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Fundamentals of Laser-Assisted Micro- and Nanotechnologies 2010
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Volume Number: 7996
Date Published: 16 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7996
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Actual principles of the simulation of state-of-the-art technologies of laser processing of materials
Author(s): Oleg B. Kovalev
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Analysis of internal crack propagation in silicon due to permeable pulse laser irradiation: study on processing mechanism of stealth dicing
Author(s): Etsuji Ohmura; Yuta Kawahito; Kenshi Fukumitsu; Junji Okuma; Hideki Morita
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Research on the contrast of laser marks on precise surfaces of metal
Author(s): O. S. Yulmetova; R. R. Yulmetova; V. N. Matyzhonok
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Laser induced multicolor image formation on metal surfaces
Author(s): Sergey G. Gorny; Galina V. Odintsova; Anna V. Otkeeva; Vadim P. Veiko
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Reception of thin films from a liquid phase by means of laser radiation
Author(s): A. A. Antipov; S. V. Kutrovskaya; A. O. Kucherik; D. S. Nogtev
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Mechanisms of thin Cr films modification under multipulse femtosecond laser action
Author(s): V. P. Veiko; M. V. Yarchuk; A. I. Ivanov
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Laser-induced local transfer of glass-ceramic materials
Author(s): V. U. Kasatkin; E. A. Shakhno
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Pulsed laser-induced forming of thin sheet metal
Author(s): A. A. Petrov; A. D. Kochetov
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Temperature monitoring in selective laser sintering/melting
Author(s): Yu. Chivel; I. Smurov
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Conical and volumetric laser beams in laser technologies
Author(s): Yu. Chivel; N. Khilo
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Adaptive control system for laser micromachining devices
Author(s): V. P. Bessmeltsev; E. D. Bulushev; N. V. Goloshevsky
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Diode pumped Er:YLF laser with tunable lasing spectrum
Author(s): M. V. Inochkin; L. V. Khloponin; V. Yu. Khramov; D. Yu. Sachkov; V. V. Nazarov
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Synthesis and optical property of nanostructured ZnO crystals by nanoparticle-assisted pulsed laser deposition
Author(s): D. Nakamura; T. Okada; K. Sakai
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Plasmon-enhanced optics and magneto-optics via the near field of a nanowire
Author(s): Vladimir A. Kosobukin
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Nanofabrication of GaN surfaces by ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): Seisuke Nakashima; Koji Sugioka; Takuma Ito; Hiroshi Takai; Katsumi Midorikawa
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Shaping of surface nanostructures via non-thermal light-induced processes
Author(s): T. A. Vartanyan; V. V. Khromov; N. B. Leonov; S. G. Przhibelskii
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Alteration in structure of nanometer films of polymethine dyes
Author(s): Elena N. Kaliteevskaya; Valentina P. Krutyakova; Tatyana K. Razumova; Anton A. Starovoytov; Yuri M. Voronin
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Photo-ionization and modification of nanoparticles on transparent substrates by ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): Vitaly Gruzdev; Vladimir Komolov; Hao Li; Qingsong Yu; Sergey Przhibel'skii; Dmitry Smirnov
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Enhanced photoconductivity in silver nanoparticle ensembles owing to the excitations of localized surface plasmon polariton resonances (LSPPRs)
Author(s): E. V. Vaschenko; T. A. Vartanyan; V. V. Khromov; N. B. Leonov; S. G. Przhibelskii; F. Hubenthal
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Synthesis of nanometric iron and chromium oxide films by reactive pulsed laser deposition for photo-thermo sensors
Author(s): S. A. Mulenko
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Stochastic fields in a nanoscale vicinity of the ionic crystal surfaces at finite temperatures
Author(s): S. G. Przhibel'skii
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Light scattering by axisymmetric particles: the separation of variables method with spheroidal basis
Author(s): V. G. Farafonov; V. B. Il'in; A. A. Vinokurov
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Surface plasmon polariton dispersion of the vacuum-plasma of emitted electrons boundary and the periods of femtosecond laser-induced microstructures on metals
Author(s): V. S. Makin; R. S. Makin; I. A. Silantjeva
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Femtosecond dynamics of optical properties of semiconductor
Author(s): Roman V. Dyukin; George A. Martsinovskiy; Innokenty Yu. Khvan; Galina D. Shandybina; Eugeny B. Yakovlev; Igor D. Nikiforov
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Localized phase separation inside glass by femtosecond laser-induced elemental migration
Author(s): Masahiro Shimizu; Kiyotaka Miura; Masaaki Sakakura; Masayuki Nishi; Yasuhiko Shimotsuma; Shingo Kanehira; Kazuyuki Hirao
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Modification of photosensitive glass-ceramic Foturan by ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): Eduard Ageev; Khanh Kieu; Vadim P. Veiko
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Effect of laser irradiation on the structures properties such as SiO2/Si
Author(s): V. P. Veiko; A. M. Skvortsov; V. I. Sokolov; Quang Tung Pham; R. A. Khalecki; E. I. Efimov
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Ablation by short optical and x-ray laser pulses
Author(s): N. A. Inogamov; S. I. Anisimov; V. V. Zhakhovsky; A. Ya. Faenov; Yu. V. Petrov; V. A. Khokhlov; V. E. Fortov; M. B. Agranat; S. I. Ashitkov; P. S. Komarov; I. Yu. Skobelev; Y. Kato; T. A. Pikuz; V. V. Shepelev; Y. Fukuda; M. Tanaka; M. Kishimoto; M. Ishino; M. Nishikino; M. Kando; T. Kawachi; M. Nagasono; H. Ohashi; M. Yabashi; K. Tono; Y. Senba; T. Togashi; T. Ishikawa
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Effect of electron emission on solids heating by femtosecond laser pulse
Author(s): V. V. Svirina; O. N. Sergaeva; E. B. Yakovlev
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On the self-similar solution of laser ablated plasma expansion
Author(s): R. Fermous; D. Doumaz; M. Djebli
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Time-of-flight characterization of ZnO laser-generated plasma
Author(s): A. M. Mezzasalma; G. Mondio; L. Torrisi; F. Caridi
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Laser induced metal ablation at high ambient gas pressure
Author(s): Yu. Chivel; V. Nasonov
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Laser produced plasma expansion across transverse magnetic field
Author(s): Djamila Bennaceur-Doumaz; Mourad Djebli
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Pulsed laser deposition CNx films and carbon plume dynamic study
Author(s): S. Abdelli-Messaci; S. Lafane; T. Kerdja; M. Siad; A. Guittoum
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Study and simulation of the growth of MoSex-based thin film coatings formed by pulsed laser deposition
Author(s): V. Yu. Fominski; A. G. Gnedovets; R. I. Romanov; G. G. Kalustyan
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New holographic method for formation of 2D gratings in photorefractive materials by Bessel standing wave
Author(s): Anahit Badalyan; Ruben Hovsepyan; Vagram Mekhitaryan; Paytsar Mantashyan; Rafael Drampyan
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Increasing of the EUV resist's sensitivity
Author(s): M. S. Kitai; A. M. Soroka; I. G. Rudoi
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Resonant diffusive reflection of light from rough interfaces of Bragg structures (photonic crystals)
Author(s): Yulia N. Lazareva; Vladimir A. Kosobukin; Alexander V. Sel'kin
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Application of laser in conservation and restoration of historical building
Author(s): Vincent Detalle; Stephanie Duchêne; Veronique Verges Belmin; Jean Marc Vallet; Jean Luc Bodnar
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Cleaning laser spark spectroscopy for online cleaning quality control method development
Author(s): T. Y. Mutin; V. N. Smirnov; V. P. Veiko; S. A. Volkov
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Laser assisted graffiti paints removing
Author(s): B. Y. Novikov; Y. V. Chikalev; E. A. Shakhno
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Laser rail cleaning for friction coefficient increase
Author(s): V. P. Veiko; A. A. Petrov; A. S. Maznev; A. M. Evstafev; A. A. Kalinina
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