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Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies XV
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Volume Number: 7941
Date Published: 31 January 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7941
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Large-scale planar lightwave circuits
Author(s): Serge Bidnyk; Hua Zhang; Matt Pearson; Ashok Balakrishnan
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Characterization of irradiance effects on curing of siloxane for embedded waveguide applications
Author(s): Thomas Daunais; Karl Walczak; Chris Middlebrook; Paul Bergstrom
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Monolithic integration of chalcogenide glass/iron garnet waveguides and resonators for on-chip nonreciprocal photonic devices
Author(s): Lei Bi; Juejun Hu; Gerald F. Dionne; Lionel Kimerling; C. A. Ross
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Fully compatible magneto-optical sol-gel material with glass waveguides technologies: application to mode converters
Author(s): François Royer; Damien Jamon; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin; Hadi Amata; Renata Kekesi; Sophie Neveu; Marie-Françoise Blanc-Mignon; Elise Ghibaudo
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Synthesis and tailoring of CdSe core@shell heterostructures for optical applications
Author(s): Alessandro Antonello; Massimo Guglielmi; Valentina Bello; Giovanni Mattei; Alessandro Martucci
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Integrated optics dissipative soliton mode-locked laser on glass
Author(s): Bertrand Charlet; Lionel Bastard; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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Hybrid photonic integrated circuits for faster and greener optical communication networks
Author(s): L. Stampoulidis; E. Kehayas; L. Zimmermann
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Light-bullet routing and logic in planar waveguide arrays
Author(s): Matthew O. Williams; Colin W. McGrath; J. Nathan Kutz
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Fast online simulation of 3D nanophotonic structures by the reduced basis method
Author(s): Frank Schmidt; Jan Pomplun; Lin Zschiedrich; Sven Burger
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Far field scattering by a waveguide-coupled nanowire
Author(s): Laurent Arnaud; Aurélien Bruyant; Mickael Renault; Yassine Hadjar; Gilles Lérondel; Pascal Royer; Guillaume Custillon; Alain Morand; Pierre Benech; Jérôme Ferrand; Sylvain Blaize
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Photonic crystal slot waveguide spectrometer for the detection of methane
Author(s): Swapnajit Chakravarty; Wei-Cheng Lai; Xiaolong Wang; Cheyun Lin; Ray T. Chen
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Optimization of waveguide structure for local evanescent field shift detection
Author(s): Zhangjing Yi; Rongjin Yan; Timothy A. Erickson; Rashid Safaisini; Kevin L. Lear
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Carbon nanotubes coated fiber optic ammonia gas sensor
Author(s): S. Manivannan; L. R. Shobin; A. M. Saranya; B. Renganathan; D. Sastikumar; Kyu Chang Park
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Hydrogen absorption effects on the transmittance of sub-wavelength palladium hole arrays with different thicknesses
Author(s): Etsuo Maeda; Sho Mikuriya; Ichiro Yamada; Jean-Jacques Delaunay
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Consideration of sensitivity with respect to diaphragm thickness and waveguide position in silicon-based guided-wave optical accelerometer
Author(s): Yusuke Miura; Hideto Endo; Takuya Oshima; Masashi Ohkawa; Takashi Sato
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New tracks toward 3D light harnessing: high Q slow Bloch mode engineering and coupling to 0D nanophotonic structures
Author(s): T. Benyattou; A. Bellarouci; X. Letartre; E. Gerelli; T. Zhang; P. Viktorovitch
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GaAs-SOI integration as a path to low-cost optical interconnects
Author(s): Timo Aalto; Mikko Harjanne; Markku Kapulainen; Sami Ylinen; Mircea Guina; Kimmo Haring; Janne Puustinen; Vladimir Mikhrin
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Coupling of lithium niobate disk resonators to integrated waveguides
Author(s): S. Berneschi; F. Cosi; G. Nunzi Conti; S. Pelli; S. Soria; G. C. Righini; M. Dispenza; A. Secchi
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Rigorous characterization of surface plasmon modes by using the finite element method
Author(s): B. M. A. Rahman; H. Tanvir; N. Kejalakshmy; A. Quadir; K. T. V. Grattan
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Plasmon-induced transparency in subwavelength metal-dielectric-metal waveguides
Author(s): Yin Huang; Changjun Min; Georgios Veronis
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Linear and nonlinear resonant effects in metallic arrays of sub-wavelength channels filled with GaAs
Author(s): M. A. Vincenti; D. de Ceglia; N. Akozbek; M. Scalora
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Characteristics and applications of rectangular waveguide in sensing, slow light, and negative refraction
Author(s): Mohamed A. Swillam; Amr S. Helmy
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Subwavelength and diffractive waveguide structures and their applications in nanophotonics and sensing
Author(s): P. Cheben; P. J. Bock; J. H. Schmid; J. Lapointe; S. Janz; D.-X. Xu; R. Ma; A. Densmore; A. Delâge; B. Lamontagne; T. J. Hall; R. Halir; I. Molina-Fernández; J.-M. Fédéli
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Long period and fiber Bragg gratings written within the same fiber for sensing purposes
Author(s): F. Baldini; M. Brenci; F. Chiavaioli; R. Falciai; A. Giannetti; M. Mugnaini; C. Trono
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Pixelated resonant subwavelength grating filters for greenhouse gas monitoring
Author(s): David W. Peters; Shanalyn A. Kemme; Alvaro A. Cruz-Cabrera; Robert R. Boye; Chad A. Bustard
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High-sensitive nonlinear detection of steroids by resonant double grating waveguide structures-based immunosensors
Author(s): Alejandro Muriano; J.-Pablo Salvador; Roger Galve; M.-Pilar Marco; Anisha Thayil K.N.; Pablo Loza-Alvarez; Silvia Soria
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Photonic nanojet engineering: focal point shaping with scattering phenomena of dielectric microspheres
Author(s): Myun-Sik Kim; Toralf Scharf; Stefan Mühlig; Carsten Rockstuhl; Hans Peter Herzig
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Waveguide integrated plasmonic platform for sensing and spectroscopy
Author(s): Fatih Degirmenci; Irfan Bulu; Parag Deotare; Mughees Khan; Marko Loncar; Federico Capasso
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Analysis of surface plasmon resonance triangular-resonator sensor
Author(s): Geum-Yoon Oh; Doo-Gun Kim; Hong-Seung Kim; Tae-Kyeong Lee; Young-Wan Choi
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Enhanced light transmission through a metallic nanolens consisting of multiple nanorings
Author(s): Youngjin Oh; Jong-ryul Choi; Kyujung Kim; Donghyun Kim
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Analytical modeling of plasmonic-waveguide-based devices for nanophotonic applications
Author(s): Asanka Pannipitiya; Ivan D. Rukhlenko; Malin Premaratne
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Effects of amplitude and timing jitter on the performance of photonic sigma-delta modulators
Author(s): Yean Wee Tan; Chang Ho Nam; Phillip E. Pace
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