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Bioinspiration, Biomimetics, and Bioreplication
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Volume Number: 7975
Date Published: 18 March 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7975
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Bioinspired optical sensors for unmanned aerial systems
Author(s): Javaan Chahl; Kent Rosser; Akiko Mizutani
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Biomimetic gas sensors for large-scale drying of wood particles
Author(s): Sebastian Paczkowski; Tilman Sauerwald; Alexander Weiß; Marco Bauer; Dieter Kohl; Stefan Schütz
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Biomimetic infrared sensors based on the infrared receptors of pyrophilous insects
Author(s): Helmut Schmitz; Thilo Kahl; Helmut Soltner; Herbert Bousack
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Lateral line canal morphology and signal to noise ratio
Author(s): Adrian Klein; Hendrik Herzog; Horst Bleckmann
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Bioinspired vision sensors with hyperacuity
Author(s): Steven F. Barrett; Cameron H. G. Wright
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Hair cell sensing with encapsulated interface bilayers
Author(s): Stephen A. Sarles; Donald J. Leo
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Chemical wave characterization of self-oscillating gelatin and polyacrylamide gels
Author(s): Matthew L. Smith; Kevin Heitfeld; Maxim Tchoul; Richard A. Vaia
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The importance of water for the mechanical properties of insect cuticle
Author(s): D. Klocke; H. Schmitz
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Bioinspired assembly of nanoplatelets for reinforced polymer nanocomposites
Author(s): Wei-Han Huang; Xuan Dou; Peng Jiang
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Computational multi-scale constitutive model for wood cell wall and its application to the design of bio-inspired composites
Author(s): E. I. Saavedra Flores; M. S. Murugan; M. I. Friswell; E. A. de Souza Neto
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Optics of spider "sticky" orb webs
Author(s): Deb M. Kane; Gregory R. Staib; Nishen Naidoo; Douglas J. Little; Marie E Herberstein
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Prismatic bioinspired compound lenses for solar cells
Author(s): Francesco Chiadini; Vincenzo Fiumara; Antonio Scaglione; Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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Closed loop heading control in the tobacco hawkmoth, Manduca sexta
Author(s): Michael W. Shafer; Rashi Tiwari; Ephrahim Garcia
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Two-dimensional localized flow control using distributed, biomimetic feather structures: a comparative study
Author(s): Christopher J. Blower; Adam M. Wickenheiser
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The barn owl wing: an inspiration for silent flight in the aviation industry?
Author(s): Thomas Bachmann; Georg Mühlenbruch; Hermann Wagner
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Engineered biomimicry: polymeric replication of surface features found on insects
Author(s): Drew P. Pulsifer; Akhlesh Lakhtakia; Raúl J. Martín-Palma; Carlo G. Pantano
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BOWOOSS: bionic optimized wood shells with sustainability
Author(s): Göran Pohl
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Modeling and optimization of IPMC actuator for autonomous jellyfish vehicle (AJV)
Author(s): Keyur B. Joshi; Barbar J. Akle; Donald J. Leo; Shashank Priya
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Bio-inspired hovering and locomotion via wirelessly powered ionic polymer metal composites
Author(s): Karl Abdelnour; Adam Stinchcombe; Maurizio Porfiri; Jun Zhang; Stephen Childress
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Acceleration of osteogenesis by using barium titanate piezoelectric ceramic as an implant material
Author(s): K. Furuya; Y. Morita; K. Tanaka; T. Katayama; E. Nakamachi
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Single channel conductance modeling of the peptide alamethicin in synthetically formed bilayers
Author(s): M. Austin Creasy; Donald J. Leo
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Snake oil and venoms for medical research
Author(s): H. D. Wolpert
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Directional control valve with the ability to "dangle"
Author(s): Michael Meller; Rashi Tiwari; Ephrahim Garcia
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Biomimetic super-hydrophobic surfaces for use in enhanced dropwise condensation
Author(s): Kuok Cheng; Bong June Zhang; Chi Young Lee; Mike Kennedy; Sunwoo Kim; Hyungkee Yoon; Kwang J. Kim; Jiong Liu; Ganesh Skandan
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Biomimetically tunable hydrophobic/hydrophilic surfaces: multiple tier roughness
Author(s): Bong June Zhang; Jiyeon Park; Chi Young Lee; Kwang J. Kim; Barry Belmont
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Inspection and analysis of the walls of fluid filled tubes by active electrolocation: a biomimetic approach
Author(s): Martin Gottwald; Kavita Mayekar; Vladislav Reiswich; Herbert Bousack; Deepak Damalla; Shubham Biswas; Michael G. Metzen; Gerhard von der Emde
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Spitting cobras: fluid jets in nature as models for technical applications
Author(s): Alexander Balmert; David Hess; Christoph Brücker; Horst Bleckmann; Guido Westhoff
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Semiautomatic calibration and alignment of a low cost, 9 sensor inertial magnetic measurement sensor
Author(s): Akiko Mizutani; Kent Rosser; Javaan Chahl
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Vertically displaced optical flow sensors to control the landing of a UAV
Author(s): Javaan Chahl; Kent Rosser; Akiko Mizutani
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Atomistic mechano-chemical modeling of kinesins
Author(s): Simona Patriche; Shinji Matsushita; Mihaela Banu; Bogdan I. Epureanu; Taiji Adachi
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Functional morphology of the adhesive organs of stick insects (Carausius morosus)
Author(s): Michael Bennemann; Ingo Scholz; Werner Baumgartner
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Sandfish inspires engineering
Author(s): Konrad Staudt; Friederike Saxe; Heiko Schmied; Wolfgang Böhme; Werner Baumgartner
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