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Optical Technologies for Telecommunications 2010
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Volume Number: 7992
Date Published: 13 April 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7992
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Dual port MZM based optical comb generator for all-optical microwave photonic devices
Author(s): Dmitriy L. Aybatov; Oleg G. Morozov; Tagir S. Sadeev
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PMD compensation using Faraday rotation and LiNbO3-based DGD emulator
Author(s): Anwar Z. Tlyavlin; Marat R. Musakaev
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Unconventional signal detection techniques with Gaussian probability mixtures adaptation in non-AWGN channels: full resolution receiver
Author(s): Shamil M. Chabdarov; Adel F. Nadeev; Dmitry E. Chickrin; Rashid R. Faizullin
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New approach of fiber optic telecommunication lines upgrade by dense dispersion managed solitons
Author(s): Vladimir A. Burdin; Kirill A. Volkov
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Investigation of defects of refractive index profile of silica graded-index multimode fibers
Author(s): Anton V. Bourdine; Denis E. Praporshchikov; Konstantin A. Yablochkin
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Mode excitation by laser source in multimode optical fiber under special single-mode optical fiber use
Author(s): Vladimir A. Burdin; Anton V. Bourdine; Konstantin A. Yablochkin
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Design of multimode optical fibers with low differential mode delay
Author(s): Anton V. Bourdine
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Optical switching element based on selective dielectric mirrors and fractal heterostructure
Author(s): Valeriy Kh. Bagmanov; Sergey V. Kostrov; Albert Kh. Sultanov
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Microstructured multimode optical fiber for differential mode delay compensation
Author(s): Anton V. Bourdine; Vladimir A. Burdin; Oleg R. Delmukhametov
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Creation of the new optical switch model
Author(s): Aydar I. Salikhov; Leonid L. Doskolovich
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All-optical microwave photonic filter based on two-frequency optical source
Author(s): Oleg G. Morozov; Tagir S. Sadeev
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Optical refractometric FBG biosensors: problems of development and decision courses
Author(s): Oleg A. Stepustchenko; Oleg G. Morozov; Iskander R. Sadykov; Gennady A. Morozov; Pavel E. Denisenko; Anastasiya N. Gorshunova
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Structural minimization of fiber optic sensor nets for monitoring of dangerous materials storage
Author(s): Oleg G. Morozov; Gennady A. Morozov; Valery V. Kourevin; Vladimir G. Kouprianov; Evgeniy P. Denisenko; Svetlana G. Alyushina
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Strategy choice for fiber optic transmission lines maintenance
Author(s): Vladimir A. Andreev; Andrey A. Voronkov; Lutfulla N. Shafigullin
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Chromatic dispersion and PMD measurements of optical fiber
Author(s): Shafkat B. Yanyshev; Irshat H. Galeev; Irina L. Vinogradova; Aleksey N. Garifinov; Aydar I. Salikhov; Albert H. Sultanov
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Localization method of fiber optics defects on short length of optical cable
Author(s): Eugeniy V. Dmitriev
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Results of field inspection of fiber optical communication line using polarization optical time domain reflectometer
Author(s): Michael V. Dashkov
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Researches of incrementation of attenuation in optical fiber at deformation of optical cable loose tubes
Author(s): Tatiana G. Nikulina; Ivan N. Alekhin; Sergey A. Gavryushin
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Researches of optical cable stability in the microduct to effect of freezing water
Author(s): Vladimir A. Burdin; Tatiana G. Nikulina; Ivan N. Alekhin; Sergey A. Gavryushin
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Training course on optical telecommunication and multimedia technologies for specialists in endoscopic video surgery
Author(s): Arthur F. Agliullin; Valery F. Gusev; Oleg G. Morozov; Rustem R. Samigullin; Alexander Iv. Akul'shin; Nail N. Bagapov
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