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Advances in Display Technologies; and E-papers and Flexible Displays
Editor(s): Karlheinz Blankenbach; Liang-Chy Chien; Sin-Doo Lee; Ming Hsien Wu
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Volume Number: 7956
Date Published: 3 February 2011

Table of Contents
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Roll-to-roll fabrication and metastability in metal oxide transistors
Author(s): Warren B. Jackson; Han-Jun Kim; Ohseung Kwon; Bao Yeh; Randy Hoffman; Devin Mourey; Tim Koch; Carl Taussig; Richard Elder; Albert Jeans
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Single-grain Si TFTs for high-speed flexible electronics
Author(s): Ryoichi Ishihara; Tao Chen; Michiel van der Zwan; Ming He; H. Schellevis; Kees Beenakker
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Flexible electrowetting and electrowetting on flexible substrates
Author(s): Andrew J. Steckl; Han You; Duk-Young Kim
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A new bi-primary color system for doubling the reflectance and colorfulness of e-paper
Author(s): Jason Heikenfeld
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Bistable electrowetting displays
Author(s): Karlheinz Blankenbach; Juergen Rawert
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Flexible displays as key for high-value and unique automotive design
Author(s): Robert Isele
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Improvements in in-plane electrophoretic displays
Author(s): Alex Henzen
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Electrophoretic display technologies for e-book readers: system integration aspects
Author(s): Philippe Gentric
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Thin and light weight flexible EPD (electronic paper display) using QR-LPD (Quick Response Liquid Powder Display) technology
Author(s): R. Sakurai
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Toner display based on particle control technologies
Author(s): Takashi Kitamura
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A wide-view transflective display using polymer-stabilized blue-phase liquid crystal
Author(s): Yan Li; Meizi Jiao; Shin-Tson Wu
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Achromatic reflection by long-pitch chiral-nematic liquid crystal and its application to displays switchable between reflective and transmissive modes
Author(s): Tae-Hoon Yoon; Ki-Han Kim; Dong Han Song; Jae Chang Kim
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Rigid and flexible OLEDs: prototypes to applications
Author(s): Stefan Monz; Konrad Wolf; Hildegard Möbius; Karlheinz Blankenbach
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Novel solutions for thin film layer deposition for organic materials
Author(s): Dietmar Keiper; Michael Long; Markus Schwambera; Markus Gersdorff; Juergen Kreis; Michael Heuken
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Recent progress of flexible AMOLED displays
Author(s): Huiqing Pang; Kamala Rajan; Jeff Silvernail; Prashant Mandlik; Ruiqing Ma; Mike Hack; Julie J. Brown; Juhn S. Yoo; Sang-Hoon Jung; Yong-Cheol Kim; Seung-Chan Byun; Jong-Moo Kim; Soo-Young Yoon; Chang-Dong Kim; Yong-Kee Hwang; In-Jae Chung; Mark Fletcher; Derek Green; Mike Pangle; Jim McIntyre; Randal D. Smith
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Optical isotropic phases towards display application
Author(s): Fumito Araoka; Satoshi Aya; Khoa V. Le; Hideo Takezoe
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Advanced surface treatment technology for improving the performance of the liquid crystal display
Author(s): Soo In Jo; Young-Ki Kim; Sang Woong Choi; You-Jin Lee; Jae-Hoon Kim; Chang-Jae Yu
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Fast switching technologies for a nematic liquid crystal cell
Author(s): Tae-Hoon Yoon; Ki-Han Kim; Dong Han Song; Jae Chang Kim
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Novel display mode using waveguide and LC based light shutter
Author(s): Joon-young Yang; Jong-beom Lee; Jong-won Moon; Dong-ho Lee; Kyung-woon Lee; Chang-dong Kim; Yong-ki Hwang; In-Jae Chung; Jung-ho Park
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Fast response Fresnel liquid crystal lens for 2D/3D autostereoscopic display
Author(s): Yi-Pai Huang; Chih-Wei Chen; Yi-Ching Huang
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Accommodation measurement according to angular resolution density in three-dimensional display
Author(s): Youngmin Kim; Keehoon Hong; Jongshin Kim; Hee Kyung Yang; Jeong-Min Hwang; Byoungho Lee
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Development of high-frame-rate LED panel and its applications for stereoscopic 3D display
Author(s): H. Yamamoto; M. Tsutsumi; R. Yamamoto; K. Kajimoto; S. Suyama
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View image error analysis based on focal mode and virtual mode in three-dimensional display using lenses
Author(s): Youngmin Kim; Jiwoon Yeom; Jae-Hyun Jung; Jisoo Hong; Byoungho Lee
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Gray scale realization in bistable chiral splay nematic liquid crystal device
Author(s): Chul Gyu Jhun; Ken Chen; Yan Jin; Zhe Hong; Seung Hwan Han; Yong Zhang; Ye Won Seo; Ginah Park; Soon-Bum Kwon; Sung Sik Shin; Joong Ha Lee; Tae-Hoon Yoon; Jae Chang Kim; Suk Moon Chung
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A new technique for speckle noise reduction of laser projection displays using waveplates
Author(s): Tomoaki Yoshimi; Kenta Chihaya; Wakao Sasaki; Hiroki Matsubara; Atsuya Hirano; Kenji Nagashima
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Patterned retarder films using reactive mesogen technology
Author(s): Owain Parri; Graham Smith; Richard Harding; Hyun-Jin Yoon; Iain Gardiner; Joe Sargent; Karl Skjonnemand
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Effect of lamination on the bending fatigue life of copper coated PET substrate
Author(s): Khalid Alzoubi; Mohammad M. Hamasha; Mark Schadt; Susan Lu; Bahgat Sammakia; Mark Poliks
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CMOS dot matrix microdisplay
Author(s): Petrus J. Venter; Alfons W. Bogalecki; Monuko du Plessis; Marius E. Goosen; Ilse J. Nell; P. Rademeyer
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