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International Conference on Laser Physics 2010
Editor(s): Aram V. Papoyan
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Volume Number: 7998
Date Published: 4 March 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7998
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Possible reasons of preferred orientation of crystalline ZnO and LiNbO[sub]3[/sub] films produced by sol-gel method
Author(s): A. Arzumanyan; I. Ghambaryan; S. Grigoryan; E. Vardanyan; R. Hovsepyan; A. Poghosyan; G. Shirinyan
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Influence of Ce[sup]3+[/sup] sensitizers on spectroscopic properties of Er[sup]3+[/sup] ions in YAG:Ce[sup]3+[/sup], Er[sup]3+[/sup] crystals
Author(s): V. G. Babajanyan; R. B. Kostanyan; P. H. Muzhikyan; A. G. Petrosyan; R. V. Sargsyan
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Effect of free carriers on optical functions of n-type ZnO:Ga films
Author(s): Y. Kafadaryan; N. Aghamalyan; S. Petrosyan; A. Shirinyan; N. Aramyan; R. Hovsepyan
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Parametrization of intensity of inter-Stark f-f transition
Author(s): G. G. Demirkhanyan; R. B. Kostanyan
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Dependences of up-conversional luminescence of LiNbO3:Yb3+, Er3+ crystals on pump intensity
Author(s): V. G. Babajanyan; R. B. Kostanyan; P. H. Muzhikyan; R. V. Sargsyan
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Spectroscopic evaluations of optical cooling effect in LiNbO[sub]3[/sub]:Yb[sup]3+[/sup] crystal
Author(s): V. G. Babajanyan
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Optical damage and photoconductivity in iron-doped lithium niobate crystals
Author(s): B. Chikh-Bled; M. Aillerie; S. Kostritskii; E. Kokanyan; B. Benyoucef
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Theoretical study of laser-induced thermomechanical effect and new type of orientational optical nonlinearity in twist aligned nematic liquid crystal
Author(s): A. K Aleksanyan; R. S Hakobyan
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Memory elements based on thin film field-effect transistor
Author(s): Natella R. Aghamalyan; Ruben K. Hovsepyan; Evgenia A. Kafadaryan; Silva I. Petrosyan; Armen R. Poghosyan; Eduard S. Vardanyan
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On the dielectric susceptibility calculation in the incommensurate phase of K2SeO4
Author(s): T. A. Aslanyan
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Electrical properties of LaB6/PZT/Ag structure with asymmetric interface charge distribution
Author(s): Y. A. Kafadaryan; N. R. Aghamalyan; S. I. Petrosyan; R. K. Hovsepyan; V. G. Lazaryan; A. S. Kuzanyan
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CeB6 as a prospective material for cryogenic thermoelectric single photon detectors
Author(s): Vahagn Petrosyan
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Investigation of the elemental composition of lanthanum-cerium hexaboride crystals
Author(s): Georgi Badalyan; Armen Kuzanyan; Vahagn Petrosyan; Vazgen Kuzanyan; Armen Gulian
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New salts of amino acids with dimeric cations
Author(s): V. V Ghazaryan; M. Fleck; A. M. Petrosyan
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Crystal growth and characterization of L-threoninium chloride and L-threoninium bromide, new nonlinear optical crystals
Author(s): V. V Ghazaryan
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Combined interferometric-mask method for creation of micro- and sub-micrometric scale 3D structures in photorefractive materials
Author(s): Anahit Badalyan; Ruben Hovsepyan; Vahram Mekhitaryan; Paytsar Mantashyan; Rafael Drampyan
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Experimental study of laser-induced thermomechanical effect and new type of orientational optical nonlinearity in twist aligned nematic liquid crystal
Author(s): G. S. Gevorgyan; A. A. Kirakosyan; R. B. Alaverdyan; R. S. Hakobyan
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Photochromic effect and holographic recording in doubly doped LiNbO[sub]3[/sub] crystals
Author(s): Paytsar Mantashyan
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Plane electromagnetic waves in a homogeneous anisotropic uniaxial medium having a double anisotropy and an arbitrary orientation of its optical axis
Author(s): M. S. Rafayelyan; A. H. Gevorgyan
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Light waves in 1D photonic crystals with arbitrarily changing dielectric and magnetic permittivities
Author(s): V. L. Nanumyan; A. H. Gevorgyan
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Broadband similariton for ultrafast optics and photonics
Author(s): Aram Zeytunyan; Anush Muradyan; Garegin Yesayan; Levon Mouradian
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Pulse compression down to 17 femtoseconds by generating broadband similariton
Author(s): Kristine Palanjyan; Anush Muradyan; Aram Zeytunyan; Garegin Yesayan; Levon Mouradian
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Coherence as ultrashort pulse train generator
Author(s): Mariam Hovhannisyan; Gevorg Muradyan
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Lumped element resonator for use in gas laser microwave excitation
Author(s): V. Arakelyan; R. Manucharyan
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Numerical modeling of difference frequency radiation generation by a few optical cycles duration pulse propagating in a quasi-phase-matching GaAs crystal
Author(s): D. L. Hovhannisyan; A. A Hakhoumian; E. M Laziev; A. S Nikoghosyan; G. D Hovhannisyan
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Numerical modeling of femtosecond optical soliton propagation in single mode fiber with taking into account the Raman response imaginary part
Author(s): David Hovhannisyan; Artur Hovhannisyan; Gevorg Hovhannisyan; Karen Hovhannisyan
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Alkali metal atomic transition probability in strong external magnetic field and its application
Author(s): C. Leroy; G. Hakhumyan; Y. Pashayan-Leroy; D. Sarkisyan
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Demkov-Kunike model in cold molecule formation
Author(s): A. Ishkhanyan
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Selective reflection studies of molecular cesium vapor
Author(s): Marina Movsisyan; Svetlana Shmavonyan; Aram Papoyan
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Study of Rb atomic transitions D [sub]1,2[/sub] lines in strong magnetic field based on fluorescence spectra of sub-micron thin cell
Author(s): G. Hakhumyan; A. Sargsyan; C. Leroy; Y. Pashayan-Leroy; D. Sarkisyan
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Coherent transfer of population in an atomic system in the presence of buffer gas
Author(s): K. Khanbekyan; G. Bevilacqua; A. Khanbekyan; E. Mariotti; A. Papoyan; L. Moi
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Self-induced suppression of probe absorption in four-level atomic media
Author(s): Sh. Petrosyan; Yu. Malakyan
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Manipulating Feshbach resonances in collisions of atoms in laser radiation field
Author(s): A. Gazazyan; E. Gazazyan; V. Chaltykyan
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Coherent control of spontaneous emission in driven multilevel atoms
Author(s): Emil Gazazyan; Vigen Chaltykyan; Alfred Gazazyan
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Raman-Nath approximation for atom diffraction in the laser field of counterpropagating waves: instantaneous turn-on of interaction
Author(s): Lilit A. Hovhannisyan; A. Zh. Muradyan
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Polarization interferometer as a sensitive measuring instrument of displacement of wavelength of coherent radiation
Author(s): V. B. Pakhalov; K. A. Margaryan
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Investigation of microstructure, composition and electroconductivity of CuOx ceramics before and after influence of laser radiation
Author(s): A. S. Kuzanyan; V. A. Petrosyan; V. T. Tatoyan; V. S. Kuzanyan; V. R. Nikoghosyan; V. H. Vardanyan; S. Kh. Pilosyan; A. M. Gulian
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Electrical properties of DLC- (n, p)-Si heterojunctions fabricated by ion-assisted plasma-enhanced deposition and pulsed laser deposition methods
Author(s): Zhosef R. Panosyan; Serjik S. Voskanyan; Yerem V. Yengibaryan; Karapet E. Avjyan; Ashot M. Khachatryan; Lenrik A. Matevosyan
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New synchronous detection approach in optical transmission imaging
Author(s): Karen Z. Vardanyan; Anna A. Khachaturova; Sargis M. Varzhapetyan; Anahit M. Badalyan; Svetlana V. Shmavonyan; Aram V. Papoyan
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Photonic time-bin qubit generation with a tripod atomic system
Author(s): D. Aghamalyan; Yu. Malakyan
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Controllable quantum states through cascaded parametric processes in superlattices
Author(s): D. A. Antonosyan; T. V. Gevorgyan; G. Yu. Kryuchkyan
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Artificial atom in quantum distributions
Author(s): A. R. Shahinyan; T. V. Gevorgyan; G. Yu. Kryuchkyan
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Evidence of Raman resonance in atomic deflection
Author(s): G. Abovyan; G. Djotyan; G. Kryuchkyan
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Dispersive nonlinearities of QED vacuum in a periodic magnetic field
Author(s): Gagik Yu. Kryuchkyan; Karen Z. Hatsagortsyan
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Creation and measurement of coherent superposition states in multilevel atoms
Author(s): G. P. Djotyan; N. Sandor; J. S. Bakos; Zs. Sörlei; W. Gawlik; A. Wojciechowski; J. Zachorowski; S. Pustelny; G. Yu. Kryuchkyan
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Raman spectra of nickel-carbon nanocomposites
Author(s): Armen A. Mirzakhanyan; Aram S. Manukyan; George R. Badalyan; Tatevik K. Khachatryan; Olga A. Maslova; Yurii I. Yuzyuk; Lusegen A. Bugaev; Eduard G. Sharoyan
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Two electronic states in spherical quantum nanolayer
Author(s): N. G. Aghekyan; E. M. Kazaryan; A. A. Kostanyan; H. A. Sarkisyan
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Dielectric response function of a quasi-two-dimensional electron gas in a finite confining potential semiconductor quantum well
Author(s): K. H Aharonyan
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Surface plasmons in coupled metallic nanoparticles: numerical verification of new analytical approaches
Author(s): T. Makaryan
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Direct interband light absorption in strongly prolated ellipsoidal quantum dots' ensemble with modified Pöschl-Teller effective potential
Author(s): K. G Dvoyan; D. B. Hayrapetyan; E. M. Kazaryan; A. A Tshantshapanyan
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Binding energy and photoionization cross section of hydrogen-like donor impurity in cylindrical InAs Pöschl-Teller quantum layer in magnetic field
Author(s): M. G. Barseghyan; Alireza Hakimyfard; Marwan Zuhair; C. A. Duque; A. A. Kirakosyan
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Phase and amplitude control of optical bistability in quantum dot molecules
Author(s): M. Mahmoudi; A. Vafafard; N. Nozari; S. Goharshenasan Esfahani
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Transient properties of amplitude and phase-controlled transparency in a quantum dot molecule
Author(s): S. Goharshenasan Esfahani; M. Mahmoudi
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Amplification of light in InxGa1-xN/GaN semiconductor quantum dot without high intensity control fields
Author(s): A. Soltany; A. Hajibadali; A. Soltani; H. Noshad; H. Asadpour
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Optical and structural properties of Lu[sub]3[/sub]Al[sub]5[/sub]O[sub]12[/sub]:Pr[sup]3+[/sup] scintillator crystals
Author(s): Ruben Sargsyan
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