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Window and Dome Technologies and Materials XII
Editor(s): Randal W. Tustison
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Volume Number: 8016
Date Published: 20 May 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8016
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Effects and elimination of nanoporosity in transparent sintered spinel (MgAl[sub]2[/sub]O[sub]4[/sub])
Author(s): Andreas Krell; Katja Waetzig; Jens Klimke
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Manufacturing solutions for polycrystalline transparent spinel domes
Author(s): A. LaRoche; J. Kutsch; L. Fehrenbacher
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High-performance spinel ceramics for IR windows and domes
Author(s): Juan L. Sepulveda; Raouf O. Loutfy; Sekyung Chang; Sharly Ibrahim
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ALON optical ceramic transparencies for window, dome, and transparent armor applications
Author(s): Lee M. Goldman; Rich Twedt; Sreeram Balasubramanian; Suri Sastri
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High-impact resistance optical sensor windows
Author(s): Joel Askinazi; Mark L. Ceccorulli; Lee Goldman
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Dual IR/RF windows for laser communications
Author(s): Lee M. Goldman; Richard Twedt; Jayson Zigman; Robert Ondercin
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Transparent ceramics for demanding optical applications
Author(s): Mark Parish; Marina Pascucci; Normand Corbin; Brenda Puputti; Guerlyne Chery; Jason Small
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Colloidal processing and optical transmittance of submicron polycrystalline alumina
Author(s): Tzu-Chien Wen; Dinesh K. Shetty
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Synthesis, characterization, and densification of Al[sub]2-x[/sub]Sc[sub]x[/sub](WO[sub]4[/sub])[sub]3[/sub] ceramics for low-expansion infrared-transparent windows
Author(s): Niladri Dasgupta; Bruce Butler; Erinn Sörge; Tzu-Chien Wen; Dinesh K. Shetty
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A mid-infrared prism coupler for bulk and thin film optical analysis
Author(s): Norman C. Anheier; Hong A. Qiao
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Measurement of chalcogenide glass optical dispersion using a mid-infrared prism coupler
Author(s): Hong A. Qiao; Norm C. Anheier; J. David Musgrave; Kathleen Richardson; Daniel W. Hewak
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Methods for prediction of refractive index in glasses for the infrared
Author(s): John S. McCloy
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Multiphonon difference band absorption in diamond
Author(s): Michael E. Thomas
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Anisotropy in structural and optical properties of chemical vapor deposited ZnS
Author(s): John McCloy; Eric Fest; Ralph Korenstein; W. Howard Poisl
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Bimodal Weibull statistical analysis of CVD-ZnSe and CVD-ZnS flexural strength data
Author(s): Claude A. Klein
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Microwave mediated synthesis of ZnS spherical nanoparticles for IR optical ceramics
Author(s): D. Ravichandran; T. Wharton; B. Devan; R. Korenstein; R. Tustison; S. Komarneni
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Single crystal and polycrystalline CVD diamond for demanding optical applications
Author(s): J. M. Dodson; J. R. Brandon; H. K. Dhillon; I. Friel; S. L. Geoghegan; T. P. Mollart; P. Santini; G. A. Scarsbrook; D. J. Twitchen; A. J. Whitehead; J. J. Wilman; H. de Wit
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History of magnetorheological finishing
Author(s): Daniel C. Harris
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Rapid optical manufacturing of hard ceramic conformal windows and domes
Author(s): J. DeGroote Nelson; A. Gould; D. Dworzanski; C. Klinger; B. Wiederhold; M. Mandina
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Ogive and free-form polishing with ultraform finishing
Author(s): Scott Bambrick; Michael Bechtold; Scott DeFisher; David Mohring
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Moldable AR microstructures for improved laser transmission and damage resistance in CIRCM fiber optic beam delivery systems
Author(s): Bruce D. MacLeod; Douglas S. Hobbs; Ernest Sabatino III
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Development of nanostructured protective "sight glasses" for IR gas sensors
Author(s): René Bergmann; Zachary James Davis; Michael Stenbæk Schmidt; Sønnik Clausen; Anja Boisen; Jens Møller Jensen; Rainer Buchner; Thomine Stolberg-Rohr; Mogens Havsteen Jakobsen
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Laser damage resistant anti-reflection microstructures in Raytheon ceramic YAG, sapphire, ALON, and quartz
Author(s): Douglas S. Hobbs; Bruce D. MacLeod; Ernest Sabatino III; Thomas M. Hartnett; Richard L. Gentilman
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Numerical comparison of grid pattern diffraction effects through measurement and modeling with OptiScan software
Author(s): Ian B. Murray; Victor Densmore; Vaibhav Bora; Matthew W. Pieratt; Douglas L. Hibbard; Tom D. Milster
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Advances in freeform optical metrology using a multibeam low-coherence optical probe (Quad-Probe)
Author(s): Christopher J. Ditchman; Damon W. Diehl; Christopher T. Cotton; Nathan E. Burdick; David Woodlock; Jun Zou
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A non-contact surface measurement system for freeform and conformal optics
Author(s): Scott DeFisher; Michael Bechtold; David Mohring
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Interferometric tomography: a new tool for metrology on conformal optics
Author(s): Mikhail Gutin; Olga Gutin; Xu-Ming Wang; Dennis Ehlinger
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Low-loss dual-wave laser optics coatings at 1060 nm and 530 nm
Author(s): Jue Wang; Horst Schreiber
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Flexible transparent electrode
Author(s): Hulya Demiryont; Kenneth C. Shannon III; David Moorehead; Matthew Bratcher
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