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Reliability, Packaging, Testing, and Characterization of MEMS/MOEMS and Nanodevices X
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Volume Number: 7928
Date Published: 11 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7928
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Atomic layer deposition/molecular layer deposition for packaging and interconnect of N/MEMS
Author(s): Y. C. Lee
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Revolutionary innovation in system interconnection: a new era for the IC
Author(s): Muhannad S. Bakir; Paragkumar A. Thadesar; Calvin King; Jesal Zaveri; Hyung Suk Yang; Chaoqi Zhang; Yue Zhang
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Spherical and non-spherical high fill-factor microlens arrays fabricated by polymer coating on isotropically etched quartz
Author(s): Minwoo Nam; Haekwan Oh; Geunyoung Kim; Hyunwoo Seo; Yotak Song; Sang Sik Yang; Kee-Keun Lee
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Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS and nanodevices: reliability, testing, and characterization aspects
Author(s): Tolga Tekin; Ha-Duong Ngo; Olaf Wittler; Bouchaib Bouhlal; Klaus-Dieter Lang
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Silicon TSV interposers for photonics and VLSI packaging
Author(s): N. Vodrahalli; C. Y. Li; V. Kosenko
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Fiber-based multi-beam laser Doppler vibrometer for measuring transient vibrations
Author(s): M. Guo; Y. Fu; P. B. Phua
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Infrared scanning white light interferometry using a solid state light source
Author(s): V. Heikkinen; J. Aaltonen; B. Wälchli; H. Räikkönen; I. Kassamakov; T. Cholakova; K. Grigoras; S. Franssila; R. Kakanakov; E. Hæggström
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ESD testing and combdrive snap-in in a MEMS tunable grating under shock and vibration
Author(s): Subramanian Sundaram; Maurizio Tormen; Branislav Timotijevic; Robert Lockhart; Ross P. Stanley; Herbert R. Shea
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Reliability of MEMS
Author(s): Alex Dommann; Antonia Neels
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Reliability enhancement of Ohmic RF MEMS switches
Author(s): Steffen Kurth; Stefan Leidich; Andreas Bertz; Markus Nowack; Jörg Frömel; Christian Kaufmann; Wolfgang Faust; Thomas Gessner; Akira Akiba; Koichi Ikeda
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Crack growth and reliability modeling of multi-layer capacitors in microelectronics applications
Author(s): Gilad Sharon; Donald Barker
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Effects of radiation on MEMS
Author(s): Herbert R. Shea
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Reliability of Sn/Pb and lead-free (SnAgCu) solders of surface mounted miniaturized passive components for extreme temperature (-185 degrees C to +125 degrees C) space missions
Author(s): Rajeshuni Ramesham
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Displacement damage effects in silicon MEMS at high proton doses
Author(s): João Gomes; Herbert R. Shea
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MEMS technology to achieve miniaturization, redundancy, and new functionality in space
Author(s): Tor-Arne Grönland; Maria Bendixen; Johan Bejhed; Håkan Johansson; Kerstin Jonsson; Pelle Rangsten
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MOEMS for prospective space applications
Author(s): Thierry Viard; Christophe Buisset; Frederic Zamkotsian; Vincent Costes; Luis Venancio
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Expanding the spacecraft application base with MEMS gyros
Author(s): Tye Brady
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Improved coupling to integrated spatial heterodyne spectrometers with applications to space
Author(s): A. Scott; P. Bock; C. A. Ramos; B. Lamontagne; P. Cheben; M. Florjańczyk; I. M. Fernandez; S. Janz; A. Ortega-Monux; B. Solheim; D.-X. Xu
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Integration of optical waveguides and microfluidics in a miniaturized antibody micro-array system for life detection in the NASA/ESA ExoMars mission
Author(s): A. Prak; H. Leeuwis; R. G. Heideman; A. Leinse; G. Borst
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The interference effect of the Rayleigh wave and two intersecting shear-horizontal waves
Author(s): Hyungkeun Lee; Haekwan Oh; Keekeun Lee; Sang Sik Yang
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A novel wireless Love wave biosensor platform for multifunctional detection
Author(s): Taehyeon Song; Minwoo Nam; SeungYeon Song; Hyun C. Yoon; Keekeun Lee
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An investigation into graphene exfoliation and potential graphene application in MEMS devices
Author(s): George Fercana; Gunther Kletetschka; Vilem Mikula; Mary Li
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Optoelectronic properties and interfacial durability of CNT and ITO on boro-silicate glass and PET substrates with nano- and heterostructural aspects
Author(s): Joung-Man Park; Zuo-Jia Wang; Dong-Jun Kwon; Lawrence DeVries
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