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Infrared Imaging Systems: Design, Analysis, Modeling, and Testing XXII
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Volume Number: 8014
Date Published: 9 May 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8014
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Modeling of pixel edge effects in a novel micro-filter array for the visible spectrum
Author(s): Frida E. Strömqvist Vetelino; Ali A. Abtahi; Peter B. Griffin; Ricky J. Morgan; Usha Raghuram
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Conspicuity of moving soldiers
Author(s): Jaap A. Beintema; Alexander Toet; Sjoerd J. de Vries
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Modeling human performance with low light sparse color imagers
Author(s): David P. Haefner; Joseph P. Reynolds; Jae Cha; Van Hodgkin
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Improved noise model for the US Army sensor performance metric
Author(s): Bradley L. Preece; Jeffrey T. Olson; Joseph P. Reynolds; Jonathan D. Fanning
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Passive SWIR airglow illuminated imaging compared with NIR-visible for low-light nighttime observations
Author(s): David C. Dayton; Jeffery Allen; Rudolph Nolasco; John D. Gonglewski; Michael Myers; Dennis Burns; Ishan Mons; Francisco Maia
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Modeling MRT for well-characterized thermal imagers
Author(s): Stephen D. Burks; Joseph P. Reynolds; Kenneth Garner
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Performance evaluation of panoramic electro-optic imagers using the TOD method
Author(s): Pierre Désaulniers; Simon Thibault
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Thermal imager non-uniformity sources modeling
Author(s): Emanuele Guadagnoli; Claudio Giunti; Paolo Mariani; Monica Olivieri; Antonio Porta; Barbara Sozzi; Stefano Zatti
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Matched filtering determines human visual search in natural images
Author(s): Alexander Toet
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Analytical calculation for probability of detection given time-dependent search parameters
Author(s): Melvin H. Friedman; Joseph Reynolds; David Wilson; Ronald Driggers
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Drift-insensitive dim-target detection using differential correlation
Author(s): Alan Y. Hsu
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Software toolkit for evaluating infrared imaging seeker
Author(s): Marianne A. Degache
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Collaborative search with independent sensors and multiple observers
Author(s): Melvin H. Friedman; Joseph Reynolds
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LWIR thermal imaging through dust obscuration
Author(s): Forrest A. Smith; Eddie L. Jacobs; Srikant Chari; Jason Brooks
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Performance assessment of treating aliased signal as target-dependent noise
Author(s): Bradley L. Preece; David P. Haefner
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Identification of human activities in a thermal system with noise varied in temporal frequency
Author(s): Jason Brooks; Eddie Jacobs; Forrest Smith
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System considerations of aerial infrared imaging for wide-area persistent surveillance
Author(s): Melvin R. Kruer; John N. Lee; Dale Linne von Berg; John Grant Howard; Jason Edelberg
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TOD to TTP calibration
Author(s): Piet Bijl; Joseph P. Reynolds; Wouter K. Vos; Maarten A. Hogervorst; Jonathan D. Fanning
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Spatial frequency dependence of target signature for infrared performance modeling
Author(s): Todd Du Bosq; Jeffrey Olson
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A new blur kernel estimator and comparisons to state-of-the-art
Author(s): Leslie N. Smith; James R. Waterman; K. Peter Judd
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Comparison of the performance of LWIR and MWIR thermal imagers for varying ambient temperature and humidity conditions
Author(s): V. Dhar; Z. Khan; R. K. Sharma; R. Muralidharan
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Improved signature prediction through coupling of ShipIR and CFD
Author(s): David A. Vaitekunas; Chris Sideroff; Christine Moussa
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Simulation of laser beam reflection at the sea surface
Author(s): Frédéric Schwenger; Endre Repasi
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SMART and SMARTI: visible and IR atmospheric radiative-transfer libraries optimized for wide-band applications
Author(s): Vincent Ross; Denis Dion
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Simulation of a laser range-gated SWIR imaging system in weak turbulence conditions
Author(s): David Oxford; Richard L. Espinola
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Computer simulation of image degradations by atmospheric turbulence for horizontal views
Author(s): Endre Repasi; Robert Weiss
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Spatial and temporal variability of SWIR air glow measurements
Author(s): Jeffery Allan; David Dayton; John Gonglewski; Michael Myers; Rudolf Nolasco
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Statistics of the point spread function for imaging through turbulence
Author(s): Mikhail Charnotskii
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CART V: recent advancements in computer-aided camouflage assessment
Author(s): Thomas Müller; Markus Müller
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A simple physical model for simulating turbulent imaging
Author(s): Guy Potvin; J. Luc Forand; Denis Dion
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MATISSE-v2.0: new functionalities and comparison with MODIS satellite images
Author(s): Luc Labarre; Karine Caillault; Sandrine Fauqueux; Claire Malherbe; Antoine Roblin; Bernard Rosier; Pierre Simoneau; Caroline Schweitzer; Karin Stein; Norbert Wendelstein
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3D detector noise revisited
Author(s): Astrid Lundmark
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MRi dual-band MWIR imaging FTS
Author(s): Florent Prel; Louis Moreau; Stéphane Lantagne; Ritchie D. Bullis; Claude Roy; Christian Vallières; Luc Levesque
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Design and characterization of uniform radiance source systems for veiling glare testing of optical systems via the integral method
Author(s): Joseph W. Jablonski; Christopher Durell; Greg A. McKee
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A unique, accurate LWIR optics measurement system
Author(s): Stephen D. Fantone; Daniel G. Orband
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Blackbody source technology trends
Author(s): Jason A. Mazzetta; Miguel A. Medina; Stephen D. Scoptaz; John E. Sgheiza
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Calibration of a high dynamic range, low light level visible source
Author(s): Joe La Veigne; Todd Szarlan; Nate Radtke
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Removing ths statistical bias from three-dimensional noise measurements
Author(s): Ze'ev Bomzon
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A common architecture for TPS development
Author(s): Alan Irwin; Joe La Veigne; Brian Nehring
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SR-5000N design: spectroradiometer's new performance improvements in FOV response uniformity (flatness) scan speed and other important features
Author(s): Dario Cabib; Shmuel Shapira; Moshe Lavi; Amir Gil; Uri Milman
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Increased responsivity pyroelectric radiometer with dome input and temperature control
Author(s): George P. Eppeldauer; Jinan Zeng; Leonard M. Hanssen
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Fast MTF and aberrations analysis of MWIR and LWIR imaging systems using quadri wave interferometry
Author(s): Sabrina Velghe; Emeline Durand; Djamel Brahmi; William Boucher; Benoit Wattellier
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Dual-wavelength transfer standard for laser peak-power measurement
Author(s): Rodney Leonhardt; Daniel King
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Field performance evaluation for Heliborne FLIR systems by newly devised conversion methodology
Author(s): Kee Tae Han
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Laboratory for testing electro-optical surveillance systems
Author(s): K. Chrzanowski
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High brightness imaging system using vertical cavity surface-emitting laser micro-arrays- results and proposed enhancements
Author(s): Mark A. Mentzer; Chuni L. Ghosh
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