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MIPPR 2011: Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
Editor(s): Jonathan Roberts; Jie Ma
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Volume Number: 8004
Date Published: 30 November 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8004
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Transfer estimation and the applications in data stream classification
Author(s): Zhihao Zhang; Jie Zhou
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A fast randomized clustering method based on a hypothetical potential field
Author(s): Yonggang Lu; Li Liao; Ruhai Wang
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A weak component approach of subspace analysis
Author(s): Lijuan Pu; Weixin Xie; Jihong Pei
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A fingerprint matching algorithm based on probabilistic graphical model and three-tree model
Author(s): Xiang Fu; Junjie Bian; Chongjin Liu; Jufu Feng
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A novel algorithm for cut shot boundary detection
Author(s): Peng Sun; Yinan Na; Jie Zhou
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Multi-view image matching algorithm based on Chang'e-1 lunar image
Author(s): He Yu; Xu Qing; Xing Shuai
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Personalized tag prediction via social influence in social networks
Author(s): Zhenlei Yan; Jie Zhou
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Robust mean shift tracking with improved background-weighted histogram
Author(s): Liangwei Jiang; Rui Huang; Nong Sang
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Multiplicative multifractal modeling method for HF sea clutter
Author(s): Wen Sheng; Xiaohua Zhang; Ji Ren
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Image super-resolution enhancement based on online learning and blind sparse decomposition
Author(s): Jinzheng Lu; Qiheng Zhang; Zhiyong Xu; Zhenming Peng
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A fast template matching method based on context prediction
Author(s): Lie Kang; Sheng Zhong; Zuoqian Du; Zhangfa Ren
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Reference image generation based on three-dimensional realistic scene modeling for contour-based infrared ATR algorithm
Author(s): Hang Li; Delie Ming; Jinwen Tian; Chengqiang Gao; Feiran Jie; Bo Lei
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Improved SIFT algorithm with camera orientation
Author(s): ShaoHua Zhang; ZhiYuan Qin; DongJuan Fang
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Extending the depth-of-field of incoherent imaging system through wave-front coding by using composite phase masks
Author(s): Hui Zhao; Hongwei Yi; Yingcai Li
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Image matching by affine speed-up robust features
Author(s): Chen Lin; Jin Liu; Liang Cao
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Robust nonlinear dimensionality reduction by topologically constrained semi-isometric embedding
Author(s): Guowan Shao; Nong Sang; Longsheng Wei
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A novel radiometric projector compensation algorithm based on Lambertian reflection model
Author(s): Bo Zhu; Lijun Xie; Tingjun Yang; Qihui Wang; Yao Zheng
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Adaptive gesture recognition combining HMM models and geometrical features
Author(s): Pu Cheng; Jie Zhou
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Low-resolution facial image restoration based on sparse representation
Author(s): Yuelong Li; Junjie Bian; Jufu Feng
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Single image super-resolution using sparse prior
Author(s): Junjie Bian; Yuelong Li; Jufu Feng
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Improved Fourier descriptors in model-based pose estimation
Author(s): Hui-jun Tang; Jia Wen; Cai-wen Ma; Hai-bin Hu; Ren-kui Zhou
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Detecting skin colors under varying illumination
Author(s): Leyuan Liu; Rui Huang; Saiyong Yang; Nong Sang
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A method of frost observation based on intensity changing regularity simulation and texture analysis
Author(s): Lei Zhu; Zhiguo Cao; Wen Zhuo; Ruicheng Yan
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An automatic DSM and remote sensing images registration scheme using template matching technique
Author(s): Yueming Qin; Zhiguo Cao; Wen Zhuo
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A matching algorithm for IR/visual images based on the invariant moment of histogram
Author(s): Ying-hong Zhu; Jun-shan Li; Yi-juan Zhu
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User-oriented summary extraction for soccer video based on multimodal analysis
Author(s): Huayong Liu; Shanshan Jiang; Tingting He
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An application of three-dimensional modeling in the cutting machine of intersecting line software
Author(s): Jixiang Lu
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Laser-beam-based calibration
Author(s): Jun Zhang; Dandan Tian; Xiaomao Liu; Hao Zhu; Hao Yue; Rong Yang; Yiquan Li; Shu Chen; Jinwen Tian
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A new method for fast circle detection in a complex background image
Author(s): Meijun Wu; Jie Yang; Yadong Sun
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Object recognition based on spatial active basis template
Author(s): Shaowu Peng; Jingcheng Xu
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A realization of semi-global matching stereo algorithm on GPU for real-time application
Author(s): Bin Chen; He-ping Chen
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Hand-written numeral recognition based on spectrum clustering
Author(s): Shan Zeng; Nong Sang; Xiaojun Tong
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Fast residential area extraction from remote sensing image based on Log-Gabor filter
Author(s): Jie Xiao; Chao Cai
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Object tracking in visual surveillance using narrow band-based graph cuts
Author(s): Liman Liu; Wenbing Tao; Jinwen Tian
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A novel image distance based on Gabor feature and approximated manifold
Author(s): Hua Zhou; Mingyue Ding; Chao Cai
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A multifocus image fusion in nonsubsampled contourlet domain with variational fusion strategy
Author(s): Ning Ma; Limin Luo; Zeming Zhou; Miaoyuan Liang
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A novel 3D convex surface reconstruction method based on visual hull
Author(s): Qingguang Li; Shengyong Xu; Dan Xia; Dehua Li
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Visualization and analysis for multidimensional gene expressions signature of cigarette smoking
Author(s): Changbo Wang; Zhao Xiao; Tianlun Zhang; Jin Cui; Chenming Pang
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A novel high-resolution image connected components labeling method
Author(s): Yebin Fan; Hualong Zhao
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Contour integration and segmentation with a new lateral connections model
Author(s): Chao Cai
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A fast image retrieval method based on SVM and imbalanced samples in filtering multimedia message spam
Author(s): Zhang Chen; Zhenming Peng
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Face-sets based video shot retrieval using the text-search analogous approach
Author(s): Rui Liu; Haiyang Zhen; Ming Zhu
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A novel method using Gabor-based multiple feature and ensemble SVMs for ground-based cloud classification
Author(s): Ruitao Liu; Weidong Yang
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The research and development of CCD-based slab continuous casting mold copper surface imaging system
Author(s): Xingdong Wang; Liugang Zhang; Haihua Xie; Liaosha Long; Wenyong Yu
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Handwritten digits recognition based on immune network
Author(s): Yangyang Li; Yunhui Wu; Lc Jiao; Jianshe Wu
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Research of SIFT matching algorithm in binocular vision
Author(s): Shihua Liang; Wei Wu; Liting Lin; Xining Wang
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Removing artifacts using gradient projection from a single image
Author(s): Bo Song; Shenwen Gong; Chunjian Ren
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A simple and efficient saliency extraction method based on multi-scale horizon-directional filter for infrared dim small target detection
Author(s): Renbo Xia; Jinbin Zhao; Bin Hui; Zheng Chang; Guangchao Zhou
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Design of 3D crafts manufacturing system based on stereo vision
Author(s): Xiangyan Liu; Shilin Wu
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An ensemble learning algorithm based on generalized attribute value partitioning
Author(s): Weidong Tian; Fang Wu; Jipeng Qiang; Hongjuan Zhou
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Combining 1D and 2D linear discriminant analysis for palmprint recognition
Author(s): Jian Zhang; Hongbing Ji; Lei Wang; Lin Lin
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Online independent Lagrangian support vector machine
Author(s): Yu Jin; Hongbing Ji; Lei Wang; Lin Lin
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Terrain reconstruction algorithm based on epipolar line rectification and dense matching
Author(s): Wenjuan Jiang; Yuan Gao; Jiayi Ma; Dazhi Zhang; Jinwen Tian
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A heuristic algorithm for extraction of straight lines
Author(s): Yinwen Dong; Bingcheng Yuan; Hangyu Wang; Zhaoming Shi
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Error analysis of three-dimensional reconstruction for irregular objects
Author(s): Li Zheng; Yanjie Feng; Yuejun Luo
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Laser spot tracking with sub-pixel precision based on subdivision mesh
Author(s): Bangping Wang; Li Wu; Xie Wang
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Background feature descriptor for offline handwritten numeral recognition
Author(s): Delie Ming; Hao Wang; Tian Tian; Feiran Jie; Bo Lei
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