven C. Hill; Ronald G. Pinnick; Joshua L. Santarpia; Neal Baker; Benjamin Alvarez; Shanna Ratnesar-Shumate; Brian Cottrell; Laura McKee
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Ground truth methods for optical cross-section modeling of biological aerosols
Author(s): J. Kalter; E. Thrush; J. Santarpia; Z. Chaudhry; J. Gilberry; D. M. Brown; A. Brown; C. C. Carter
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Optimal classification of standoff bioaerosol measurements using evolutionary algorithms
Author(s): Ragnhild Nyhavn; Hans J. F. Moen; Øystein Farsund; Gunnar Rustad
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On the information content of linear and circular depolarization signatures of bioaerosols
Author(s): Gilles Roy; Xiaoying Cao; Robert Bernier
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Tracking [i]Legionella[/i] in air generated from a biological treatment plant: a case study of the outbreak of legionellosis in Norway
Author(s): Janet Martha Blatny; Jaran Strand Olsen; Øyvind Andreassen; Viggo Waagen; Bjørn Anders Pettersson Reif
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Characteristics of phylogenetic diversity in airborne bacterial populations in China
Author(s): Zahra Chaudhry; Joshua L. Santarpia; J. Vanderlei Martins
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Dynamic staining of bacteria at a single-cell level
Author(s): Vicente Nuñez; Srigokul Upadhyayula; Adam Lin; Kenny Chau; Valentine I. Vullev
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Selective vapor phase sensing of small molecules using biofunctionalized field effect transistors
Author(s): Joshua A. Hagen; Sang Nyon Kim; Nancy Kelley-Loughnane; Rajesh R. Naik; Morley O. Stone
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A distributed national network for label-free rapid identification of emerging pathogens
Author(s): J. Paul Robinson; Bartek P. Rajwa; M. Murat Dundar; Euiwon Bae; Valery Patsekin; E. Daniel Hirleman; Ali Roumani; Arun K. Bhunia; J. Eric Dietz; V. Jo Davisson; John G. Thomas
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Gamma/neutron analysis for SNM signatures at high-data rates (greater than 10^7 cps) for single-pulse active interrogation
Author(s): Istvan Dioszegi; Cynthia Salwen; Leon Forman
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Detection of thermal neutrons using gadolinium-oxide-based nanocrystals
Author(s): Antonio C. Rivera; Natasha N. Glazener; Nathaniel C. Cook; Brian A. Akins; John B. Plumley; Nathan J. Withers; Kenneth Carpenter; Gennady A. Smolyakov; Robert D. Busch; Marek Osiński
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An air fluorescence imaging system for the detection of radiological contamination
Author(s): Elizabeth Inrig; Lorne Erhardt; Vernon Koslowsky; Bob Andrews; Harry Ing; Michael Dick; Patrick Forget
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Tl-based wide gap semiconductor materials for x-ray and gamma ray detection
Author(s): Zhifu Liu; J. A. Peters; C. Zang; Nam Ki Cho; Bruce W. Wessels; Simon Johnsen; Sebastian Peter; John Androulakis; Mercouri G. Kanatzidis; Jung-Hwan Song; Hosub Jin; Arthur J. Freeman
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Compton imaging with a planar semiconductor system using pulse shape analysis
Author(s): Anthony Sweeney; Andrew J. Boston; Helen C. Boston; John P. Cresswell; Jamie Dormand; Mark Ellis; Laura J. Harkness; Martin Jones; Daniel S. Judson; Paul J. Nolan; David C. Oxley; David P. Scraggs; Mike J. Slee; Amandeep Thandi
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Visible/near-infrared hyperspectral sensing of solids under controlled environmental conditions
Author(s): Bruce E. Bernacki; Norman C. Anheier; Albert Mendoza; Bradley G. Fritz; Timothy J. Johnson
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Optical constants of neat liquid-chemical warfare agents and related materials measured by infrared spectroscopic ellipsometry
Author(s): C.S.-C. Yang; B. R. Williams; M. S. Hulet; T. E. Tiwald; R. W. Miles Jr.; A. C. Samuels
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Active infrared multispectral imaging of chemicals on surfaces
Author(s): Anish K. Goyal; Melissa Spencer; Michael Kelly; Joseph Costa; Michael DiLiberto; Emily Meyer; Thomas Jeys
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Polarimetry and infrared spectroscopy in the detection of low-volatility chemical threats
Author(s): Michael W. P. Petryk; Armando J. Marenco
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Characterization of next-generation commercial surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrates
Author(s): Mikella E. Hankus; Dimitra N. Stratis-Cullum; Paul M. Pellegrino
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A two-pulse, pump-probe method for short-range, remote standoff detection of chemical warfare agents
Author(s): Scott E. Bisson; Jeffrey M Headrick; Thomas A. Reichardt; Roger L Farrow; Thomas J. Kulp
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Standoff chemical detection using quantum cascade lasers and photoacoustic sensing
Author(s): Xing Chen; Douglas Janssen; Fow-Sen Choa
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LIBS spectroscopic classification relative to compressive sensing
Author(s): Steven T. Griffin; Eddie Jacobs; Orges Furxhi
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Standoff detection applying laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy at the DLR laser test range
Author(s): Jürgen Handke; Frank Duschek; Karin Gruenewald; Carsten Pargmann
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Mid-infrared optical fiber Fourier transform infrared spectrometer
Author(s): Kenneth J. Ewing; L. Brandon Shaw; Rick Kim; Rafael R. Gattass; Jas Sanghera; Ish Aggarwal
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Hollow core fiber optics for mid-wave and long-wave infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Jason M. Kriesel; Nahum Gat; Bruce E. Bernacki; Rebecca L. Erikson; Bret D. Cannon; Tanya L. Myers; Carlos M. Bledt; James A. Harrington
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Photothermal nano-cavities for ultra-sensitive chem-bio detection
Author(s): Juejun Hu; J. David Musgrave; Nathan Carlie; Anu Agarwal; Kathleen Richardson; Lionel C. Kimerling
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Demonstration of microcantilever-based sensor array with integrated microfluidics
Author(s): Gregory P. Nordin; Ryan R. Anderson; Stanley J. Ness; Weisheng Hu; Timothy M. Gustafson; Jong Wook Noh; Danny C. Richards; Seunghyun Kim
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Coordinated sensor cueing for chemical plume detection
Author(s): Nathan J. Abraham; Andrea M. Jensenius; Adam S. Watkins; R. Chad Hawthorne; Brian J. Stepnitz
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Enhanced chemical weapon warning via sensor fusion
Author(s): Michael Flaherty; Daniel Pritchett; Brian Cothren; James Schwaiger
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Sensor fusion for chemical plume detection, classification, and tracking
Author(s): Adam S. Watkins; Jeffrey D. Barton; Chad R. Hawthorne
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Modeling of photoacoustic vapor sensors using a multiphysics approach
Author(s): Ellen L. Holthoff; Paul M. Pellegrino; Jeffrey S. Crompton; Kyle C. Koppenhoefer
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Dynamic sensor deployment for the monitoring of chemical releases in urban environments (DYCE)
Author(s): Jason J. Lepley; David R Lloyd; Alan Robins; Alison Rudd; Ashley Wilks
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Remote quantification of smokestack effluent mass flow rates using imaging Fourier transform spectrometry
Author(s): Jacob L. Harley; Kevin C. Gross
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iCATSI: a multi-pixel imaging differential standoff chemical detection sensor
Author(s): Louis Moreau; Florent Prel; Hugo Lavoie; Francois Bouffard; Jean-Marc Theriault; Christian Vallieres; Claude Roy; Denis Dubé
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Characterization of aerosol-containing chemical simulant clouds using a sensitive, thermal infrared imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Hall; Francis M. D'Amico; Steven J. Kolodzey; Jun Qian; Mark L. Polak; Karl Westerberg; Clement S. Chang
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Signal processing for the detection of explosive residues on varying substrates using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Author(s): Kenneth D. Morton Jr.; Peter A. Torrione; Leslie Collins
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Fabrication and testing of a standoff trace explosives detection system
Author(s): Robert Waterbury; Jeremy Rose; Darius Vunck; Thomas Blank; Ken Pohl; Alan Ford; Troy McVay; Ed Dottery
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Multiple-excitation-wavelength resonance-Raman explosives detection
Author(s): Balakishore Yellampelle; Mikhail Sluch; Sanford Asher; Brian Lemoff
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Remote detection of explosives using Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Jack Fulton
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229 nm UV photochemical degradation of energetic molecules
Author(s): Luling Wang; David Tuschel; Sanford A. Asher
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Ultraviolet resonance Raman spectroscopy of nitroaromatic compounds for standoff detection applications
Author(s): Erik D. Emmons; Jason A. Guicheteau; Steven D. Christesen; Augustus W. Fountain III
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Optimal dynamic detection of explosives
Author(s): D. S. Moore; Herschel Rabitz; S. D. McGrane; M. T. Greenfield; R. J. Scharff; R. E. Chalmers; J. Roslund
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Chemical and explosives point detection through opaque containers using spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS)
Author(s): Paul W. Loeffen; Guy Maskall; Stuart Bonthron; Matthew Bloomfield; Craig Tombling; Pavel Matousek
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Investigating a drop-on-demand microdispenser for standardized sample preparation
Author(s): Ellen L. Holthoff; Mikella E. Hankus; Paul M. Pellegrino
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A mass spectrometer based explosives trace detector
Author(s): Andrey Vilkov; Kaveh Jorabchi; Karl Hanold; Jack A. Syage
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Multi-colorimetric sensor array for detection of explosives in gas and liquid phase
Author(s): N. Kostesha; T. S. Alstrøm; C. Johnsen; K. A. Nielsen; J. O. Jeppesen; J. Larsen; A. Boisen; M. H. Jakobsen
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NIR spectroscopy with multivariate calibration and lock-in amplification to detect chemicals concealed behind fabrics
Author(s): Aamer Saleem; Céline Canal; David A. Hutchins; Roger J. Green
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The limit of detection for explosives in spectroscopic differential reflectometry
Author(s): Thierry Dubroca; Karthik Vishwanathan; Rolf E. Hummel
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Empirical model for the temporally resolved temperatures of post-detonation fireballs for aluminized high explosives
Author(s): J. Motos Gordon; Kevin C. Gross; Glen P. Perram
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A novel infrared hyperspectral imager for passive standoff detection of explosives and explosive precursors
Author(s): Jean-Marc Thériault; Yan Montembeault; Hugo Lavoie; Francois Bouffard; Gilles Fortin; Paul Lacasse; Alexandre Vallières; Eldon Puckrin; Vincent Farley; Daniel Chamberland; Tim Bubner
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Compact, wide field DRS explosive detector
Author(s): Elizabeth Schundler; David Carlson; Robert Vaillancourt; Julia Rentz Dupuis; Craig Schwarze
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Infrared laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy emissions from energetic materials
Author(s): Clayton S.-C. Yang; E. Brown; Uwe Hommerich; Sudhir B. Trivedi; Alan C. Samuels; A. Peter Snyder
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The ChemSight: an open-path, multichemical detector for security applications
Author(s): S. Keith Holland; Gabriel Laufer
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Threat representative droplet generation and surface interaction analysis
Author(s): Steven Simpson; Thomas H. Chyba; Robert M. Jones; Gordon Harper; Diane Haslam
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Investigation of standoff explosives detection via photothermal/photoacoustic interferometry
Author(s): Pak S. Cho; Robert M. Jones; Timothy Shuman; Daniel Scoglietti; Geof Harston
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Explosives detection in the marine environment using UUV-modified immunosensor
Author(s): Paul T. Charles; André A. Adams; Jeffrey R. Deschamps; Scott P. Veitch; Alfred Hanson; Anne W. Kusterbeck
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Detection of TATP precursor acetone at trace levels using rf sputtered SnO[sub]2[/sub] thin film-based sensors
Author(s): Arijit Chowdhuri; Anjali Sharma; Vinay Gupta
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Gas image enhancement based on adaptive time-domain filtering and morphology
Author(s): Changxing Zhang; Lingxue Wang; Jiakun Li; Yunting Long; Bei Zhang
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Smart radiation monitor for airport baggage screening
Author(s): Alon Osovizky; Dimitry Ginzburg; Eli Marcus; Yaacov Yehuda-Zada; Max Ghelman; Eran Vax; Vladislav Bronfenmacher; Tzachi Mazor; Yosef Cohen
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Rotationally resolved infrared spectra of the explosive bouquet compounds associated with C-4 explosives
Author(s): Trocia N. Clasp; Tiffani Johnson; Michael N. Sullivan; Scott W. Reeve
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