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Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems IX
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Volume Number: 7929
Date Published: 10 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7929
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Toy Story: what I have learned from playing with toys about the physics of living cells
Author(s): Robert H. Austin
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Integrated lab-on-a-chip: a combined sample preparation and PCR system as an ultrafast analytical tool for pathogen detection
Author(s): Holger Becker; Nadine Hlawatsch; Richard Klemm; Claudia Gärtner
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Complementary approaches to investigating cancer cell dynamics in the tumor microenvironment
Author(s): Michael R. Padgen; Waseem Khan Raja; Bojana Gligorijevic; James K. Williams; John S. Condeelis; James Castracane
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A completely transparent MEMS for mechanical properties evaluation of a single living cell
Author(s): R. Fior; S. Maggiolino; M. Lazzarino; O. Sbaizero
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Inertial microfluidics for continuous separation of cells and particles
Author(s): Arpita Chatterjee; Sathyakumar S. Kuntaegowdanahalli; Ian Papautsky
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A pneumatic actuated microfluidic beads-trapping device
Author(s): Guocheng Shao; Ziliang Cai; Jun Wang; Wanjun Wang; Yuehe Lin
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Optical propulsion of mammalian eukaryotic cells on an integrated channel waveguide
Author(s): M. Mohamad Shahimin; N. M. B. Perney; S. Brooks; N. Hanley; K. L. Wright; J. S. Wilkinson; T. Melvin
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Development path and current status of the NANIVID: a new device for cancer cell studies
Author(s): Waseem Khan Raja; Michael R. Padgen; James K. Williams; Jeffrey Wyckoff; John Condeelis; James Castracane
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Microfluidic MEMS hand-held flow cytometer
Author(s): Meggie M. G. Grafton; Teimour Maleki; Michael D. Zordan; Lisa M. Reece; Ron Byrnes; Alan Jones; Paul Todd; James F. Leary
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A sample-in result-out lab-on-a-chip device: from prototype to mass fabrication
Author(s): Richard Klemm; Nadine Hlawatsch; Claudia Gärtner; Mathieu Jung; Julian Höth; Ciara O'Sullivan; Holger Becker
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From sample-to-answer: integrated genotyping and immunological analysis microfluidic platforms for the diagnostic and treatment of coeliac disease
Author(s): M. Jung; J. Höth; J. Erwes; D. Latta; X. Strobach; T. Hansen-Hagge; R. Klemm; C. Gärtner; T. M. Demiris; C. O'Sullivan; M. Ritzi-Lehnert; K. S. Drese
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A new electrowetting lab-on-a-chip platform based on programmable and virtual wall-less channels
Author(s): Ananda Banerjee; Eric Kreit; Manjeet Dhindsa; Jason Heikenfeld; Ian Papautsky
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Fabrication and testing of thermally responsive hydrogel-based actuators using polymer heater elements for flexible microvalves
Author(s): Ang Li; Ajit Khosla; Connie Drewbrook; Bonnie L. Gray
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Bidirectional magnetic microactuators for uTAS
Author(s): Daniel D. Hilbich; Ajit Khosla; Bonnie L. Gray; Lesley Shannon
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Cascaded silicon-on-insulator microring resonators for the detection of biomolecules in PDMS microfluidic channels
Author(s): Jonas Flueckiger; Samantha M. Grist; Gurpal Bisra; Lukas Chrostowski; Karen C. Cheung
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Computational study of peristaltic micropumps
Author(s): A. Azarbadegan; I. Eames; E. Moeendarbary
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Optimum sensor placement in microchannel reactors: design tool applications
Author(s): Mehmet Sen; Jason Fiering; Gregory J. Kowalski; Dale Larson
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Phononic fluidics: acoustically activated droplet manipulations
Author(s): Julien Reboud; Rab Wilson; Yannyk Bourquin; Yi Zhang; Steven L. Neale; Jonathan M. Cooper
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Accelerated binding kinetics by surface acoustic waves (SAW) micromixing in surface plasmon resonance (SPR) system for biodetection
Author(s): Alan Renaudin; Vincent Chabot; Etienne Grondin; Vincent Aimez; Paul G. Charette
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Free-flow electrophoresis with electrode-less injection molded chips
Author(s): Stefan Köhler; Holger Becker; Volker Beushausen; Wilhelm Hüttner; Hainer Wackerbarth; Erik Beckert; Steffen Howitz; Detlev Belder
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A femtosecond laser inscribed biochip for stem cell therapeutic applications
Author(s): D. Choudhury; W. T. Ramsay; G. Brown; N. D. Psaila; S. Beecher; R. R. Thomson; R. Kiss; S. Pells; N. A. Willoughby; L. Paterson; A. K. Kar
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Nanoplasmonics as nanofluidics: transport and sensing in flowthrough nanohole arrays
Author(s): Carlos Escobedo; Alexandre G. Brolo; Reuven Gordon; David Sinton
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Fabrication of an implantable stretchable electro-osmosis pump
Author(s): A. Jahanshahi; F. Axisa; J. Vanfleteren
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Automated platform for multiparameter stimulus response studies of metabolic activity at the single-cell level
Author(s): Shashanka P. Ashili; Laimonas Kelbauskas; Jeff Houkal; Dean Smith; Yanqing Tian; Cody Youngbull; Haixin Zhu; Yasser H. Anis; Michael Hupp; Kristen B. Lee; Ashok V Kumar; Juan Vela; Andrew Shabilla; Roger H. Johnson; Mark R. Holl; Deirdre R. Meldrum
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PharmaSat: drug dose response in microgravity from a free-flying integrated biofluidic/optical culture-and-analysis satellite
Author(s): Antonio J. Ricco; Macarena Parra; David Niesel; Matthew Piccini; Diana Ly; Michael McGinnis; Andrzej Kudlicki; John W. Hines; Linda Timucin; Chris Beasley; Robert Ricks; Michael McIntyre; Charlie Friedericks; Michael Henschke; Ricky Leung; Millan Diaz-Aguado; Christopher Kitts; Ignacio Mas; Mike Rasay; Elwood Agasid; Ed Luzzi; Karolyn Ronzano; David Squires; Bruce Yost
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Process analysis in micro-reactors: challenges and solutions with Raman spectrometry
Author(s): Sergey Mozharov; Alison Nordon; John Girkin; David Littlejohn
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Real-time ultrafast optical interferometry of NEMS operating in fluidic environment
Author(s): Oleksiy Svitelskiy; Vince Sauer; Ning Liu; Kar-Mun Cheng; Eric Finley; Mark R. Freeman; Wayne K. Hiebert
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A MEMS ultrasonic sensor design for early detection of ovarian cancer
Author(s): Onursal Onen; Patricia Kruk; Rasim Guldiken
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Efficient control system for PCR chips
Author(s): J. D. Kim; J. Kim; Geumyoung Lee
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Initial experiments with flexible conductive electrodes for potential applications in cancer tissue screening
Author(s): Daehan Chung; Sam Seyfollahi; Ajit Khosla; Bonnie Gray; Ash Parameswaran; Ramani Ramaseshan; Kirpal Kohli
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Robust detection of peak signals for lateral flow immunoassays
Author(s): Jongwon Kim; Jong Dae Kim; Kie Bong Nahm; Eui Yul Choi; Geumyoung Lee
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