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Ultrafast Phenomena in Semiconductors and Nanostructure Materials XV
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Volume Number: 7937
Date Published: 16 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7937
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Ultrafast few-fermion dynamics in single self-assembled InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots
Author(s): M. Betz; M. Zecherle; C. Ruppert; E. C. Clark; G. Abstreiter; J. J. Finley
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Ultrafast carrier capture and THz resonances in InGaAs quantum posts
Author(s): D. Stehr; C. M. Morris; D. Talbalyev; M. Wagner; H. C. Kim; A. J. Taylor; H. Schneider; P. M. Petroff; M. S. Sherwin
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Ultrafast conditional carrier dynamics in semiconductor quantum dots
Author(s): Paola Borri; Wolfgang Langbein
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Ultrafast density-and-temperature-dependent carrier dynamics in a quantum dots-in-a-well heterostructure
Author(s): R. P. Prasankumar; R. V. Shenoi; J. Urayama; W. W. Chow; S. Krishna; A. J. Taylor
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Time resolved spectroscopy on quantum dots and graphene at the FELBE free-electron laser
Author(s): S. Winnerl; D. Stehr; M. Wagner; H. Schneider; M. Helm; W. Seidel; P. Michel; E. A. Zibik; B. A. Carpenter; N. E. Porter; M. S. Skolnick; L. R. Wilson; T. Grange; R. Ferreira; G. Bastard; M. Orlita; P. Plochocka; P. Kossacki; M. Potemski; M. Sprinkle; C. Berger; W. A. de Heer
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Enhancing slow- and fast-light effects in quantum dot semiconductor waveguides through ultrafast dynamics
Author(s): Yaohui Chen; Jesper Mørk
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Ultrafast optical control of terahertz surface plasmons in subwavelength hole-arrays at room temperature
Author(s): Abul K. Azad; Hou-Tong Chen; Antoinette J. Taylor; Weili Zhang; John F. O'Hara
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Plasmonics for THz frequency applications
Author(s): E. Hendry; D. K. Polyushkin; T. H. Isaac; E. Stone; W. L. Barnes
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THz patterned antennas for THz-TDS
Author(s): P. Maraghechi; A. Y. Elezzabi
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Time-resolved probing of the acoustic field radiated by a single submicron gold particle
Author(s): Yannick Guillet; Bertrand Audoin; Mélanie Ferrie; Serge Ravaine
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355 nm and 1064 nm-pulse mixing to identify the laser-induced damage mechanisms in KDP
Author(s): Stéphane Reyné; Guillaume Duchateau; Jean-Yves Natoli; Laurent Lamaignère
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Spin properties of interfaces with organic semiconductors studied by spin- and time-resolved two-photon photoemission
Author(s): Mirko Cinchetti; Kathrin Koffler; Sabine Steil; Nicolas Großmann; Martin Aeschlimann
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Ultrafast gain switching of THz quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): S. S. Dhillon; N. Jukam; D. Oustinov; R. Rungsawang; J. Madéo; S. Barbieri; C. Manquest; C. Sirtori; S. P. Khanna; E. H. Linfield; A. G. Davies; J. Tignon
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Carrier dynamics investigation in quantum cascade lasers using Mid-IR ultrafast pulses
Author(s): Sheng Liu; Elaine Lalanne; Peter Q. Liu; Xiaojun Wang; Anthony Johnson; Claire Gmachl
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Passively mode-locked two section laser diode with intracavity dispersion control
Author(s): T. Schlauch; J. C. Balzer; M. R. Hofmann; A. Klehr; G. Erbert; G. Tränkle
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Spin-controlled switching of lasing circular polarizations in (110)-oriented VCSELs
Author(s): Nobuhide Yokota; Kazuhiro Ikeda; Shinji Koh; Hitoshi Kawaguchi
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Injection currents in (110)-oriented GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells: recent progress in theory and experiment
Author(s): H. T. Duc; M. Pochwala; J. Förstner; T. Meier; S. Priyadarshi; A. M. Racu; K. Pierz; U. Siegner; M. Bieler
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One- and two-dimensional nonlinear THz spectroscopy on semiconductor nanostructures
Author(s): Michael Woerner; Wilhelm Kuehn; Klaus Reimann; Thomas Elsaesser; Rudolf Hey
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Carrier dynamics of Mg-doped indium nitride
Author(s): H. Ahn; C.-C. Hong; Y.-L. Hong; S. Gwo
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Ultrafast hot carrier dynamics in InN epitaxial films
Author(s): Tsong-Ru Tsai; Chih-Fu Chang; Chih-Wei Kuo; Cheng-Yu Chang; S. Gwo
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Long room-temperature electron spin lifetimes in bulk cubic GaN
Author(s): J. H. Buß; J. Rudolph; T. Schupp; D. J. As; K. Lischka; D. Hägele
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Photoexcited carrier relaxation dynamics of InN films and nanocolumns
Author(s): M. Hashimoto; K. Fukunaga; H. Kunugita; J. Kamimura; A. Kikuchi; K. Kishino; K. Ema
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Optical studies on InxGa1-xN quantum disks
Author(s): Mark J. Holmes; Young S. Park; Xu Wang; Christopher C. S. Chan; Anas F. Jarjour; Jun Luo; Jamie H. Warner; H. A. R. El-Ella; R. A. Oliver; Robert A. Taylor
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Time-resolved x-ray scattering
Author(s): Daniel Schick; Clemens von Korff Schmising; André Bojahr; Mareike Kiel; Peter Gaal; Matias Bargheer
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Quasi-ballistic thermal transport from nanoscale interfaces observed using ultrafast coherent soft x-ray beams
Author(s): Mark E. Siemens; Qing Li; Ronggui Yang; Keith A. Nelson; Erik H. Anderson; Margaret M. Murnane; Henry C. Kapteyn
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Amplification of surface plasmons
Author(s): Israel De Leon; Pierre Berini
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Robust quantum dot exciton preparation via adiabatic passage with frequency-swept laser pulses
Author(s): B. Urbaszek; C.-M. Simon; T. Belhadj; B. Chatel; T. Amand; P. Dalgarno; O. Krebs; R. J. Warburton; A. Lemaitre; X. Marie; P. Renucci
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Photon statistics and phonon signatures in the quantum light emission from semiconductor quantum dots
Author(s): Alexander Carmele; Julia Kabuss; Marten Richter; Andreas Knorr
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Two-photon excited fluorescence from colloidal quantum dots on SiN photonic crystals
Author(s): Xingsheng Xu; Toshiki Yamada; Shiyoshi Yokoyama
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Förster resonance energy transfer in mixed-size CdTe quantum dots with optimized donor-acceptor concentration ratio
Author(s): Y. C. Lin; W. C. Chou; A. S. Susha; A. L. Rogach
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Novel terahertz emission devices based on efficient optical frequency conversion in GaAs/AlAs coupled multilayer cavity structures on high-index substrates
Author(s): Takahiro Kitada; Fumiya Tanaka; Tomoya Takahashi; Ken Morita; Toshiro Isu
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Fiber-optic Cherenkov radiation excited by few-cycle pulses
Author(s): Guoqing Chang; Li-Jin Chen; Franz X. Kärtner
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Photocarrier recombination dynamics of SrTiO3
Author(s): Yasuhiro Yamada; Yoshihiko Kanemitsu
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Electron relaxation in metals and high-Tc superconductors on the 10-fs timescale
Author(s): D. Brida; C. Gadermaier; D. Polli; V. V. Kabanov; D. Mihailovic; G. Cerullo
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Microscopic theory of ultrafast processes in carbon nanomaterials
Author(s): Ermin Malic; Evgeny Bobkin; Torben Winzer; Christopher Köhler; Tobias Watermann; Matthias Hirtschulz; Andreas Knorr
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Ultrafast exciton and charge transfer in small aggregates of carbon nanotubes
Author(s): L. Lüer; J. Crochet; S. Hoseinkhani; T. Hertel; G. Cerullo; G. Lanzani
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Time-resolved nonlinear optical-holographic techniques for investigation of non-equilibrium carrier dynamics in semiconductors
Author(s): Kestutis Jarašiūnas
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Coherent oscillations between polariton vortex and anti-vortex states in an elliptical resonator
Author(s): G. Nardin; Y. Léger; B. Pietka; F. Morier-Genoud; B. Deveaud-Plédran
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Pulse shaping properties of multi-layer volume holographic gratings
Author(s): Aimin Yan; Liren Liu; Jianfeng Sun; Yu Zhou
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Magnetic micro-trapping of excitons in multiple quantum wells system using local field minima
Author(s): A. Abdelrahman; H. Kang; M. Vasiliev; K. Alameh
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Inhomogeneous spin-dependent spatial distribution of excitons in an integrated magnetic-multiple quantum wells system
Author(s): A. Abdelrahman; H. Kang; M. Vasiliev; K. Alameh; Y. T. Lee
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