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Optoelectronic Materials and Devices V
Editor(s): Fumio Koyama; Shun Lien Chuang; Guang-Hua Duan; Yidong Huang
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Volume Number: 7987
Date Published: 14 January 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7987
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Drop and split filter in a hole-type photonic crystal
Author(s): Xiyao Chen; Junjun Li; Guimin Lin; Zexuan Qiang; Yishen Qiu; Hui Li
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Influence of the thickness variation of the SiOx layer on the Si Quantum Dots based MOSLED
Author(s): Bo-Han Lai; Chih-Hsien Cheng; Gong-Ru Lin
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Experimental demonstration of the corrugation pitch modulated DFB semiconductor laser based on the reconstruction-equivalent-chirp technology
Author(s): Simin Li; Yuechun Shi; Rong Gu; Xiangfei Chen
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Simulation of radiation coupling by complex coupled-mode theory
Author(s): Wei-Ping Huang; Jianwei Mu
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InP lateral overgrowth technology for silicon photonics
Author(s): Zhechao Wang; Carl Junesand; Wondwosen Metaferia; Chen Hu; Sebastian Lourdudoss; Lech Wosinski
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Chirp characteristics of silicon Mach-Zehnder modulators
Author(s): Yuxin Wei; Yong Zhao; Guoyi Li; Jianyi Yang; Minghua Wang; Xiaoqing Jiang
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New saturable absorber device for high bit rate all-optical regeneration
Author(s): Jean-Louis Oudar; Hoang Trung Nguyen; Guy Aubin; Quang Trung Le; Laurent Bramerie; Mathilde Gay; Michel Joindot; Jean-Claude Simon
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Photonic generation of power-efficient ultra-wideband waveforms using a single semiconductor optical amplifier
Author(s): Jianji Dong; Yin Zhang; Yuan Yu; Dexiu Huang; Xinliang Zhang
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Broadband optical parametric amplifier in ultra-compact plasmonic waveguide
Author(s): Gan Zhou; Tao Wang; Yikai Su
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Efficient coupler between silicon waveguide and hybrid plasmonic waveguide
Author(s): Jing Wang; Yi Song; Min Yan; Min Qiu
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The preferential nucleation sites of self-assembled quantum dots with the influence of interfacial dislocation network
Author(s): Shuai Zhou; Yumin Liu; Zhongyuan Yu
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QD fiber amplifier using a fiber coupler with a PbS QD-film
Author(s): Hairun Guo; Fufei Pang; Xianglong Zeng; Tingyun Wang
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Modelling of the effects of conduction band fluctuations caused by nitrogen clustering in GaInNAs materials
Author(s): Xiao Sun; Judy M. Rorison
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Phonon engineering in nanoscale layered structures
Author(s): A. Rostami; A. Alizade; H. Bagban; T. Alizade; H. Balazadeh Bahar
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Advances of AlGaN-based high-efficiency deep-UV LEDs
Author(s): Hideki Hirayama
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Towards high-performance injectorless quantum cascade lasers in the mid-infrared
Author(s): S. Katz; A. Vizbaras; M.-C. Amann
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Research status of electro-absorption modulated lasers
Author(s): H. L. Zhu; S. Liang; L. J. Zhao; D. H. Kong; W. Wang
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Monolithic integration of widely tunable sampled grating DBR laser with tilted semiconductor optical amplifier
Author(s): Nan Ye; Yang Liu; BaoJun Wang; DaiBing Zhou; JiaoQing Pang; LingJuan Zhao; Wei Wang
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The theoretical and numerical models of the novel and fast tunable semiconductor ring laser
Author(s): Jiangbo Zhu; Junwen Zhang; Nan Chi; Siyuan Yu
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A tunable and switchable single-longitudinal-mode dual-wavelength fiber laser for microwave generation
Author(s): Fei Wang; Xinliang Zhang; Yin Zhang; Enming Xu
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Growth of n-doped GaAs nanowires by Au-assisted metalorganic chemical vapor deposition: effect of flux rates of n-type dopants
Author(s): Jingwei Guo; Hui Huang; Minjia Liu; Xiaomin Ren; Shiwei Cai; Wei Wang; Qi Wang; Yongqing Huang; Xia Zhang
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Self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dot molecules with InxGa1-xAs strain-reducing layer
Author(s): Y. Yu; L. R. Huang; P. Tian; D. X. Huang
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Synthesis of chirped quasi-phase-matching grating by discrete layer-peeling method
Author(s): Qianwu Zhang; Xianglong Zeng; Fufei Pang; Yunqi Liu; Tingyun Wang
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An all-optical UWB generation and modulation scheme for multiuser UWB-over-fiber system
Author(s): Fei Wang; Xinliang Zhang; Enming Xu; Yin Zhang
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Combined simulation technique for design of silicon-based laterally coupled racetrack microring resonators
Author(s): Xiaobei Zhang; Yunhong Ding; Jinlong Li
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Numerical analyses of all-optical gate switches using cascaded second-order nonlinear effect in periodically poled lithium niobate devices: effects of device fabrication errors
Author(s): Yutaka Fukuchi; Shun Tasaki
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All-optical decision gate circuit employing cascaded quasi-phase matched lithium niobate device
Author(s): Yutaka Fukuchi; Shun Tasaki
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Raman scattering enhancement characteristic of Nb-doped silica fiber
Author(s): Kun Zhang; Zhenyi Chen; Na Chen; Qiang Guo; Hua Bai; Fufei Pang; Tingyun Wang
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A dual polarization optical 90 degree-hybrid in silicon-on-insulator waveguides
Author(s): Yanping Li; Tingting Hong; Ziyu Wang
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Design and implementation of programmable semiconductor pulse seed laser used in MOPA
Author(s): Zhongyi Cui; Jing Nie; Weiliang Chen; Xin Chen; Hongbin Huang; Weiping Liu
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Three-wave conversions of light pulses in all-optically polled glass materials
Author(s): V. A. Smirnov; L. I. Vostrikova; O. S. Schavelev; K. O. Schavelev; N. A. Jakobson
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Effect of metal nanoparticles on absorption enhancement in organic solar cells
Author(s): A. Rostami; Sh. Andalibi
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Light-induced scattering in CdSe quantum dots
Author(s): Qiguang Yang; Jaetae Seo; Bagher Tabibi; Doyle Temple
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Improved dual-wavelength-pumped supercontinuum generation in an all-fiber device
Author(s): Y. Wang; J. Hou; C. Xiong; Y. Peng; R. Song; B. Eggleton; Q. Lu
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