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Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VECSELs)
Editor(s): Ursula Keller
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Volume Number: 7919
Date Published: 7 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7919
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High power optically pumped VECSELs emitting in 1310-nm and 1550-nm bands
Author(s): A. Sirbu; A. Mereuta; A. Caliman; N. Volet; Q. Zhu; V. Iakovlev; J. Rautiainen; J. Lyytikainen; O. Okhotnikov; J. Walczak; M. Wasiak; T. Czyszanowski; E. Kapon
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High-power 1.25 µm InAs QD VECSEL based on resonant periodic gain structure
Author(s): Alexander R. Albrecht; Thomas J. Rotter; Christopher P. Hains; Andreas Stintz; Guofeng Xin; Tsuei-Lian Wang; Yushi Kaneda; Jerome V. Moloney; Kevin J. Malloy; Ganesh Balakrishnan
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11 W single gain element dilute nitride disk laser emitting at 1180 nm
Author(s): T. Leinonen; V.-M. Korpijärvi; Janne Puustinen; Ryan J. Epstein; M. Guina
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Gain coupling VECSELs
Author(s): Robert G. Bedford; Chris Hessenius; Nathan Terry; Jerome Moloney; Mahmoud Fallahi
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Lateral lasing and ASE reduction in VECSELs
Author(s): Chris Hessenius; Mahmoud Fallahi; Jerome Moloney; Robert Bedford
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2 W cw OPO in mid-IR pumped by OPSL laser intra-cavity radiation
Author(s): Andrea Caprara
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Wavelength tunable red AlGaInP-VECSEL emitting at around 660 nm
Author(s): Thomas Schwarzbäck; Hermann Kahle; Marcus Eichfelder; Wolfgang-Michael Schulz; Robert Roßbach; Michael Jetter; Peter Michler
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Blue light source based on spectrally stabilized external dual grating reflector coupled surface emitter array
Author(s): Yigit O. Yilmaz; Oleg V. Smolski; Pradeep Srinivasan; Viktor O. Smolski; Eric G. Johnson
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Recent advances in VECSELs for laser projection applications
Author(s): H. Lindberg; S. Illek; I. Pietzonka; M. Furitsch; A. Plößl; S. Haupt; M. Kühnelt; R. Schulz; U. Steegmüller; T. Höfer; U. Strauß
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MBE growth challenges of quantum dot saturable absorbers integrated into a MIXSEL
Author(s): M. Golling; Y. Barbarin; T. Südmeyer; U. Keller
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Lattice mismatched growth for mid-IR VECSELs
Author(s): G. Balakrishnan; T. J. Rotter; P. Ahirwar; S. P. Clark; V. Patel; A. Albrecht; C. P. Hains; Yi-Ying Lai; T. L. Wang; J. M. Yarborough; D. Mathine; Yushi Kaneda; Jerome V. Moloney; Jörg Hader; S. W. Koch
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Recent advances in electrically pumped VECSELs for modelocking
Author(s): Y. Barbarin
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Beam quality optimization of electrically pumped VECSELs for passive modelocking
Author(s): W. P. Pallmann; M. Hoffmann; M. Miller; J. Baier; H. Moench; I. Dahhan; B. Witzigmann; M. Golling; Y. Barbarin; T. Südmeyer; U. Keller
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High power Bessel beams from EP-VECSELs
Author(s): G. S. Sokolovskii; S. A. Zolotovskaya; S. N. Losev; V. V. Dudelev; A. G. Deryagin; V. I. Kuchinskii; W. Sibbett; E. U. Rafailov
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Design and characterization of electrically pumped vertical external cavity surface emitting lasers
Author(s): J. R. Orchard; D. T. D. Childs; L. C. Lin; B. J. Stevens; D. M. Williams; R. A. Hogg
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Optimizing electrically pumped vertical extended cavity surface emitting semiconductor lasers (E-VECSELs)
Author(s): John G. McInerney; Aram Mooradian
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Design and optimisation of VECSELs for the IR and mid-IR
Author(s): J. Hader; Tsuei-Lian Wang; J. Michael Yarborough; Colm A. Dineen; Yushi Kaneda; J. V. Moloney; Bernardette Kunert; Wolfgang Stolz; S. W. Koch
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Quantum design and non-equilibrium effects in VECSELs
Author(s): Ada Bäumner; Stephan W. Koch
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Design and simulation of electrically pumped mode-locked VECSELs
Author(s): Bernd Witzigmann; Imad Dahhan; Philipp Kreuter; Yohan Barbarin; Martin Hofmann; Wolfgang Pallmann; Matthias Golling; Thomas Südmeyer; Ursula Keller
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Scaling high-power ultrafast VECSELs into the femtosecond regime
Author(s): O. D. Sieber; M. Hoffmann; V. J. Wittwer; W. P. Pallmann; M. Golling; Y. Barbarin; T. Südmeyer; U. Keller
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Numerical modelling of optical Stark effect saturable absorbers in mode-locked femtosecond VECSELs
Author(s): Adrian H. Quarterman; Geoff J. Daniell; Stewart Carswell; Keith G. Wilcox; Zakaria Mihoubi; Aaron L. Chung; Vasilis Apostolopoulos; Anne C. Tropper
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Power scaling of the MIXSEL: an integrated picosecond semiconductor laser with >6 W average power
Author(s): T. Südmeyer
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Power scaling of cw and pulsed IR and mid-IR OPSLs
Author(s): J. V. Moloney; J. Hader; T.-L. Wang; Yi. Ying; Y. Kaneda; J. M. Yarborough; T. J. Rotter; G. Balakrishnan; C. Hains; S. W. Koch; W. Stolz; B. Kunert; R. Bedford
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QD-based saturable absorbers for ultrafast lasers
Author(s): E. U. Rafailov; S. A. Zolotovskaya; M. Butkus
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Tailoring the wavelength of semiconductor disk lasers
Author(s): Oleg G. Okhotnikov
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Timing jitter characterization of a quantum dot SESAM modelocked VECSEL
Author(s): V. J. Wittwer; W. P. Pallmann; A. E. H. Oehler; B. Rudin; M. Golling; Y. Barbarin; T. Südmeyer; U. Keller
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All quantum dot based femtosecond VECSEL
Author(s): M. Hoffmann; O. D. Sieber; W. P. Pallmann; V. J. Wittwer; I. L. Krestnikov; S. S. Mikhrin; D. A. Livshits; G. Malcolm; C. Hamilton; Y. Barbarin; T. Südmeyer; U. Keller
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Femtosecond surface emitting lasers
Author(s): A. C. Tropper
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169 GHz repetition rate passively harmonically mode-locked VECSEL emitting 265 fs pulses
Author(s): Adrian H. Quarterman; Keith G. Wilcox; Alex Perevedentsev; Vasilis Apostolopoulos; Zakaria Mihoubi; Aaron L. Chung; Harvey E. Beere; Ian Farrer; David A. Ritchie; Anne C. Tropper
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High peak power femtosecond pulse VECSELs for terahertz time domain spectroscopy
Author(s): Keith G. Wilcox; Aaron Chung; Adrian H. Quarterman; Zakaria Mihoubi; Ian Farrer; Harvey E. Beere; David A. Ritchie; Vasilis Apostolopoulos; Anne C. Tropper
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High-power optically pumped semiconductor laser apllications
Author(s): S. Brandon Morioka
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Design and properties of high-power highly coherent single-frequency VECSEL emitting in the near- to mid-IR for photonic applications
Author(s): A. Garnache; A. Laurain; M. Myara; J.-P. Perez; L. Cerutti; A. Michon; G. Beaudoin; I. Sagnes; P. Cermak; D. Romanini
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