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High Power Lasers for Fusion Research
Editor(s): Abdul A. S. Awwal; A. Mike Dunne; Hiroshi Azechi; Brian E. Kruschwitz
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Volume Number: 7916
Date Published: 7 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7916
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Radiative properties in ICF plasmas
Author(s): D. Benredjem; A. Calisti; F. Gilleron; G. Mondet; J.-C. Pain
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Opportunities for inertial fusion and high-energy-density physics research at the National Laser Users' Facility
Author(s): J. M. Soures
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Experimental study of high-Z gas buffers in gas-filled ICF engines
Author(s): M. A. Rhodes; J. Kane; G. Loosmore; J. DeMuth; J. Latkowski
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Modeling of the LIFE minichamber Xe theta pinch experiment
Author(s): J. O. Kane; M. A. Rhodes; G. A. Loosmore; J. F. Latkowski; J. M. Koning; M. V. Patel; H. A. Scott; G. B. Zimmerman; J. A. Demuth; G. A. Moses
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Laser safety at high profile projects
Author(s): K. Barat
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Low-cost diode arrays for the LIFE project
Author(s): Ryan Feeler; Jeremy Junghans; Ed Stephens
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Compact, efficient, low-cost diode power conditioning for laser inertial fusion energy
Author(s): A. Bayramian; B. Deri; S. Fulkerson; R. Lanning; S. Telford
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Overview of Project Orion
Author(s): Nick W. Hopps; Thomas H. Bett; Nicolas Cann; Colin N. Danson; Stuart J. Duffield; David A. Egan; Stephen P. Elsmere; Mark T. Girling; Ewan J. Harvey; David I. Hillier; David J. Hoarty; Paul M. R. Jinks; Michael J. Norman; Stefan J. F. Parker; Paul A. Treadwell; David N. Winter
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HiPER laser: from capsule design to the laser reference design
Author(s): B. Le Garrec; S. Atzeni; D. Batani; L. Gizzi; X. Ribeyre; G. Schurtz; A. Schiavi; K. Ertel; J. Collier; C. Edwards; M. Perlado; J. J. Honrubia; B. Rus
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Improvements to long-pulse system performance and operational efficiency on OMEGA EP
Author(s): M. J. Guardalben; L. J. Waxer
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Programmable beam spatial shaping system for the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): John Heebner; Michael Borden; Phil Miller; Steve Hunter; Kim Christensen; Michael Scanlan; Chris Haynam; Paul Wegner; Mark Hermann; Gordon Brunton; Eddy Tse; Abdul Awwal; Nan Wong; Lynn Seppala; Mark Franks; Ed Marley; Kevin Williams; Tracy Budge; Mark Henesian; Christopher Stolz; Tayyab Suratwala; Marcus Monticelli; Dan Walmer; Sham Dixit; Clay Widmayer; Justin Wolfe; Jeff Bude; Kelly McCarty; Jean-Michel DiNicola
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Recent advances in the front-end sources of the LMJ fusion laser
Author(s): Jean-François Gleyze; Jonathan Hares; Sebastien Vidal; Nicolas Beck; Jerome Dubertrand; Arnaud Perrin
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Research of diode-pumped cryogenic Yb:YAG amplification at 10 Hz repetition rate
Author(s): Jiangfeng Wang; Youen Jiang; Xuechun Li; Xiang Li
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Laser Mégajoule alignment to target chamber center
Author(s): Michel Luttmann; Vincent Denis; Catherine Lanternier; Michel Péalat; Eric Compain
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Recent advances in automatic alignment system for the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): Karl Wilhelmsen; Abdul A. S. Awwal; Dan Kalantar; Richard Leach; Roger Lowe-Webb; David McGuigan; Vicki Miller Kamm
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Adaptation of a cubic smoothing spline algorithm for multi-channel data stitching at the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): Charles G. Brown Jr.; Aaron B. Adcock; Stephen G. Azevedo; Judith A. Liebman; Essex J. Bond
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Image processing and control of a programmable spatial light modulator
Author(s): Abdul A. S. Awwal; Richard Leach; Gordon Brunton; Eddy Tse; JoAnn Matone; John Heebner
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Lifetime of silica final lenses subject to HiPER irradiation conditions
Author(s): A. Rivera; D. Garoz; R. Juarez; J. Alvarez; R. González-Arrabal; J. M. Perlado
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Thermal birefringence and depolarization compensation in glass-based high-average-power laser systems
Author(s): Amber L. Bullington; Steven B. Sutton; Andy J. Bayramian; John A. Caird; Robert J. Deri; Al C. Erlandson; Mark A. Henesian
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Progress of rep-rate plasma Pockels cell technology in RCLF
Author(s): Xiongjun Zhang; Jun Zhang; Dengsheng Wu; Jiangang Zheng; Mingzhong Li; Kuixing Zheng; Jingqin Su; Feng Jing
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Measurement and control of micro-errors on components-tiling and beams-combination
Author(s): Xiao Wang; Yuchuan Yang; Feng Jing; Junwei Zhang; Fuquan Li; Qihua Zhu; Yanlei Zuo; Xiaofeng Wei; Kainan Zhou; Xiaoming Zeng
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Laser Mégajoule synchronization system
Author(s): Michel Luttmann; Jean François Pastor; Vincent Drouet; Michel Prat; Joël Raimbourg; Alain Adolf
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LIL laser performance status
Author(s): Xavier Julien; Alain Adolf; Emmanuel Bar; Vincent Beau; Edouard Bordenave; Thierry Chiès; Roger Courchinoux; Jean-Michel Di-Nicola; Christophe Féral; Patrick Gendeau; Hervé Graillot; Claire Grosset-Grange; Olivier Henry; Vincent Higonenq; Eric Journot; Lionel Lacampagne; Eric Lafond; Laurent Le Déroff; Arnaud Martinez; Loic Patissou; Alain Roques; Ludovic Thauvin; Gaston Thiell
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Efficient spherical wavefront correction near the focus of the petawatt-level femtosecond CPA laser system
Author(s): Zhijun Ren; Xiaoyan Liang; Lianghong Yu; Xiaoming Lu; Ruxin Li; Zhizhan Xu
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Hohlraum target alignment from x-ray detector images using starburst design patterns
Author(s): Richard R. Leach Jr.; Alan Conder; Oliver Edwards; Jeremy Kroll; Bernard Kozioziemski; Evan Mapoles; Dave McGuigan; Karl Wilhelmsen
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Defense in depth: laser safety and the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): Jamie J. King
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