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Smart Sensor Phenomena, Technology, Networks, and Systems 2011
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Volume Number: 7982
Date Published: 29 March 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7982
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fibre optic sensors in smart structures: achievements, challenges, and prospects
Author(s): Brian Culshaw
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Memorization and detection of an arrested crack in a foam-core sandwich structure using a crack arrester with embedded metal wires and FBG sensors
Author(s): Shu Minakuchi; Nobuo Takeda; Ippei Yamauchi; Yasuo Hirose
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High performance BOTDA for long range sensing
Author(s): Xiaoyi Bao; Liang Chen
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Distributed fiber optic sensor development, testing, and evaluation for geotechnical monitoring applications
Author(s): Michael Iten; Dominik Hauswirth; Alexander M. Puzrin
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Research on the theory of valid sampling points in BOTDR technique
Author(s): Peng Gong; Jian Guo; Yang Liu; Jie Lu; Xuefeng Zhao
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Analysis of fiber Bragg grating spectral features for in-situ assessment of composites
Author(s): Kara Peters
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Noise propagation in a 3x3 optical demodulation scheme used for fiber Bragg grating interrogation
Author(s): Michael Todd
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Evaluation of the internal strains and stresses produced in a plate by propagating Lamb waves through the use of fibre optic sensors
Author(s): Graham Thursby; Brian Culshaw
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Full-spectral interrogation of fiber Bragg grating sensors for damage identification
Author(s): S. Webb; A. Noevere; K. Peters; M. A. Zikry; T. Vella; S. Chadderdon; R. Selfridge; S. Schultz
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Damage detection in FRP structures using fiber Bragg grating dynamic strain sensing systems
Author(s): Yan Zhu; Yinian Zhu; Li Hui; Sridhar Krishnaswamy
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25 years of structural monitoring using fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Eric Udd
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Condition assessment of a bridge superstructure using diagnostic performance indicators
Author(s): Michael V. Gangone; Matthew J. Whelan; Kerop D. Janoyan
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Printed resistive strain sensors for monitoring of light-weight structures
Author(s): J. Rausch; L. Salun; S. Griesheimer; M. Ibis; R. Werthschützky
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Robust diagnostics for Bayesian compressive sensing with applications to structural health monitoring
Author(s): Yong Huang; James L. Beck; Hui Li; Stephen Wu
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Monitoring strain and damage in multi-phase composite materials using electrical resistance methods
Author(s): S. A. Grammatikos; G. Gkikas; A. Paipetis
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Effect of sensor placement on operational modal analysis of steel girder bridges
Author(s): Matthew J. Whelan; Michael V. Gangone; Kerop D. Janoyan
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Node cooperation based support vector machine localization algorithm in mobile wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Qing Guo; Tao Tang
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FOS standards and testing method to validate fibre optic strain measurements
Author(s): Wolfgang R. Habel; Vivien G. Schukar
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Multi-use D-fiber sensors
Author(s): Richard H. Selfridge; Stephen Schultz; Joshua Kvavle; Tyson Lowder; Richard Gibson
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Electro-optic polymer electric field sensor
Author(s): D. Perry; S. Chadderdon; Richard Gibson; B. Shreeve; Richard H. Selfridge; Stephen M. Schultz; Wen C. Wang; Richard Forber; J. Luo
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Interrogation systems for slab coupled optical fiber sensors
Author(s): Jon Noren; Richard Selfridge; Stephen Schultz
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Experimental verification of a model describing the intensity distribution from a single mode optical fiber
Author(s): Erik A. Moro; Michael D. Todd; Anthony D. Puckett
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Advanced image processing and artificial intelligence based approaches to fiber optic statistical mode sensor design
Author(s): Hasan S. Efendioglu; Tulay Yildirim; Onur Toker
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Developing damage metrics for metallic structures undergoing fatigue using real-time thermographic evaluation
Author(s): E. Z. Kordatos; T. E. Matikas
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Monitoring of fatigue damage in metal plates by acoustic emission and thermography
Author(s): E. Z. Kordatos; D. G. Aggelis; T. E. Matikas
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Combined NDT methods for characterization of subsurface cracks in concrete
Author(s): E. Z. Kordatos; M. Strantza; D. V. Soulioti; T. E. Matikas; D. G. Aggelis
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Linear damage location using fiber optic acoustic emission sensors for structure health monitoring
Author(s): Tao Fu; Zhichun Zhang; Zaiwen Lin; Zhenhua Yao; Jinsong Leng
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Acoustic emission felicity ratio measurements in carbon composites laminates using fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Nehemiah Mabry; Curtis Banks; Houssam Toutanji; Mohamed Seif
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Structural health monitoring of shear waves in aluminum plates
Author(s): Mannur J. Sundaresan; Wesley B. Williams
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Monitoring system for windmill rotorblades based on optical connections
Author(s): L. Schubert; E. Schulze; B. Frankenstein; D. Fischer; B. Weihnacht; R. Rieske
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Evaluation of signal processing tools for improving phased array ultrasonic weld inspection
Author(s): P. Ramuhalli; A. D. Cinson; S. L. Crawford; R. V. Harris; A. A. Diaz; M. T. Anderson
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Simulation on photoacoustic conversion efficiency of optical fiber-based ultrasound generator using different absorbing film materials
Author(s): Kai Sun; Nan Wu; Ye Tian; Xingwei Wang
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Vibration suppression and damage detection in smart composite laminate using high precision finite element
Author(s): Anand Kumar; Peter J. Fleming; Bishakh Bhattacharya
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Characterization and compaction of Lamb wave data using a combination of S and wavelet transformations
Author(s): Ibrahim N. Tansel; Gurjiwan Singh; Gurjashan Singh; Srikanth Korla; Benjamin L. Grisso; Liming W. Salvino
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Study on theoretic model of metallic pseudo rubber based on contact microbeams theory and finite element simulation
Author(s): Suchao Li; Hui Li; Chenxi Mao; Wentao Wang; Yagebai Zhao
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Linear phased array of piezoelectric transducers for delamination monitoring in a composite laminate using Lamb waves
Author(s): Vivek T. Rathod; Nibir Chakraborty; D. Roy Mahapatra
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Design of hetero-core microbend stress sensors and comparative analysis of various hetero-core sensor architectures
Author(s): Ali K. Sahin; Hasan S. Efendioglu; Kemal Fidanboylu
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