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Laser Resonators and Beam Control XIII
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Volume Number: 7913
Date Published: 17 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7913
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Unstable ring resonator with bidirectional propagation through the gain medium: analysis
Author(s): Alan H. Paxton
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Analysis of frequency dependent pump light absorption
Author(s): Matthias Wohlmuth; Christoph Pflaum
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Constructing petal modes from the coherent superposition of Laguerre-Gaussian modes
Author(s): Darryl Naidoo; Andrew Forbes; Kamel Ait-Ameur; Marc Brunel
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Laser sustained plasma ball lensing effect controlled by means of coaxial gas flow
Author(s): V. P. Zimakov; A. Yu. Kedrov; V. A. Kuznetsov; A. N. Shemyakin; N. G. Solovyov; M. Yu. Yakimov
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Real time laser beam analysis system for high power lasers
Author(s): Michael Scaggs; Gil Haas
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Enhanced high-speed coherent diffraction imaging
Author(s): Jonathan Potier; Sebastien Fricker; Mourad Idir
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Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor and its problems
Author(s): Alexis Kudryashov; Valentina Zavalova; Alexey Rukosuev; Alexander Alexandrov; Julia Sheldakova; Vadim Samarkin
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Efficient diffractive optical elements from glass with continuous surface profiles
Author(s): Yu. V. Miklyaev; A. Krasnaberski; M. Ivanenko; A. Mikhailov; W. Imgrunt; L. Aschke; V. N. Lissotschenko
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Thermal lensing compensation optics for high power lasers
Author(s): Michael Scaggs; Gil Haas
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Adaptive extracavity beam shaping for application in nanosecond laser micromachining
Author(s): Rainer J. Beck; Jonathan P. Parry; Jonathan D. Shephard; Duncan P. Hand
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Multistage phased electro-optical planar arrays for the manipulation of high power laser beams
Author(s): M. Ivanenko; A. Krasnaberski; A. Mikhailov; Y. Miklyaev; L. Aschke; V. Lissotschenko
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Laser beam alignment and profilometry using diagnostic fluorescent safety mirrors
Author(s): Todd E. Lizotte
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Negative-branch unstable resonator in off-axis configuration for rectangular cross-sections
Author(s): Carsten Pargmann; Thomas Hall; Frank Duschek; Karin M. Grünewald; Jürgen Handke
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Adaptive optics on petawatt lasers: current performance of the Texas Petawatt Laser
Author(s): Mikael Martinez; Erhard Gaul; Teddy Borger; Frances Aymond; Douglas Hammond; Marty Ringuette; Ramiro Escamilla; Todd Ditmire; John Caird; Al Erlandson; Igor Iovanovic; Chris Ebbers; Bill Molander
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Laser beam formation by adaptive optics
Author(s): J. Sheldakova; V. Samarkin; A. Kudryashov; A. Rukosuev
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Applying of refractive beam shapers of circular symmetry to generate non-circular shapes of homogenized laser beams
Author(s): Alexander Laskin; Vadim Laskin
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Filters and electro-optic modulators on fiber end-faces
Author(s): Stefan Meister; Dawid Schweda; Marcus Dziedzina; Ronny Juhre; Aws Al-Saadi; Bülent A. Franke; Bernd Grimm; Sigurd K. Schrader; Stephanie J. Benight; Denise H. Bale; Ilya Kosilkin; Larry R. Dalton; Hans J. Eichler
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Ultra-high Q whispering-gallery-mode bottle microresonators: properties and applications
Author(s): Danny O'Shea; Christian Junge; Sebastian Nickel; Michael Pöllinger; Arno Rauschenbeutel
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A hybrid quantum photonic interface for solid state qubits
Author(s): Dirk Englund; Luozhou Li; Jonathan Hodges; Brendan Shields; Kelley Rivoire; Fariba Hatami; Jelena Vuckovic; Hongkun Park; Mikhail Lukin
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Spectrum engineering in whispering gallery mode resonators
Author(s): A. B. Matsko; A. A. Savchenkov; W. Liang; V. S. Ilchenko; D. Seidel; L. Maleki
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Challenges in octave-spanning and short free-spectral-range optical frequency comb generation using monolithic whispering gallery mode resonators
Author(s): Yanne K. Chembo; Nan Yu
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Multiple-port directional emission whispering-gallery mode microlasers
Author(s): Yong-Zhen Huang; Yue-De Yang; Jian-Dong Lin; Kai-Jun Che; Shi-Jiang Wang; Jin-Long Xiao; Yun Du
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Lasing in dye-doped high-Q conical polymeric microcavities
Author(s): Tobias Grossmann; Simone Schleede; Mario Hauser; Mads Brøkner Christiansen; Christoph Vannahme; Carsten Eschenbaum; Sönke Klinkhammer; Torsten Beck; Jochen Fuchs; G. Ulrich Nienhaus; Uli Lemmer; Anders Kristensen; Timo Mappes; Heinz Kalt
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Gain-guided leaky-waveguide laser amplifiers: analytical methods and recent progress on experiments
Author(s): Tsing-Hua Her; Lee W. Casperson; Chaofan Wang; Lei Zhao
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A self-reference sensing technique for ultra-sensitive chemical and biological detection using whispering gallery microresonators
Author(s): Lan Yang; Jiangang Zhu; Sahin Kaya Ozdemir; Lina He; Woosung Kim; Da-Ren Chen
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Microring and microdisk resonator-based devices for on-chip optical interconnects, particle manipulation, and biosensing
Author(s): Andrew W. Poon; Shaoqi Feng; Hong Cai; Ting Lei; Hui Chen; Xianshu Luo
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Characterization of high index microsphere resonators in fiber-integrated microfluidic platforms
Author(s): Oleksiy Svitelskiy; Dongning Sun; Arash Darafsheh; Mikhail Sumetsky; Anatoly Lupu; Maria Tchernycheva; Vasily N. Astratov
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Polarization-purity spectra of a tapered-fiber-coupled microsphere cavity system at cryogenic temperatures
Author(s): Masazumi Fujiwara; Akira Tanaka; Kiyota Toubaru; Hong-Quan Zhao; Hideaki Takashima; Shigeki Takeuchi
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Heterogeneously integrated microdisk lasers for optical interconnects and optical logic
Author(s): Pauline Mechet; Liu Liu; Rajesh Kumar; Koen Huybrechts; Thijs Spuesens; Günther Roelkens; Erik-Jan Geluk; Tjibbe de Vries; Philippe Regreny; Dries Van Thourhout; Roel Baets; Geert Morthier
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Focusing capability of integrated chains of microspheres in the limit of geometrical optics
Author(s): Arash Darafsheh; Kenneth W. Allen; Amir Fardad; Nathaniel M. Fried; Andrew N. Antoszyk; Howard S. Ying; Vasily N. Astratov
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Perturbation of whispering gallery modes of magnetorheological polydimethylsiloxane spheres by external magnetic field
Author(s): Tindaro Ioppolo; M. Volkan Ötügen
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Hyper coherent linewidth control for a 30mW 405nm visible laser diode by delayed self-heterodyne beat
Author(s): Masahiro Matsumura; Toshiki Kuromori; Wakao Sasaki
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ABOUT the phenomenon produced by the successive jumps of the peripheric electrons, at the absorbtion of the intense photon beam by the metal
Author(s): Claudiu I. Isarie; Constantin Oprean; Ion Marginean; Toderita Nemes; Ilie V. Isarie; Corina Bokor; Sorin Itu
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Intra-cavity decomposition of a dual-directional laser beam
Author(s): Darryl Naidoo; Andrew Forbes; Kamel Aït-Ameur; Michael Fromager
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Compact tunable kHz-linewidth semiconductor laser stabilized with a whispering-gallery mode microresonator
Author(s): V. S. Ilchenko; E. Dale; W. Liang; J. Byrd; D. Eliyahu; A. A. Savchenkov; A. B. Matsko; D. Seidel; L. Maleki
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