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MIPPR 2011: Automatic Target Recognition and Image Analysis
Editor(s): Tianxu Zhang; Nong Sang
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Volume Number: 8003
Date Published: 8 December 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 8003
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Single image dehazing based on dark channel prior
Author(s): Shuyin Tao; Huajun Feng; Zhihai Xu; Qi Li
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A quaternion-based spectral clustering method for color image segmentation
Author(s): Xiang Li; Lianghai Jin; Hong Liu; Zeng He
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An edge detection method based on Gamma distribution function for power line aerial images
Author(s): Qinggang Wu; Xinye Zhang
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An edge detection method for strong noisy image using shearlets
Author(s): Yuming Li; Hanqiang Cao; Zijian Xu
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Confidence evaluation for cascade classifier in object detection
Author(s): Jin Liu; WenBing Tao; Han Zheng
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Image segmentation based on pixel feature manifold
Author(s): Haopeng Zhang; Zhiguo Jiang
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The study on snow scope monitoring based on active and passive remote sensing data: a case of HJ-1 and ALOS
Author(s): Wei Wu; Yan Cui; Wenbo Li
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A novel method of stable edge fragment detection
Author(s): Bin Xiong; Xiaoqing Ding
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Tropical cyclones center locating based on satellite cloud images
Author(s): Wenfeng Qiao; Yuanxiang Li
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Radar convective storm nowcasting using a level set method
Author(s): Jinze Song; YuanXiang Li; Qi Hu; WenFeng Qiao
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Pavement crack detection based on texture feature
Author(s): Xiuhua Zhang; Yanjun Chen; Hanyu Hong
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Billet character segmentation based on multiple feature decision
Author(s): Hanyu Hong; Yijun Yang; Xiuhua Zhang
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Algorithm of weak edge detection based on the Nilpotent minimum fusion
Author(s): Genyun Sun; Aizhu Zhang; Xujun Han
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Fast multi-scale edge detection algorithm based on wavelet transform
Author(s): Jie Zang; Yanjun Song; Shaojuan Li; Guoyun Luo
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A novel directional asymmetric sampling search algorithm for fast block-matching motion estimation
Author(s): Yue-e Li; Qiang Wang
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Fusion of multi-measures in infrared target recognition based on Dempster-Shafer evidence theory
Author(s): Tian Tian; Delie Ming
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Fingerprint image enhancement via log-Gabor filtering
Author(s): Zhen-kun Lu; Zhen-ming Yu
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Recovering ego-motion from optical flow for aerial navigation
Author(s): Tongxin Wen; He Deng; Jianguo Liu
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Obstacle detection by ground homograph estimation during autonomous navigation
Author(s): Yuan Gao; Jiayi Ma; Wenjuan Jiang; Jinwen Tian
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Self-adaptive threshold tracking algorithm of infrared weak-small targets
Author(s): Zhaohui Xu; Yongkang Zhang; Yan Tian; Huijun Tang; Junxia Wei
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An anisotropic detection method of dim-small infrared targets
Author(s): Qiang Zhang; Jingju Cai; Qiheng Zhang
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An imaging modeling simulation research of infrared aero-optical effect based on superposition of Gaussian Mixture Model
Author(s): Liping Xiao; Delie Ming
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Robust lane detection and tracking using improved Hough transform and Gaussian Mixture Model
Author(s): Yun Zhang; Junbin Gong; Jinwen Tian
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A matching-unscented Kalman filtering for gravity aided navigation
Author(s): Lin Wu; Xin Tian; Hong Ma; Jinwen Tian
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Human-machine cooperation in unmanned aerial vehicle path planning based on cloud model
Author(s): Xixia Sun; Chao Cai
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Rock detection based on shadows and texture for safe lunar landing
Author(s): Zhiguo Cao; Qiang Fu
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Forward-looking infrared target recognition based on histograms of oriented gradients
Author(s): Zhiguo Cao; Xuan Zhang; Wenwu Wang
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Color image segmentation using watershed and Nyström method based spectral clustering
Author(s): Xiaodong Bai; Zhiguo Cao; Zhenghong Yu; Hu Zhu
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Self-localization algorithm for mobile robot based on the omni-directional sensor
Author(s): Tongwei Lu; Hui Yan; Dan Zhou
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An improved algorithm for facet-based infrared small target detection
Author(s): Kejia Yi; Tingquan Deng; Jing Guan; Gongze Wang; Hao Chen
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A new method for fast vehicle license plate detection
Author(s): Han Zheng; Jin Liu; Lei Xie
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L1-graph-based image matching approach for UAV navigation
Author(s): H. B. Zhou; J. W. Tian; D. Z. Zhang
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A cloud detection and removal method based on feature judgment in downward-looking infrared images
Author(s): Zhijun Li; Songlin Liu; Weihua Wang; Zengping Chen
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Level set segmentation using image second order statistics
Author(s): Bo Ma; Yuwei Wu; Pei Li
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Object tracking under occlusions by hierarchical part matching
Author(s): Lizuo Jin; Weiguo Sun; Sha He
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Saliency image of feature building for image quality assessment
Author(s): Xinuo Ju; Jiyin Sun; Peng Wang
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An effective method on ship target detection in remote sensing image of complex background
Author(s): Zhengrong Zuo; Xiaoqin Kuang
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An improved random walk algorithm based on data-adaptive gaussian smoother for image segmentation
Author(s): Cuimei Guo; Sheng Zheng; Yaocheng Xie; Wei Hao
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Stable imaging tracking method based on learning online for ground moving target with multi-DSP processing
Author(s): Yun Li; Sheng Zhong
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EMBoost clustering based on spatial information for image segmentation
Author(s): Shuiping Gou; Quanhua Fei; Yifan Zhao
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An effective automatic tracking algorithm based on Camshift and Kalman filter
Author(s): Juan Liang; Jianhua Hou; Jun Xiang
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FLIR image quality assessment for gray scale template matching
Author(s): Peng Wang; Ji-yin Sun; Xi-nuo Ju
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Adaptive wiener filter of aero degraded image based on precise image segmentation
Author(s): Lihui Sun; Junshan Li; Zhi Geng; Shijie Zhang
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Scale and rotation invariant ship recognition using log-polar mapping and two-dimensional PCA
Author(s): Yi Chao; Guangzhou Zhao
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Infrared dim target detection based on character filter
Author(s): Ruolan Hu; Xiao Zhou; Guohua Zhang; Guilin Zhang
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A tracking and learning method for on-road potential safety hazard
Author(s): Jian-wen Mo; Sheng-chao Zhang; Bo Yao
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Robust similarity measurement based on gray change consensus for target tracking
Author(s): Xiao Zhou; Xingang Mou; Ruolan Hu; Guilin Zhang
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Boosting weak classifiers for visual tracking based on kernel regression
Author(s): Bo Ma; Weizhang Ma
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