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Network Architectures, Management, and Applications VIII
Editor(s): Lena Wosinska
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Volume Number: 7989
Date Published: 10 January 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7989
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Hybrid hierarchical optical path network design algorithm with 2-stage ILP optimization
Author(s): Hai-Chau Le; Hiroshi Hasegawa; Ken-ichi Sato
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A hierarchical path computation element (PCE)-based routing algorithm in multi-domain WDM networks
Author(s): Shengfeng Shang; Xiaoping Zheng; Heng Zhang; Nan Hua; Hanyi Zhang
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Impact of configuration time on lightpath establishment in transparent WDM networks
Author(s): Jinjin Li D.V.M.; Jie Zhang; Yongli Zhao; Wanyi Gu; Yuefeng Ji
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A wavelength-rotation-based concurrent collision avoidance scheme in optical WDM networks
Author(s): Nan Hua; Xiaoping Zheng; Hanyi Zhang; Bingkun Zhou
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Design of optical flow switched network with generalized survivable network
Author(s): K. S. Ho; K. W. Cheung
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A PCE/GMPLS-based collision-avoiding wavelength assignment scheme for WSONs
Author(s): Jiuyu Xie; Min Zhang; Lifang Zhang; Yuefeng Ji; Jie Zhang; Peida Ye
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Availability analysis of permanent dedicated path protection in WDM mesh networks
Author(s): Yanwei Li; Wenda Ni; Yanhe Li; Xiaoping Zheng
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Differentiated protection services with failure probability guarantee for workflow-based applications
Author(s): Yaoquan Zhong; Wei Guo; Yaohui Jin; Weiqiang Sun; Weisheng Hu
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Attack-aware planning and optimization in transparent optical networks
Author(s): N. Skorin-Kapov
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Optical receiver sensitivity analysis for electronic code division multiple access over passive optical network
Author(s): YaMei Han; SiYuan Liang; LiQian Wang; Xue Chen
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Migration towards fibre to the home: key cost factors
Author(s): L. W. Zhou; C. Mas Machuca; R. Zhao; K. Grunert
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Using wavelength-tunable self-seeding Fabry-Perot laser for upstream transmission in hybrid WDM/TDM PON
Author(s): Min Zhu; Shilin Xiao; Wei Guo; Meihua Bi; Zhao Zhou; Yaohui Jin; Weisheng Hu
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Effects of the channel switch latency in hybrid WDM/TDM PON
Author(s): Zhao Zhou; Shilin Xiao; Min Zhu; Meihua Bi; Yi Xiang; Cheng Yang; Jianwen Wei
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Field demonstration of dynamic circuit provisioning by web services interface proxy for lambda and ethernet based administrative domains
Author(s): Takahiro Miyamoto; Jin Tanaka; Hideki Otsuki; Tomohiro Kudoh; Ryousei Takano; Michiaki Hayashi; Itsuro Morita; Kosuke Nishimura; Shinji Shimojo
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GMPLS controlled multi-layer ethernet
Author(s): Viktor Nordell; Anders Gavler; Pontus Sköldström
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Research on unified control plane design for multi-layer optical networks
Author(s): Jie Zhang; Yongli Zhao; Wanyi Gu; Yuefeng Ji
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A dynamic path control method applying traffic-prediction-based route pre-prioritization
Author(s): Hiroaki Ohno; Hiroshi Hasegawa; Ken-ichi Sato
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A demonstration of session-based resource reservation interface for inter-NGN QoS control
Author(s): Nobutaka Matsumoto; Michiaki Hayashi; Kosuke Nishimura; Hideaki Tanaka
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Efficient algorithms for survivable virtual network embedding
Author(s): Gang Sun; Hongfang Yu; Lemin Li; Vishal Anand; Hao Di; Xiujiao Gao
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Cost efficient virtual infrastructure mapping using subgraph isomorphism
Author(s): Hao Di; Lemin Li; Vishal Anand; Hongfang Yu; Gang Sun
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Design considerations toward low-power-consuming optical network elements
Author(s): Slaviša Aleksić
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Energy efficient design and routing for IP over dynamic optical networks
Author(s): Lei Wang; Rui Lu; Xiaoping Zheng; Hanyi Zhang
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Energy efficient design based on the coordination of management and control in a multi-domain WSON
Author(s): Lin Lv; Shanguo Huang; Chris Phillips; Haotian Huang; Jie Zhang; Xian Zhang; Bingli Guo; Yongjun Zhang
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Cost-effective IP core network operations based on multi-layer network planning
Author(s): Shinya Ishida; Itaru Nishioka; Soichiro Araki
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A hybrid MAC protocol design for energy-efficient very-high-throughput millimeter wave, wireless sensor communication networks
Author(s): Wei Jian; Claudio Estevez; Arshad Chowdhury; Zhensheng Jia; Jianxin Wang; Jianguo Yu; Gee-Kung Chang
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DPSK modulated video service overlaid wavelength division multiplexed OFDM-PON
Author(s): Xiangjun Xin; Lijia Zhang; Bo Liu; Yongjun Wang; Qi Zhang
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Is it viable to encompass physical impairment within GMPLS control plane of optical networks?
Author(s): Piero Castoldi
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A novel RoF architecture with optical single sideband mm-wave signal generation using frequency doubling and wavelength reuse for uplink connection
Author(s): Hong Wen; Jianshe Li; Qinqin Jing; Liang Xu; Changyun Li
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Fiber-wireless (FiWi) access networks for a green video-dominated future internet
Author(s): Martin Maier
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Enhancement of fairness among broadband users with heterogeneous access network resources management
Author(s): Nobutaka Matsumoto; Michiaki Hayashi; Kosuke Nishimura; Hideaki Tanaka
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A comparative model and techno-economic analysis of next generation AON ethernet and TDM PON
Author(s): Kun Wang; Claus Popp Larsen; Anders Gavler; Bart Lannoo; Dominique Chiaroni; Mikhail Popov
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The impact of waveband size on the number of ports of cross-connect in waveband switching networks
Author(s): Ryo Karube; Katsumi Takano; Tomohiro Ito; Kiyoshi Nakagawa
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DREAMCSAPE: a dual-routing-engine-enabled multi-domain multi-layer optical network platform
Author(s): Min Zhang; Yongli Zhao; Yuefeng Ji; Jie Zhang; Ying Wang; Jiuyu Xie; Hui Ding; Koubo Wu
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A novel scheme for frequency and time information transfer over OTN
Author(s): Chao Fang; Pengfei Yang; Xue Chen
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A kind of QoS scheme in EPON-WiMAX hybrid access network
Author(s): Ke He; Zhiguo Zhang; Ning Wang; Xue Chen
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Dynamic connection provisioning in mixed-line-rate optical networks
Author(s): Yue Chen; Nan Hua; Xiaoping Zheng; Hanyi Zhang
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Efficient modeling of location decision for PCEs in multi-domain optical networks
Author(s): Wenjun Xie; Jien Song; Le Lu; Yun Xia; Dajiang Wang; Shanguo Huang; Wanyi Gu
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An enhanced PCE-based scheme for end-to-end multi-domain diverse path computation
Author(s): Yin Wang; Yunfeng Peng; Xiaohui Chen; Keping Long
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MAC protocol with dynamic priority adjustment for light trail networks
Author(s): Shengxiang Li; Zichun Le; Minglei Fu; Zhijun Zhu; Wei Fang
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The implementation of a novel P2P service redirection mechanism in passive optical network
Author(s): Xinting Jiang; Xue Chen; Dongchao Ma; Ning Wang
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Data vortex photonic network with non-crossing control links layout
Author(s): Qimin Yang
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Incremental network design with topology augmentation on backup path provisioning in WDM mesh networks
Author(s): Qingshan Li; Wenda Ni; Yanhe Li; Hanyi Zhang; Xiaoping Zheng
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Experimental Demonstration of DREAMSCAPE with More than 1000 GMPLS-based control nodes
Author(s): Yongli Zhao; Jie Zhang; Min Zhang; Yuefeng Ji; Wanyi Gu
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