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27th European Mask and Lithography Conference
Editor(s): Uwe F.W. Behringer
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Volume Number: 7985
Date Published: 16 March 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7985
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The 2002 to 2010 mask survey trend analysis
Author(s): Greg Hughes; David Chan
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Multiresolution mask writing
Author(s): Emile Sahouria
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MSB for ILT masks
Author(s): Juergen Gramss; Ulf Weidenmueller; Arnd Stoeckel; Renate Jaritz; Hans-Joachim Doering; Monika Boettcher
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NGL masks: development status and issue
Author(s): Naoya Hayashi; Tsukasa Abe; Takeya Shimomura; Yuichi Inazuki; Tadahiko Takikawa; Hiroshi Mohri
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Thermal nanoimprint (T-NIL) with photoresists for hybrid lithography
Author(s): Khalid Dhima; Christian Steinberg; Saskia Möllenbeck; Andre Mayer; Hella-Christin Scheer
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Multilayer reticles: advantages and challenges for 28nm chip making
Author(s): Arthur Hotzel; Rolf Seltmann; Jens Busch; Eric Cotte
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Alignment technology for backside integration
Author(s): J. Bauer; P. Kulse; U. Haak; G. Old; G. Scheuring; St. Döbereiner; F. Hillmann; H.-J. Brück; M. Kaynak; K.-E. Ehwald; St. Marschmeyer; M. Birkholz; K. Schulz
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Using synchrotron light to accelerate EUV resist and mask materials learning
Author(s): Patrick Naulleau; Christopher N. Anderson; Lorie-Mae Baclea-an; Paul Denham; Simi George; Kenneth A. Goldberg; Gideon Jones; Brittany McClinton; Ryan Miyakawa; Iacopo Mochi; Warren Montgomery; Seno Rekawa; Tom Wallow
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EUV mask readiness and challenges for the 22nm half pitch and beyond
Author(s): Y. David Chan
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Actinic EUV-mask metrology: tools, concepts, components
Author(s): Rainer Lebert; Azadeh Farahzadi; Wolfgang Diete; David Schäfer; Christoph Phiesel; Thomas Wilhein; Stefan Herbert; Aleksey Maryasov; Larissa Juschkin; Dominik Esser; Marco Hoefer; Dieter Hoffmann
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EUV actinic mask blank defect inspection: results and status of concept realization
Author(s): Aleksey Maryasov; Stefan Herbert; Larissa Juschkin; Rainer Lebert; Klaus Bergmann
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The evolution of pattern placement metrology for mask making
Author(s): Dirk Beyer; Norbert Rosenkranz; Carola Blaesing-Bangert
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Correlation method based mask to mask overlay metrology for 32nm node and beyond
Author(s): D. Seidel; M. Arnz; D. Beyer
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New directions in image placement metrology
Author(s): K.-D. Roeth; O. Loeffler; J. Richter; A. Wiswesser; F. Laske; D. Adam; M. Ferber
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First steps towards traceability in scatterometry
Author(s): Frank Scholze; Bernd Bodermann; Hermann Groß; Akiko Kato; Matthias Wurm
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YieldStar: a new metrology platform for advanced lithography control
Author(s): Jos Maas; Martin Ebert; Kaustuve Bhattacharyya; Hugo Cramer; Arthur Becht; Stefan Keij; Reinder Plug; Andreas Fuchs; Michael Kubis; Tom Hoogenboom; Vidya Vaenkatesan
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Mask 3D effects: impact on imaging and placement
Author(s): Jo Finders; Thijs Hollink
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Use of scatterometry for scanner matching
Author(s): Holger Bald; Rolf Seltmann; Karsten Bubke; Matthias Ruhm; Marc Noot; Dieter Woischke; Paul van Adrichem; Paul Luehrmann
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Mask tuning for process window improvement
Author(s): Ute Buttgereit; Robert Birkner; Erez Graitzer; Avi Cohen; Benedetta Triulzi; Carmelo Romeo
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Model-based scanner tuning for process optimization
Author(s): Rafael Aldana; Venu Vellanki; Wenjin Shao; Ronald Goossens; Zongchang Yu; Xu Xie; Yu Cao; Koen Schreel; Peter Lee; Won Kim; Tjitte Nooitgedagt
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Augmented reality for wafer prober
Author(s): Pascal Gilgenkrantz
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Effective EUVL mask cleaning technology solutions for mask manufacturing and in-fab mask maintenance
Author(s): Uwe Dietze; Peter Dress; Tobias Waehler; Sherjang Singh; Rik Jonckheere; Bart Baudemprez
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Investigation on full 6" masks using innovative solutions for direct physico-chemical analyses of mask contamination and haze
Author(s): L. Dussault; B. Pelissier; F. Dufaye; S. Gough; J. Hamonne; O. Chaix-Pluchery; P. Sergent; M. Tissier
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Comparison of cleaning processes with respect to cleaning efficiency
Author(s): Pavel Nesladek; Steve Osborne; Thomas Rode
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Minienvironment solutions: special concepts for mask-systems
Author(s): M. Dobler; M. Rüb; T. Billen
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DOE experiment for scattering bars optimization at the 90nm node
Author(s): G. Bouton; B. Connolly; D. Courboin; A. Di Giacomo; F. Gasnier; R. Lallement; D. Parker; M. Pindo; J. C. Richoilley; F. Royere; A. Rameau-Savio; M. Tissier
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Geometrically induced dose correction: method and performance results
Author(s): R. Galler; K.-H. Choi; M. Gutsch; C. Hohle; M. Krueger; L. E. Ramos; M. Suelzle; U. Weidenmueller
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Line end shortening and application of novel correction algorithms in e-beam direct write
Author(s): Martin Freitag; Kang-Hoon Choi; Manuela Gutsch; Christoph Hohle
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Concept and feasibility of aerial imaging measurements on EUV masks
Author(s): Sascha Perlitz; Wolfgang Harnisch; Ulrich Strößner; Heiko Feldmann; Dirk Hellweg; Michael Ringel
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Current status of EUV mask inspection using 193nm optical inspection system in 30nm node and beyond
Author(s): Sang Hoon Han; Jihoon Na; Wonil Cho; Dong Hoon Chung; Chan-Uk Jeon; HanKu Cho; Dana Bernstein; Eun Young Park; Anoop Sreenath; Shmoolik Mangan
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Evidence of printing blank-related defects on EUV masks missed by blank inspection
Author(s): Rik Jonckheere; Dieter Van den Heuvel; Tristan Bret; Thorsten Hofmann; John Magana; Israel Aharonson; Doron Meshulach; Eric Hendrickx; Kurt Ronse
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Imaging performance improvements by EUV mask stack optimization
Author(s): Natalia Davydova; Eelco van Setten; Robert de Kruif; Dorothe Oorschot; Mircea Dusa; Christian Wagner; Jiong Jiang; Wei Liu; Hoyoung Kang; Hua-yu Liu; Petra Spies; Nils Wiese; Markus Waiblinger
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